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Thermal Imaging Services for Commercial Buildings

Thermal Imaging Services for Commercial Buildings

Thermal Imaging Services for Commercial Buildings

Thermal imaging is carried out to commercial buildings to identify the causes of cold areas within whole buildings. Our highly trained professional surveyors will conduct a thermal survey both internally and externally to identify any thermal issues throughout the building. We then detail our findings in a clear and practical to use the report.

We specialise in carrying out commercial building thermal imaging surveys throughout London and the South East

We have extensive experience in conducting commercial building thermal imaging surveys across the following types of buildings/businesses:

Office Blocks
Blocks of Flats
Railway Stations

Our team of highly experienced and Level 2 certified thermal imaging surveyors use only the highest resolution Flir thermal imaging equipment to allow us to detect anomalies within the building envelope and identify root causes of cold buildings or rooms.

Commercial building thermal imaging surveys are carried out to identify the following defects:

Cold Buildings & Cold Room
Causes of Heat Loss
Causes of Draughts & Air Ingress
Assess Insulation Performance
Identify Thermal Bridging
Assess Performance of Windows & Frames
Causes of Damp & Water Ingress

Our commercial building thermal surveys are carried out on foot by our engineers using hand held thermal imaging equipment during out of hours working. This means that activities usually carried out within normal working hours are not disrupted. The commercial building thermal imaging survey can usually be carried our within 1-2 hours, depending on the size and complexity of the building and the subsequent access.

Our thermal inspection is completely non-invasive and non-destructive meaning that the building suffers no mechanical or physical damage during the thermal survey.

To achieve enable us to recorded accurate results during the commercial building thermal imaging survey, it is important to consider the environmental conditions present at the time of the survey as this can have a negative effect on the thermal imaging reportage.

As a minimum, the following conditions should be targeted prior to the survey:

Heating systems within the building are operational
A temperature differential between internal and external areas of at least 10°C exists
Solar loading (effects of the sun) is avoided by starting before sunrise.
No precipitation (rain) either just prior to or during the survey
Building surfaces to be surveyed/inspected are dry.
Average wind speed to be less than 15 mph

Good information for Commercial Building Thermal Imaging Survey
It’s worth noting that a healthy building also makes the facility more comfortable and healthy for its occupants. This improved environment can also increase productivity and be very beneficial for the life cycle of a building. A healthier building means healthier occupants – a double win for employer and employees.

If you require a BREEAM Thermal survey our professional and certified Level 2 Thermographer’s will carry out your thermographic Inspections for BREEAM compliance in accordance with all necessary standards and current regulations, all we need are a few details such as floor plans and elevation drawings and the building location to provide a quotation. We will also send across our informative Thermal Survey Checklist to help you prepare for the thermal survey.

Contact APT Sound Testing
Contact APT Sound Testing for a free quotation for a thermographic inspection. All we need are a few details such an elevation drawings, floor plans and location to provide a quotation.

If you would like more information in regards to BREEAM Thermography Surveys, please contact us now at or call us on 07775 623464.

A Dry Cleaning Service Near Me?

A Dry Cleaning Service Near Me?

A Dry Cleaning Service Near Me?
A dry cleaners is a dry cleaners, isn’t it? The answer to that is a resounding no when you consider Newcastle based Dry Cleaners Dulais, based in Darras Hall, Ponteland. Boasting a clientele which includes well-known sporting celebrities and exclusive professional patrons, sensitivity and sophistication are two of the attributes which set this company apart in the field of cleaning services.

Things customers would never consider as important, such as design of the garment, hand-sewn hems, bias-cut construction etc are all considered in a dry cleaning company which boasts long term, state of the art training, keeping its operatives up to speed with the latest in garment design.

Dry Cleaning Service

With meticulous hand finishing and precision hand pressing, clients can be sure they will receive a pristine garment on pick up, so important with a couture/designer outfit. The company will remove stains from all delicate garments and those inlaid with stones, glass, brass or any other fastenings or buttons and give clothes a superior finish.

Nav Dulai also gives a stain removal service which is second to none in the field with an ultra-gentle and non-harsh process, achieving an astonishing 99% removal rating.

