Waggers Indestructible Dog Beds

Waggers Indestructible Dog Beds

Indestructible Dog Beds for Destructive Dogs
Most dog owners have had to deal with their dogs displaying destructive behaviour at some point in the dogs’ lives. The reasons for such behaviour can range from inadequate training and supervision to inappropriate chew toys to insufficient exercise or daily activity, and it’s important to address the underlying causes as early as possible so that they can be corrected.

Inadequate Training
Sadly, this is one of the most common reasons for a dog’s destructive behaviour. It’s one thing to take your dog to obedience training classes and for your dog to learn how to respond appropriately to the trainer’s commands, but if you are not taking the time to follow through in the home environment during the crucial formative period, then you will always have difficulty with your dog’s natural instincts for digging and chewing and pay a steep price in terms of havoc and destruction wreaked on your furniture and other possessions.

Too Energetic for the Owner
It’s not uncommon for lovers of breeds such as Weimaraners and border collies to adopt one of these dogs and then realise, much to their chagrin, that they simply don’t have the time to provide these animals the daily activity that they need. If you train regularly for marathons, then this doesn’t apply to you and your border collie would be delighted to accompany you on your 35-kilometer training run on this and any other Saturday morning. If you belong to the non-running majority, however, then you have probably been faced already with your dog attacking your furniture and lawn because, quite simply, they’re bored and taking it out on your personal possessions.

The Wrong Kinds of Dog Toys
Chew toys that resemble slippers and folded newspapers look absolutely adorable hanging from your dog’s mouth. Actual newspapers and slippers covered in drool? Not as cute. If you’ve taken to throwing random household objects around in the backyard for your dog to play “catch” with after these objects have gone past their useful life, then your dog is probably failing to see the difference between these items, which still have your scent on them, and other items that are not meant for canine mouths and paws.

Whatever the reasons for your dog’s destructive behaviour, one area where you do have some control in the short term is the choice of dog bed. Your dog may be just as inclined to chew his own bed to pieces as one of your favourite pairs of shoes – after all, if he’s encouraged to sleep on it, then it may as well be a plaything.

However, the lifelong dog lovers behind Waggers dog beds know exactly what you are going through and have come up with the perfect solution: long-lasting, virtually indestructible dog beds which are lovingly crafted with your dog’s comfort and your home’s attractiveness equally in mind. Never again will you have to choose one over the other; one of our indestructible dog beds will look just as attractive in your home weeks, months, even years from now as on the day of purchase because your dog will not be able to tear or chew through it!

Let Waggers provide you with an indestructible dog bed that will help you teach your dog that some things are simply not meant to be chewed on or played with as toys. For more information, call us today on 0844 573 1650 or visit the Waggers Dog Beds & Online Pet Store now.

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