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Five Types of Blinds We Sell That You Don’t Want To Miss

We sell a variety of blinds, which all are unique as the other. From roof blinds to conservatory roof blinds, we’ve got blinds that will suit your needs. To help better inform you of the blinds we sell, this article will take a look at five of these blinds. Of course, we’ve got local expertise, having sold blinds in Middlesbrough and Teeside for many years. If you’re looking for great Teeside or Middlesbrough blinds, we’ve got them right here.

1. Venetian Blinds

These blinds aim to enhance a more traditional atmosphere, while still using luxurious materials. These blinds are manufactured in England, and fitted in your home for a perfect fit.

Our venetian blinds come in many finishes and colours, even different textures! If you’re aiming to create a modern, contemporary look, our glossy range might tempt you. But for those who want to stay traditional and bring out that extra shade of luxury, our wooden “True” range should do the job.

If that wasn’t enough, we also have over 50 colours of Venetian blinds.


2. Sunwood Blinds

These take blinds a step further, by incorporating beautiful wood with practicality and traditional aesthetics. With over 20 sunwood blind styles to choose from, there is a great choice in this selection. The wood grain really brings out nature and wood at its very best, and perhaps, it’s the natural aesthetics of these blinds that make them such a joy to incorporate into any home. It’s also useful to note, that these blinds are our most popular collection at the moment!

These blinds have a huge variety of slat sizes, from 25mm, ranging all the way to 65mm. These slat sizes give you choice and freedom to adjust the blinds to whatever look you desire. Combine that with the finishes (Matt, Satin and Gloss), and you’ve got blinds customized to your needs.

3. Aluminium Venetian Blinds

If you’re looking to create a more modern, sleek feel in your kitchen, these aluminium venetian blinds are super popular right now! The aluminium in these blinds aim to merge modern metal with practicality, resulting in a vibrant, colourful set of blinds which will stand the test of time.

Add these blinds to any kitchen, and they automatically add a pop of colour and inject an element of dynamism to the room. Their smooth, sleek finish creates modern, fresh vibes which will definitely add more energy to your kitchen!

Perhaps, it’s the massive choice you have, which makes these blinds such an attractive option. With over 40 colours to pick from, and all the finishes (we’ve got solid colours and wood grain effect, to name just a few) – these blinds provide everything. Since we’re based in Middlesbrough, we’ll be able to fit your aluminium blinds locally too (and as “Perfect Fit” blinds, if you want that option) whether you’re based in Teeside or Middlesbrough.


4. Roof Blinds

We stock roof blinds now, also known as “Orangery Blinds” which combine German engineering with blind practicality. These blinds are perfect for lounges, living rooms, anywhere with a relaxing atmosphere. These blinds have been designed specially by a German company, and we now manufacture them here in the UK, and fit them locally for you.

These blinds are motorised, so that you can easily control them at the touch of a button. Whether you want to leave in some sunlight into your room, or you want to look at the stars at night – these blinds allow you to get very creative! They are pioneering, innovative and push the boundaries of blinds and technology, to create a product that aims to please, for years and decades to come.

5. Perfect Fit Blinds

Perhaps, our most impressive and exciting type of blinds on offer, are our Perfect Fit blinds. Again, just like our Orangery blinds, this new innovation aims to reinvent what we know about blinds and blind fittings.

Perfect Fit blinds can be fitted onto double-glazed windows, conservatory windows, without any special drilling or screws into your frames. We all know how difficult it is to find blinds which fit the exact shape and size of a window. Conservatory windows are especially hard to find precise fitting blinds for, because of their unique shapes and sizes. Their awkward shape can make blind fitting near impossible.

However, with our innovative Perfect Fit blinds, we can tailor your blinds to your window’s or door’s exact size and shape. This ensures a consistent, working fit which will ensure that your blinds can be mounted quickly and easily.

Another reason why these blinds are so attractive, is because of how child-friendly they are. They don’t include any hanging cords or chains, which can pose a threat to child safety. Also, these are ideal for your child’s bedroom, because they can black-out light at night time, if your child cannot sleep.

There are a variety of types of Perfect Fit blinds on offer, including Venetian, Aluminium, Pleated and Roller blinds. With the extensive range and the innovative technology behind these blinds, you should definitely consider them! If you’re living in Middlesbrough or Teeside, that means we can quickly and easily get to work on helping you choose your blinds and fit them.

Blinds For Everyone

The greatest thing about our blinds here at the Beautiful Blind Company – is the sheer choice that we provide. We’ve taken a look at only five varieties of blinds in this article, but there are so many more! We’re a blinds company that provide choice, variety and blinds that stand the true test of time.

If you’ve seen a product here that you like, or has caught your interest, don’t hesitate to give us a call! Our phone number is 01642 688 090 and we’ll give you a free quote. For Middlesbrough blinds and Teeside blinds, we should be your first choice!

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