Luxury Fibre Dog Beds from Waggers

Luxury Fibre Dog Beds from Waggers

Luxury Fibre Dog Beds from Waggers
You know how much you love spending time with your beloved dog. There’s nothing like coming home from a long day at work and taking the dog for a walk. Your four-legged friend gets some needed time outside to enjoy the fresh air and a bit of exercise, and so do you! Some of us are even lucky enough to be able to come home at lunch time and break up the work day a bit with a midday dog walk.

So consider this: as we age, there are times when we have aches and pains that stay with us for days. If you have a medium- or large-breed dog, this is likely the case for your dog, too. Those daily walks can be a good way to warm tight muscles and alleviate tension, but we still need to do what we can to make our daily living arrangements as comfortable as possible so that those problem areas receive all the support that they need. This is especially true for those of us – humans and dogs – experiencing joint pain on a regular basis. The more we can do for joints involved in weight-bearing activities, the better.

We humans have memory foam mattresses and pillows, but did you know that memory foam beds are available for dogs as well? Waggers specialises in luxury fibre dog beds that may be just what your dog needs to be comfortable as he ages.

Waggers, an online shop specialising in pet care, toys and supplies, offers a wide range of dog beds which young and old dogs alike absolutely love. Our overstuffed luxury fibre dog beds are made of a lightweight yet fully supportive thermal hollow fibre and include a machine-washable cover in one of many unique designs. Purchase one for your dog today – we’re sure it will soon become his favourite piece of furniture.

From now until 20th August 2015, selected dog beds, including our bestselling memory foam pet beds, dog mattresses and overstuffed puffball beds, are available for £5 off the regular price. Don’t wait until Christmas to give your dog that special bed; show him right now just how much you care.

For more information about our line of pet care products or to order one of our overstuffed dog beds, call us on 0844 573 1650 or visit the Waggers online pet store today.

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