Helping you Find the Perfect Garden Mirror

Helping you Find the Perfect Garden Mirror It’s a stylish trick and one that can not only give character to […]

Posted on Sep 09, 2020
Helping you Find the Perfect Garden Mirror

Helping you Find the Perfect Garden Mirror
It’s a stylish trick and one that can not only give character to your outdoor space but also completely transform the feel of it – adding a garden mirror is getting increasingly popular.  And little wonder, as this is one smart trick for distracting attention from less than desirable features, doubling the visual size of a small plot or adding interest.

Assessing Your Space
The first step when searching for garden mirrors is to decide what you want to achieve when you add one into your space. Are you just hoping for a gorgeous outdoor accessory, or will your garden mirror have a specific function to perform? These decisions will influence the type of garden mirror that will work best for you.

Helping you Find the Perfect Garden Mirror

Reflections of You
If you are hoping to use a garden mirror to visually open up a small space, then positioning and surroundings are very important. If your mirror is simply mounted on the wall or the fence on its own, it may not have the effect you want. Instead, surrounding the frame almost entirely with plants and foliage is a better bet. This blends your garden mirror into the background and creates that ‘trompe l’oeil’ effect of adding depth, giving the sense that your outdoor space continues into the distance.

Ideally, you want the reflection in the mirror to show grass, flowers and foliage too, rather than simply reflecting back your house. And be careful of where you place your mirror in relation to seating areas like a patio- you don’t want it creating a glare right where you and your guests sit.

Complementing Your Style
There are lots of different stylistic choices to make when adding a mirror to your garden as well. You could go for something simple and classic like a large, arched mirror. These have a timeless quality that suits both traditional and more modern properties. Within this category, you can get metal-framed mirrors with a more modular design that have an industrial appearance, or you can get stone framed arches that are based on gothic architecture from times gone by.

If you’re using a garden mirror to disguise an ugly feature like an electricity meter, then you should opt for something more decorative with a botanical motif to make a bigger statement and draw the eye. Choosing the right fit means taking account of size, shape, positioning and frame style to pick a design that will sit in harmony.

Positioning Your Mirrors
Once your perfect style of garden mirror has been delivered, you can site it in the garden. If the reflection isn’t perfect, remember that you can use a piece of wood or a brick to angle the mirror slightly and adjust what is seen in the reflection. This can prevent glare from sunlight, and it can also dramatically alter the perspective and feel of your garden – so play around until you get something you love.

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