Mobile Phone Repair Services that Deliver

Mobile Phone Repair Services that Deliver. Is your phone not turning on? Or perhaps you’ve dropped it and cracked the […]

Posted on Jan 13, 2021
Mobile Phone Repair Services that Deliver

Mobile Phone Repair Services that Deliver.
Is your phone not turning on? Or perhaps you’ve dropped it and cracked the screen? Being without a phone can be stressful, and inconvenient to say the least, but don’t panic. If you’re in need of mobile phone repairs, you can even get a speedy service online as well as in-store.

A mobile repair service such as Mobile Tech Surgeons will be able to replace parts such as your battery or screen and recover any data you might have lost. If your phone is beyond repair, then you can check out a full range of A-grade models available to order online. Here are some of the services offered both online and in-store.

Mobile Phone Repair Services that Deliver

Mobile phone repair

When your smartphone isn’t working it can be a huge inconvenience, but mobile phone repair services can help you get to the root of the problem and have it up and running again in no time. Our tech experts are experienced in all models and can perform a quick diagnostic to find out why your phone isn’t functioning as it should. If you need any new parts installed, we have can find the best solution for you. Replacement parts from all the top brands are available including Samsung, iPhone, Google. Huawei, and Sony.

Screen repair/replacement

A cracked screen is a common problem, but it doesn’t make it any less irritating. Screen repairs and replacements are quick to do and you have the option of sending your phone in or coming into the store. Our tech experts will be able to let you know if your screen needs repairing or replacing and will recommend the most cost-effective solution. We have replacement screens for a wide range of models and can install them for you.

Back glass replacement

More smartphone manufacturers are using glass for the back of their latest models. Backglass aids with wireless charging looks great and beats metal backs. While this is a very attractive feature it can be more delicate and prone to damage, so if you find yourself in need of back glass replacement, you can order from our extensive range. A technician will be able to replace the back of your phone and get it looking good as new.

Battery replacement

Often there’s nothing wrong with the phone itself and it’s simply the battery that needs replacing. This a cost-effective solution and with a new battery, your phone should function properly. Our technicians will be able to perform a diagnostic of your phone to determine whether the battery is the cause of the problem. If this is the case, we can replace it in store for you, or alternatively, you can order a new battery online.

Data recovery

A common concern when your phone breaks is that you might lose data or be at risk of cyber threats. We offer data recovery solutions to ensure all your personal information is returned to you and backed up securely. We use the latest in smartphone data recovery software that is safe and risk-free, and we will erase any copy of your data once it’s been given back to you. You can rest assured you’ll be reunited with your contacts, photos, videos, messages, and all other important files.

Phone unlocking

As well as phone repairs we also provide a phone unlocking service for new phones. This is a quick and easy procedure and for a small fee, you’ll be able to activate your phone with your new provider in no time. Pop into the store and one of our advisors will be able to help you get your new contract up and running. Alternatively, you can book an appointment online to ensure you get seen as quickly as possible.

Water damage services

Water is probably a smartphone’s worst enemy. Water damage can happen in all kinds of ways, and it’s often the reason people need phone repairs. If you’ve managed to get your phone wet in the rain, drop it in the sink, or let it get up close and personal with your beverage, our experts will do their best to fix it. This involves careful disassembly of the phone to carry out special cleaning service. While repairing your phone, we ensure that it is fully tested, in case it’s also in need of replacement parts due to permanent water damage.

At Mobile Tech Surgeons, we offer mobile repairs, screen repairs, and an extensive range of other services including tablet and desktop repair. If you would like more information about phone repairs, get in touch today.