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North East Safety Systems

Welcome to North East Safety Systems
North East Safety Systems believe they can help eliminate all internal falls from height when installing timber joists, block and beam flooring and roof trusses on conventional build projects. They can protect the workers safety and remove the harm of risk and believe in their product and service and the protection offering to your workers and protection to your company.


NESS Total Fall Safety Solution Features & Benefits

> High Quality Fall Prevention Working Platform
> Various platform heights up to 3 metres available
> Compliance with Working at Height Regulations
> Innovative and Durable Non Slip Work Surface
> Unique Versatility for Individual Project Challenges
> Load Capacity of 2kn per m2
> Hire based product
> Full installation service available

NESS Safety Decking
NESS Safety Decking offer and advanced fall prevention system and working platform for conventional build projects. The NESS Safety Deck system vastly improves safety compared to traditional methods, complying with all aspects of working at height regulations. Safeguarding your workforce and helping you comply with safe working practices. Meeting all current HSE working at height regulations providing you with the means to meet the ultimate goal of HSE hierarchy for fall prevention “to stop that fall.”

For further information please telephone: 07399 524 966, e-mail: or visit the North East Safety Systems website.

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