Keeping Your Children Healthy and Fit Over the Summer

Keeping Your Children Healthy and Fit Over the Summer

Keeping Your Children Healthy and Fit Over the Summer
Now that school is out for the summer, parents and carers like yourself are often at a loss as to how to keep their children occupied with activities that will foster growth and development and keep them fit and healthy at the same time.

If this sounds like you, then your concerns are entirely valid, as children growing up today are at a higher risk for becoming overweight and developing “lifestyle diseases” such as heart disease and diabetes than children of any generation before them.

But what are the options? If your children are too young to be reasonably expected to participate in team sports, then through what other means might you keep your children occupied in structured or even unstructured physical activities?

And what about children who are old enough to have more options available to them but have already started down the path to a sedentary lifestyle marked by seemingly endless time spent in front of a television, computer or smart phone screen?

Fortunately, children’s fitness and dance programmes are available all through the year, to schools as well as playgroups and community groups, which will keep your children engaged and help them maintain or even improve their physical fitness.

Virtually all children, sporty or not, love picking up a new skill (“Mum, look what I can do!”), so channelling that drive into activities such as dance and hula hooping will allow them to improve their motor skills, strength and balance while having so much fun that they won’t even realise that they are exercising. For any age group, adults included, exercise need not equal drudgery!

Kidz R Fit is dedicated to nurturing your child’s development through age-appropriate activities which emphasise healthy eating as well as physical activity. It is never too early to begin teaching the 5-a-Day rule to your children, and even in the Kidz R Fit programmes geared toward the 1-3 age group, children are offered fruit at the end of each session and encouraged to try new things.

Let Kidz R Fit help you provide your children the solid foundation on which they will build a life of good health and happiness. For more information on how Kidz R Fit children’s fitness and dance programmes can set your children on the path to good health and fitness, call us today on 0191 4387632 or visit the Kidz R Fit website.

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