Are You Currently Renovating Your Home?

Are You Currently Renovating Your Home?Being toasty warm at home is one reason to have a fireplace, another is for […]

Posted on Jun 02, 2020
Consider upgrading your fire and fireplace today!

Are You Currently Renovating Your Home?
Being toasty warm at home is one reason to have a fireplace, another is for pure character. At The Fireplace Warehouse, we believe that a good fireplace is one that is installed by the professionals, which is why we only offer professional installation for all of our fireplaces. They are designed with you and your home in mind, so no matter what you need, you can find fireplaces, fireplace accessories and stoves unique to anywhere else.

Consider upgrading your fire and fireplace today!

We’re not going to beat around the bush: we’re one of the premier stockists of fireplaces, gas fires and electric fires in the UK. Fireplaces are what we do, and whether you buy online or you head out to one of our showrooms, we’ve got expert advice to help you to decide what to buy. We’ve got over 20 years of experience in the industry, and we can give you the warmest welcome when you buy with us.

The Benefits of Upgrading Your Fireplace

You may not consider it when you’re in the middle of a house renovation, but upgrading your electric fire or your gas fire should be a priority for you. Why? We tell you all about it below:

  • The fireplace is the focal point of the room. People are drawn to it – you point your sofas at it! Sitting in front of the fire in the evening with a warm drink and a good book is the ultimate comfort, and it’s the main attraction in the room, no matter what room it’s in. Upgrading for a new fireplace will make the home look good – which is the goal!
  • People choose a fireplace because it’s more efficient as a secondary heat source. Most original fireplaces are not particularly efficient as they are a decoration. However, if you upgrade your fireplace you can keep the heat in and the cool air in the summer, too, with no escape.
  • Any upgrade in the home is going to cost money, but a fireplace is an upgrade that works out cheaper than the bathroom or the kitchen. You’re going to transform the space pretty quickly with a different fireplace, and it will cost you far less than you expect!

These three reasons are the main ones to upgrade your fireplace, but there are so many others that we simply can’t fit onto this page. Choosing The Fireplace Warehouse for your upgrade is the smartest choice you could make during your renovation, so what are you waiting for?

Visit Our Showrooms

With showrooms within easy reach of the North West of England, you’re going to find experts waiting to fill you with fireplace knowledge when you come for a visit. We deliver everything to you, but only after we’ve talked you through your choices and what would be best for your home and budget.

Let us help you to upgrade your home’s fire and fireplaces, and you’ll be living in comfort and warmth in no time!