Look Your Best When It Counts: Call a Mobile Makeup Artist

Look Your Best When It Counts: Call a Mobile Makeup Artist

Look Your Best When It Counts: Call a Mobile Makeup Artist
Prom night, wedding, photo shoot. Perhaps you’ve participated in all three in your life? Even if you haven’t, it goes without saying that on certain rare occasions a woman has to look her very best and that nothing less than her out-of-this-world best will do. These are the occasions which call for hiring a professional makeup artist and leaving absolutely nothing to chance.

The reasons for hiring a makeup artist might surprise you, but they don’t surprise the professional makeup artist in the least. How practised are you at putting on makeup, and what do you typically pay for the cosmetics that you do use? Have you paid attention to how long your eye shadow lasts during the day before it starts to cake up in the creases of your eyelids and hardly any is left where you originally applied it?

Even for those who know to “prime” the eyelids by applying foundation and powder first, the technique is not failsafe if the colours themselves are not of the highest quality. Likewise, dragging the crease colour up and out toward the eyebrows à la Black Swan only works for certain eye shapes; if yours is not one of them and you use this application technique because you like how it looked in a photograph from a magazine or makeup advert, then you might be drawing attention to yourself, but not necessarily in the way you would like.

Knowing which colours suit you best is another question. The “rule” about blue eye shadow being wrong for everybody aside, far too many women get comfortable with colour combinations in adolescence and early adulthood that are entirely wrong for them and continue wearing the wrong makeup colours well into adulthood. In some cases, poorly hydrated skin plays a role, since dry skin will absorb foundation and give the face a heavily made-up look.

For many women, choosing the right foundation colour comes down to a guessing game in which the unfortunate woman simply guessed wrong or had a false impression about her own skin’s natural hue and chose a colour based on that impression. If the veins in your hands or forearms appear to be more bluish-green than simply blue, don’t go for the ivory foundation and powder!

These and endless other factors come into play for the woman needing to look her best for a wedding or other special occasion which will likely be memorialized in photographs.

When the occasion warrants it, invest in the services of a mobile makeup artist who can come to you and provide a personalised service that will take the occasion – including what you will be wearing – as well as your skin colour and type into account.

A skilled makeup artist in Newcastle, such as Jessica Brent, will work with you at a very reasonable rate to make you resplendent on your special day. Services for the right makeup artist in the North East area will include an initial consultation, including bridesmaids and mother of the bride as requested, and use of only the highest-quality products on the market. For your very best look on the most important days of your life, let Jessica Brent put her years of experience in makeup artistry to work for you. For more information, call today on 07931 784894 or visit the Jessica Brent website for further information.

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