Newcastle: A Great Place for Your Stag or Hen Party

Newcastle: A Great Place for Your Stag or Hen Party

Newcastle: A Great Place for Your Stag or Hen Party
Summer is the perfect time for a wedding, and if you’re under the age of 40, then chances are good that you have received at least one wedding invitation this year. Perhaps you’ve even been asked by the bride or groom to be the best man or the maid of honour. If so, and the wedding is taking place this summer, then you know that one of your top responsibilities as a member of the wedding party is to make your friend’s last party as a free agent one to remember.

Often, stag or hen parties are as simple as dinner at a local restaurant or perhaps a short pub crawl where everyone has to bother with details such as how to pay for each bar tab and how to go safely from place to place because, let’s be honest, few if any of you even intend to remain sober all night. If you want to have the best possible experience for a reasonable cost, let an experienced event planner handle the small details.

Gentlemen in the North East should consider throwing their stag party in Newcastle because of the wide variety of entertainment options available in the area. Not only are there bars and clubs, but you can even make an all-day or weekend event of it by taking your mates out for a day of paint balling or go-karting before hitting the clubs. Hen parties in Newcastle are also ideal in that partygoers will have similar entertainment options ranging from nightclubs to afternoon spa sessions which will give the ladies some time to be pampered and sip a little champagne before heading out for a night on the town.

NE1 Experience specialises in stag and hen parties, birthday parties and corporate parties in Newcastle. If you’re planning a stag or hen party in Newcastle, don’t miss out on our exciting packages for daytime and evening parties for the ladies and the lads. Our packages include a fantastic night on the town in Newcastle, a centre for nightlife in the North East.

Enjoy all the best that the city centre has to offer and let our comprehensive hotel and transport services handle the details of where you will end up and how!

For more information about our event packages, call us today on 07740 3000 40 or visit the NE1 Experience Stag & Hen party website today and let us help you enjoy a fabulous stag party in Newcastle.

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