Vehicle Rental Software from iVech

Vehicle Rental Software from iVech

Vehicle Rental Software from iVech
Do you operate a car rental or vehicle hire business? iVech is a vehicle rental management system that has been designed by software engineers who, before they even started planning the system, worked on the front desk of a vehicle hire business for 12 months, so that they had a full insight into the needs and requirements of a vehicle hire operating system. Since car and van hire companies have large vehicle fleets to keep track of and customers to invoice, it makes sense to have one system that does it all. For most of the larger vehicle rental companies currently in operation in the UK, the ideal car hire software for keeping track of both vehicles and clients includes the following features:

Shortcuts for repeat customers
Most rental companies recognise that repeat customers are their primary source of revenue. Since it would make little sense to have to enter a repeat hirer’s personal information for every single transaction, the ideal software system will prefill it automatically the next time the hirer comes in. In the case of corporate clients with multiple employees involved in vehicle rental transactions, a truly ideal software solution would link such clients to an inbuilt accounting system for ease of billing and other types of recordkeeping.

Damage and loss tracking
iVech give full damage accounting and assessment, from who caused the damage, how much they were charged, cost of repair, and lists any unrepaired damage automatically on the hire agreements.

iVech is cloud based, however this does not compromise security, the operator can assign different user bands with different security levels, eg, an operator may only be allowed access via the office ip address, a manager might be allowed to use a home ip address, and a director any ip address, these levels are fully customisable

Pricing Structure
iVech is currently offered at £25.00p per week, payable weekly, monthly or yearly for a standard one site system, additional sites are £12.00p per week. There are no set up costs.

iVech Rental Control System offers all these features and many more. Our vehicle rental software allows you to keep all the information you need about your vehicles, drivers and accounts to ensure smooth client transactions, timely billing and loss prevention – all at your fingertips, all in one secure environment.

The result is that iVech is designed to give maximum security and control of the vehicle fleet, and integrates with the Hireguard* database to give optimum intelligence and automatic warning against high risk hirers. The system also integrates with your tracking system, should your vehicles be fitted with trackers, the rental operator has direct information, on driver behaviour, speeding, hard braking, acceleration, impacts and of course location. The system can be set to give alerts if the hire vehicle enters certain areas, ports etc, and also alerts should it leave the UK.

For more information on the iVech vehicle rental software please call iVech now on 0191 460 3263 or contact us using email via their vehicle rental software website contact page.

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