Pay per Click Services for Businesses

Pay per Click Services for Businesses
Pay per Click (PPC) search engine marketing allows advertisers to quickly promote their services on the respective search engine using cost per click basis. Pay per Click (PPC) ads appear at the top, right or bottom of organic search results shown by search engines. Only when someone ‘clicks’ on your advert do you incur a charge.

Direct Submit Internet Marketing Services have been managing Pay per Click (PPC) and Google advertising (AdWords) campaigns for many years and we are now pleased to announce we have a new member of staff who specialises in mid to large budget PPC campaigns.

Our sole focus is to achieve high quality traffic for our clients through analytical analysis and management of their pay per click (PPC) and Google AdWords campaigns, and we are able to provide a fully managed service for your pay per click campaign(s).

Pay per Click is one of the most flexible forms of online marketing available. As required, we can update your budget within hours, set your campaign to run at certain times of the day and we can add/remove key search phrases as is needed. Due to this great flexibility Pay per Click marketing is very efficient and can be a highly effective form of advertising.

If you would like to discuss your PPC project or the many potential benefits that such campaign could bring to your business call Direct Submit now on 0845 2722350 to arrange your FREE Pay per Click consultation