Thimble Collecting – Adding Hand crafted & Exclusive Designs

Thimble Collecting – Adding Hand crafted & Exclusive Designs

Thimble Collecting – Adding Hand crafted & Exclusive Designs
Collecting thimbles has become a very popular hobby for a great many people with collectors adding to their thimble collections as a souvenir to remind a collector of the places of where they have visited or special occasions. The hobby can be highly rewarding, fun, with the costs of a typical thimble covering a wide price range – part of its appeal to a wide and diverse range of collectors.

For those of you embarking on your thimble collection, it might help you to consider which type of thimbles you are going to collect. If you choose to collect all types of thimbles, the collection will have an eclectic collection and be extremely varied. This is commonly how people begin their thimble collection. However it may be you narrow your focus, and decide that you will collect only a specific style or type of thimble.

Thimbles have been produced in all colours and designs for over a century and can be found in almost every corner of the world. Very often the thimble is a perfect miniature display of art, invention and craftsmanship with antique thimbles to be found in every conceivable material: silver, porcelain, pewter, polymer clay  gold, brass, porcelain, ivory, tortoiseshell and enamel.

Thimbles are unique among collectibles in terms of both the seemingly unlimited variety of designs and the materials used to make them. A layman’s museum of sorts, thimbles serve to preserve history itself and recall a simpler time in which thimbles were used almost exclusively for sewing purposes.  Many thimbles will have been produced from some exquisite materials that have been richly decorated, which can turn out to be quite valuable, as well as beautiful to look at. However, new types and styles of thimbles are always being developed and many being issued to commemorate everything from Royal Births to tourist attractions.

Hand crafted and exclusive thimbles may be the perfect addition to your thimble collection and the Thimble Guild offers a variety of hand crafted thimbles from around the world, including unique creations are beautifully designed and hand crafted by our artists. They make the perfect thimble gift or simply an exclusive thimble for your own personal thimble collection.

Thimbles are a great way to get into collecting. They can be visually attractive, easy to locate (particularly using the Internet), can be inexpensive and even a relatively large collection won’t take up a lot of space.  And although thimbles are not used as much in our daily lives as before, they are still a great ‘collectable’ and retain a special place in the homes of many modern day thimble collectors.

For more information on the range of hand crafted and exclusive thimbles available, why not call us now on 0844 573 1658 or visit the Thimble Guild website and start you collection today.

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