Planning a Stag or Hen Party in Newcastle

Planning a Stag or Hen Party in Newcastle

Planning a Stag or Hen Party in Newcastle
Summer is here, and summer is one of the most popular times of year for outdoor weddings. Beautiful wedding venues can be found all over the North East of England in particular, with stunning views that will be remembered for just as long afterward as the moment in which the husband and wife exchanged vows.

When planning a wedding, one thing the bride learns all too quickly is that there are far more people to consider than herself and her husband-to-be: there are also the members of the wedding party and all the other friends and relatives who have replied that they will be in attendance, and they all need to be fed and accommodated in lodgings appropriate for the occasion.

And they’re not all: there are also the vendors involved in making the wedding a success, from the bride and bridesmaids’ seamstress to the men’s tailor, to the florist and photographer and caterer and hotel concierge…

The list goes on and on, and the stress is enough to make the bride and groom feel as though they have taken on a second full-time job before they have even tied the knot and gone away on their honeymoon.

If you are preparing to be a bridesmaid of groomsman and are expecting to plan the stag or hen party for your mate, then Newcastle-based NE1 Experience can assist with every step of the planning for a stag party in Newcastle or for a hen party in Newcastle. The city has come into its own as a centre for nightlife in the North East, and NE1 Experience works with a wide variety of local nightclubs and other entertainment providers to provide a comprehensive service for our clients.

For those who wish to turn it into an all-day-and-night or even an all-weekend affair, NE1 Experience can arrange afternoon spa packages for the ladies and dirt biking for the gents as well as hotel accommodations and transport so that you all can have the best possible time among friends before the wedding day arrives.

NE1 Experience specialises in stag and hen parties, birthday parties and corporate parties in Newcastle. If you’re planning a stag or hen party in Newcastle, don’t miss out on our exciting packages for daytime and evening parties for the ladies and the lads. Our packages include a fantastic night on the town in Newcastle, a centre for nightlife in the North East. Enjoy all the best that the city centre has to offer and let our comprehensive hotel and transport services handle the details of where you will end up and how!

For more information about our event packages, call us today on 07740 3000 40 or visit the NE1 Experience  Stag  & Hen party website today and let us help you enjoy a fabulous stag party in Newcastle.

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