Clothing is an investment like any other and should be protected like all investments. Ensuring you get the best out of your clothes for the longest time possible is what Dulais on The Broadway, Ponteland will provide.

Add to all that a collection and a delivery service from anywhere in the north east, day time or evening and you can see how this company sets itself apart from the norm. No, all dry cleaners are definitely not the same.

Specialist Wedding Dress Cleaning Service
Imagine handing your precious wedding gown into the protection of the safest, most caring hands there are; gentle hands that will love it, respect it, nurture it and expertly clean and restore it, reserving the exquisite memories invested in every thread now and for the future.

Every day, brides all over the country come to us and say thank you for the love and attention we lavish on their dress; and we will collect yours from your own hands and transport it securely, scrupulously cleaning and preserving it in a beautiful box before delivering it safely back into your hands.

We treat every dress as unique, whether it’s classic or contemporary, modern or vintage, hand-painted or handmade. Every cleaning process should be unique also, so here at Dulais, we will create a bespoke cleaning process for your gown and your gown only.

Our techniques are painstaking, time-consuming, as you would expect from a reputable wedding dress retailers and consultants within the bridal industry. That’s because only a specialist, boutique cleaner on fabric care and preservation. And he is a perfectionist. His customers can therefore be assured that their garments are in the safest hands.

So if you are searching for a dry cleaning service near you, then for further information call 01661 820700 or visit the Dulais dry cleaning and wedding dress cleaning service provider websites in today.

Composite Doors – The Focal Point for your Home

Composite Doors – The Focal Point for your Home

Composite Doors – The Focal Point for your Home
Having a beautiful and well-chosen front door is the perfect way to create a focal point for the outside of your home and to enhance the rest of your properties existing features.  At I Want A Door they have an excellent range of high quality composite front doors that will improve the appearance of any home, and with a wide range of designs on offer you can be certain to find one that with complement the rest of your home perfectly.  With a straight forward and easy ordering system and a reliable team of expert fitters no matter what door you may decide on you can be sure that you will be completely happy with the service you receive.

Composite Doors - The Focal Point for your Home

With over thirty different designs to choose from whether you are looking for a traditional, a contemporary or a cottage style you are likely to find something that suits your design ideas perfectly, and with the option to choose from 39 different colour shades, a wide choice of different textures, patterns and colours if glass is included in your door and with the option to select your own preference of hardware including handles and letter box you have the opportunity to create something really individual.

Whether you live in a period property in the country, a contemporary city centre apartment or a traditional terrace house in a street with such a wide choice available will be able to make sure your door is perfectly matched to the rest of your home.  You can also add complementing patio doors to create a uniform look to the exterior of you home, and you can even have an over-door canopy added to you knew composite door so you can ensure your improvements are really in keeping with the rest of your property’s overall look. 

All doors from I Want A Door come with a full free of charge fitting service within the North East and one of their friendly team will be happy to visit you before your order is completed to carry out a site survey so they can make sure that your new uPVC door is fitted without a hitch.  When the days comes for your new door to be installed you can expect the job to be carried out with the minimum of disruption to you and your family and for everything to be left clean and tidy, they will also take your old door away for you completely free of charge.

Not only will new composite, uPVC and double glazed doors from I Want A Door look fantastic it will also help to make you property more secure and protect it from the elements.  With security chains, spy holes and multi point locking systems installed as standard in all composite doors, along with the use of toughened glass and the most modern materials every effort is made during design and manufacture to ensure that every door is made to the highest possible standard with the safety and security of your family in mind.

So, if you want to make the most of the outside of your home and are looking to invest in something really worthwhile why not take a look at some of the excellent designs of uPVC and composite doors at I Want A Door?  With such a wide range of choice and hardwearing low maintenance designs that are sure to stay looking good for years to come you will definitely be impressed with the quality and value available for such a competitive price!

 I Want a Door.COM provides a range of strong, secure and energy efficient made to measure composite doors. Cut out the salesmen and their commissions; buy your composite door direct from the UK’s leading composite door manufacturer. To find out more information, visit the I Want a Door website.

