Acrol Portable & Temporary Classrooms

Acrol Portable & Temporary Classrooms. Sometimes, educational institutions, universities and schools require extra space. But getting it the old-fashioned way […]

Posted on Jun 02, 2021
Acrol Portable & Temporary Classrooms

Acrol Portable & Temporary Classrooms.
Sometimes, educational institutions, universities and schools require extra space. But getting it the old-fashioned way by building new brick-and-mortar classrooms isn’t always feasible. It either takes too long, is too expensive, or isn’t required long-term.

Enter portable and temporary classrooms. These units provide the teaching space that schools need, but without all of the cost and hassle associated with building new classrooms from scratch. What’s more, portable and temporary classrooms come with a host of benefits that makes them more attractive.

What Are The Benefits Of Portable And Temporary Classrooms?

For instance, take ease of setup. Typically, schools looking to build new permanent classrooms would have to wait months for construction to finish. But installers can set up portable classrooms in as little as a few days, and sometimes less.

The way it works is straightforward. A portable classroom company arrives at your site and surveys for a suitable location for the building. They then truck in classrooms on the back of lorries and carefully lower them into position, usually with the help of a crane. They then simply set the height of the building, add a ramp to the front door, and connect it to the mains electricity supply. From that point onwards, it serves as a regular classroom in all respects.

Portable and temporary classrooms are also flexible too. Schools can request as many portable and temporary classrooms as they like to fit in their grounds. So it doesn’t matter whether they need just one additional classroom or ten, portable and temporary classroom vendors will deliver them to their site.

These classrooms are also highly customisable, meaning that educational establishments can modify them to their students’ needs. Far from being empty boxes, educators can request portable and temporary units set up to cater to a variety of different subjects, including IT, music and drama. Because portable units connect to mains supplies, they can host all of the features of regular classrooms.

Even the appearance of portable and temporary classrooms is changing. In the past, most units were simply white or grey boxes. But now, educational institutions can get modular classrooms with brick-effect walls, allowing them to fit in with the rest of their buildings.

Compliant With Modern Building Standards

Just like regular brick-and-mortar classrooms, portable alternatives must also comply with modern building standards and keep children safe. These building regulations specify required window areas, fire exits and ventilation.

How To Get Portable And Temporary Classrooms

Those interested in getting temporary classrooms need to book a site survey. This is a service provided by the company who installs the portable classrooms to check whether the site is suitable. It involves inspecting the conditions of the site and working out whether it can accommodate a modular classroom or not. If the site is not suitable, then the modular classroom provider will usually recommend an alternative site that is.

Portable and temporary classrooms, therefore, can be a welcome addition for schools. They provide quick, affordable additional capacity while minimising the level of disruption for teachers and students.

If your school is undergoing renovations for a particular area of the school, such as the maths department or language department, moving your classrooms to a portable solution allows students to continue their studies in a safe and happy environment and with quick and easy installations they can be changed and moved accordingly to comply with your needs, to keep both your staff and students happy and motivated in their studies.

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