Planning Your Stag or Hen Party in Newcastle

Planning Your Stag or Hen Party in Newcastle

Planning Your Stag or Hen Party in Newcastle
Spring and summer are the biggest times of the year for weddings, but they will no means be over by the time autumn arrives. If one of your best friends is getting married this autumn, then congrats to your friend and have a wonderful time – and you’ve got work to do.

When planning a stag or hen party, two of the first questions that come to mind are “when” and “how big”? One of the easiest ways to settle both is not to have a stag or hen party but a stag or hen weekend. Having a big blowout weekend within one month of the wedding date is a great way for the bride- and groom-to-be to connect with their mates and have all the fun they can possibly bear to have over two or three days.

The next question, then, is what to do during that weekend. As luck would have it, Newcastle boasts a variety of entertainment options and daytime activities that are perfectly suited to stag parties and hen parties.

Gents: if you and your mates have never been go-karting or quad biking, then an afternoon driving around in the dirt is a great way to let loose and get your stag party in Newcastle underway!

And ladies, have you ever been to a class in seduction and foreplay? If not, then this is a must-do for a hen party in Newcastle, right before you hit the clubs. You might be surprised at just how much there is to learn and practice later on with your special someone!

NE1 Experience is Newcastle’s premier party and event planner specialising in stag and hen parties. Our comprehensive service includes admission and complimentary drinks at some of the best nightclubs in the city as well as hotel accommodations and luxury transport. Let us handle all the important details for your stag or hen party so that the only thing you will have to think about is how much fun you want to have!

For more information about our event packages, call us today on 07740 3000 40 or visit the NE1 Experience Stag & Hen party website today and let us help you enjoy a fabulous stag party in Newcastle.

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