Personalised Thimbles: An Alternative to Christmas Cards

Personalised Thimbles: An Alternative to Christmas Cards

Personalised Thimbles: An Alternative to Christmas Cards
Do you enjoy sending Christmas cards when the holiday approaches but find it more difficult each year to find a card that truly captures the spirit of Christmas? If so, then try this idea on for size: instead of sending cards, send personalized thimbles!

Much like custom-ordered Christmas cards with a family portrait, thimbles can be personalised with virtually any image screen-printed onto them. By putting that same family portrait or cute cat or dog photo on a personalised thimble, you will be creating a novel sort of collectible that will give your recipients an attractive new item to display in their homes at Christmas!

Let’s face it: while some people love to receive Christmas cards of all kinds and display their growing collection year after year, many card recipients on your list do not and will simply toss the card in the rubbish bin once Christmas is over.

Personalised thimbles, on the other hand, offer something fun and different to everyone on your list. Some among them are bound to be thimble collectors already and will greatly appreciate an element of personal or family history in their collection. If you run a small business, then sending personalised thimbles to your clients featuring your company logo can also be a great way to market your services while giving collectors a new addition to their collection.

Even for those who do not collect thimbles, the gift of a personalised thimble in place of a card will give them a new and beautiful porcelain piece to display with other Christmas-related items for many years to come!

The Thimble Guild has been one of the leading suppliers of collectible thimbles and supplies in the UK for years. We offer screen-printing services for personalised thimbles to commemorate any special occasion. To learn more or to speak with one our representatives, call us today on 0844 573 5310 or visit the Thimble Guild website today.

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