Physical Therapy to Help Overcome Pain & Injury

Physical Therapy to Help Overcome Pain & Injury

Physical Therapy to Help Overcome Pain & Injury

Here at Movement Solutions Sc, we treat a huge number of patients who suffer from lower back pain, as this is an exceptionally common condition, which eight in ten people will experience at some stage in their life. If you are suffering from lower back pain, there is no one better to ensure you get back to feeling your best in no time. 

Are you experiencing pain in your lower back? 

There are many causes of lower back pain, with most being musculoskeletal injuries, such as joint dysfunction, ligament sprains and muscular strains, which is especially the case when pain occurs during or after the physical loading of the spine. Yet, there are many different ways you could suffer from pain in the lower back, with a traumatic (sudden) injury being another example, and the following being a mere handful of other causes –  a pinched nerve, core stability deficiency, bulging disc, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and much more. 

Providing an accurate diagnosis – The first step to success when it comes to getting back to your best

The key to ensuring you get the right treatment is to provide an accurate diagnosis, which will be the first part of the process when you visit us at Movement Solutions Sc. We will thoroughly assess the issue to get to the root of the problem so that we can provide you with a bespoke treatment plan that will guarantee the most effective and efficient recovery.

Putting together the best treatment plan

The treatment plan we put together will, of course, depend on your condition, yet we will use a mixture of active physical therapy and passive physical therapy to alleviate pain and ensure a return to normal functionality. This means that our techniques range from exercises, stretches and hand manipulation techniques to using ice packs and heat application. All approaches are drug-free, which means that physiotherapy is the safest form of treatment. 

What to expect when you choose our service for your lower back pain

When you choose Movement Solutions Sc, you can be confident of the best possible service, as all of our physiotherapists are experienced and boast the necessary training and qualifications. They will make you feel comfortable and at ease throughout your session. Once they have finished providing you with the therapy required, they will give you all of the advice and education you need in order to manage the condition effectively at home so that you do not experience such terrible lower back pain again in the future. 

Do not hesitate to get in touch

If you have any questions about our service, or if you would like to book an appointment with one of our specialist physical therapists, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We would be more than happy to answer your questions.

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