Collecting Royal Commemorative Thimbles

Collecting Royal Commemorative Thimbles

Collecting Royal Commemorative Thimbles
One of the great joys of thimble collecting nowadays is the seemingly limitless range of available images thanks to modern technology making it possible to screen-print virtually anything onto a porcelain thimble.

This is an especially joyous occasion among dedicated collectors of royal commemorative thimbles: if there is a photograph of Princess Diana (may she rest in peace), or any of the living royals such as William and Kate, their precious baby George or our beloved Queen Elizabeth II, then there is a possibility of having it scanned and printed onto a commemorative thimble.

Queen Elizabeth is a favourite focus of many collectors of royal commemorative thimbles. Her longevity as a monarch is surpassed in recent times only by Queen Victoria, as shown in thimbles commemorating her 89th birthday in April of this year and those celebrating the 60th anniversary of her coronation in 2013. Her appearances at special events, from the wedding of William and Kate to her official introduction to the President of the Republic of Ireland, also add to her interest among thimble collectors.

It goes without saying that each of her public appearances is history in the making, and it is truly exciting to be able to capture and display them in one’s collection during her lifetime. Just think of what they may be worth decades from now, when she is no longer with us!

Thimble Guild is dedicated to providing both new and long-time thimble collectors with an impressive selection of royal commemorative thimbles that will enhance your enjoyment of collecting and leave you with a ready conversation piece whenever family and friends come to visit. Whether you are looking for a thimble to mark a particular historic event or an attractive display case for your collection, Thimble Guild has everything you need.

For more information on the range of hand crafted and exclusive thimbles available, why not call us now on 0844 573 1658 or visit the Thimble Guild website and start you collection today.


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