MPs will Stop No-deal Brexit

MPs will Stop No-deal Brexit

Philip Hammond: MPs will and should stop no-deal Brexit

Chancellor Philip Hammond has told the BBC he and other MPs will “find a way” of blocking a no-deal Brexit.

He told Radio 4’s Political Thinking Podcast he would personally oppose leaving the EU without a legal agreement on 31 October.

He warned Theresa May’s successor as prime minister not to “sideline” MPs, saying this would be “shocking”.

Meanwhile, Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson has urged party members to sign a declaration to remain in the EU.

Mr Watson is leading the push within the party for another Brexit referendum, and for the party to campaign to stay in the EU.

Mr Hammond is expected to be replaced as chancellor whoever wins the Conservative leadership election later this month.

He has been increasingly vociferous in his opposition to a no-deal Brexit, which both Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt have said they would be willing to pursue on 31 October if there is no prospect of a negotiated deal.

On Tuesday, Mr Hammond told MPs a no-deal exit, which would see the UK leave the EU’s single market and customs union overnight without any kind of transition arrangement, could cause a £90bn hole in the public finances.

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