Personalised Thimbles to Celebrate any Occasion

Personalised Thimbles to Celebrate any Occasion

Personalised Thimbles to Celebrate Any Occasion
Thimbles have been a favourite collectible item across the UK and around the world for almost two centuries. Thimbles commemorating coronations and royal weddings and childbirths go back as far as the hobby itself, and collectible thimbles can be produced on a variety of materials including silver and other precious metals, pewter, wood, glass and more.

With the advent of screen printing on porcelain, virtually any image can be placed on a thimble to be given as a distinctive thimble gift – to the collectors in your life and to anyone else who might appreciate a celebration thimble.

Personalised thimbles can be custom-designed for any occasion. Family weddings, anniversaries, births and even milestone birthdays (any centenarians-to-be in your family?) commemorated on personalised thimbles are a joy to receive and, within a well-rounded thimble collection, such thimbles are even a means of preserving the family history for generations to come.

Thimble collectors often have a particular type of thimble on which they prefer to focus their collection. However, due to the ease of custom-ordering thimbles for special occasions and events, it’s worthwhile for most collectors to have a designated “family corner” within their collection. Furthermore, with the wide variety of thimble display racks and cases available from retailers catering to the hobby of thimble collecting, one could quite easily work a small display of just a few personalised thimbles into a collection of framed family photographs on the mantel over the fireplace or elsewhere in the home where they can be enjoyed by all who come to visit.

There is nothing quite like having your recent family history, complete with names and dates of special occasions, on display where others can see it, and such displays enhance the feeling of your house being a home with a past, present and future.

The Thimble Guild is dedicated to helping thimble enthusiasts to produce personalised thimbles to celebrate any occasion. Whether a family wedding is upcoming or your grandparents are about to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary, theThimble Guild can assist you in producing a beautiful celebration thimble that your family and friends can enjoy individually and as part of their own collections.

For more information on ordering personalised thimbles, call us today on 0844 573 1658 or visit the Thimble Guild website today and get your collection off to a flying start.

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