Using a Financial Planning Service

Using a Financial Planning Service

Benefits of using a Financial Planning Service
Using a financial planning service to help you make sure your future is as secure as possible is an excellent idea if you want to make the most of what you presently earn as there are many different ways you can invest the money you have to really maximise your return. While more traditional options such as investing into a pension plan can offer a degree of security for the future using a little clever investment alongside your regular pension contributions can help you to ensure that you can be more comfortable in the future and also have a little more flexibility and be able to access your money more easily if you want to use it before retirement age.

A specialist financial planning service provider offer an expert and impartial service to anybody looking to make sure their finances are in the best possible order and are able to advise across a wide range of financial products such as savings, investments, pensions and mortgages, as a reputable firm of financial planners they pride themselves on offering a no bias and personalised service to every client they help.

Planning for your future financially doesn’t just have to be about your old age, although these are factors to take into account, you can also look at investments for other long term plans such as your children’s education, paying off your mortgage or even a dream holiday you plan to take in around five years’ time.

With many different savings and investment plans available, some offering flexible plans or payouts in the future and the varying rates of interest offered by using a professional financial planning service you will be able to discuss your future plans in total confidence and then look at the various options available to see which could be most suited to you with the guidance of a fully trained expert in the industry on hand.

Whether you are interested in investing in additional property, want to find out more about stocks shares and other investments or simply want to design a well thought out saving plan so you can reach your financial goals, getting more information from one of the team of professional financial planners could be one of the best investments you could make as they will be certain to help you get the best possible return no matter what your future financial plans may be.

Sensible financial planning can really help you to reach your goals and enjoy the future you are striving for without having to make too many sacrifices now, by investing in the right places, putting your savings into a plan that offers excellent returns, or saving money elsewhere like reducing the payments on your mortgage being able to get where you want to be can be far more achievable than you may first think.

However, without the right help and advice it can also be really easy to make bad decisions or invest in something that carries far more risk that you first thought and to lose out in the long run so seeking the help of a trustworthy and reliable financial planning service.

Clothing Repair & Alteration Service

Clothing Repair & Alteration Service

High Quality Clothing Repair & Alteration Service

How often do you throw something out because of small rip or tear? How often do you take a new dress that you love back to the shop because it doesn’t quite fit? Do you know you really don’t need to do this? We’re all different shapes, and sizes and clothes in the shops aren’t going to fit everyone, but that doesn’t mean you should deny yourself that dress you’ve had your eye on for so long – just get it altered! 

Clothing Repair & Alteration Service

Clothing Repair & Alteration Service
When it comes to your favourite jeans which now have a hole in, don’t stress that you’ll never find a pair of jeans that will fit as well again or will be that comfy, simply fix your favourite pair. 

Not only is repairing and altering your clothes good for you, but it’s also good for the environment, and as we all try to be a little better when it comes to waste then your clothing is a really good place to start. Did you know that the fashion industry will consume a quarter of the world’s annual carbon budget by 2050?

This is something that we can do something about. How many times have you said, “I can just go buy another shirt, it was only cheap.” This isn’t a healthy way to think of clothing, and all this waste can really add up. Most of the time, something is repairable and repairing it will generate less waste in this beautiful world of ours.

Quite often getting your clothes repaired or altered is going to be cheaper than buying the same thing again new and not only that but the way stock changes so much these days, it might be hard to find the same thing again. It also means that your favourite clothes can last for longer and who wouldn’t want that?

When it comes to alterations, whether it’s having trousers hemmed as they’re too long or customising a top so that it flatters you in all the right places, clothing alterations can give you personalised clothes, tailored to fit you.

When you look at models wearing these clothes and wonder why they don’t look the same on you, it’s not because of you – it’s because the clothes have been altered and tailored to fit those models perfectly. So, if you want long-lasting clothes that you love then why not have them altered to fit you too? 

Clothing Repair & Alteration Service
We have over 40 years’ experience and a fantastic reputation. From broken trouser zips, shortening of Jeans, to a full curtain alteration service, you can be assured we will help to make your clothes and household furnishings fit. And with a changing and fitting room facility onsite, one of our highly qualified seamstresses will always be at hand to offer you the advice you need with a friendly & personal service, second to none.