Keep Your Dog Warm and Dry This Winter with Dog Coats and Towels

Keep Your Dog Warm and Dry This Winter with Dog Coats and Towels

Keep Your Dog Warm and Dry This Winter with Dog Coats and Towels
Autumn is here once again, as we can all tell by the crispness in the air, the beautiful fall foliage and the sun setting earlier with each passing day. The fact that the days are gradually becoming shorter and cooler again need not mean cutting short the amount of time your four-legged friend gets to spend outside.

While concerns related to sickness and injury are just as real for canines as they are for us, simple precautions and preparations will ensure that your dog gets just as much enjoyment out of autumn and winter as the rest of us.

Helping Protect your dog from illness
Just like their human counterparts, dogs can catch a chill. And even when it seems inevitable that your beloved dog will sometimes get wet and dirty, such as during walks through the neighbourhood when it unexpectedly starts raining, or going for walks in old, dirty snow – because let’s face it, the weather isn’t going to stop your dog from needing to use nature’s facilities – it is important to be prepared for those unavoidable moments when a short jaunt outside leaves your friend in need of a quick bath and drying off.

A number of reputable companies specialising in pet care offer supplies such as thermal dog coats and dog towels made of advanced microfibre materials designed to pull more moisture away from your dog’s coat than a cotton towel. Keeping such a towel and a dog brush by the front door at all times will also ensure that any puddles or snow your dog might walk through outside won’t accompany you into your home.

Helping Protect your dog from injury
Whether you’re an enthusiastic runner or simply cannot go a day without a lengthy walk through the city or countryside in the evening, your dog is undoubtedly a big part of the time you spend outdoors. When the days are getting shorter, or if you generally take your leisurely outdoor stroll or jog during the wee hours of the morning, it is extremely important that your dog have protection in the form of some sort of reflective lead or jacket so that any cars you pass along the way will be aware of the other living creature trotting along beside you.

While many dogs prefer to run in grass and dirt rather than on pavement, this may not be an option everywhere along the path your take for running or walking, and most dogs do not easily recognise which parts of a paved surface are areas where vehicles may legally pass.

Likewise, as most early-morning and after-dark joggers and walkers already know, drivers typically don’t expect to encounter foot traffic of any kind, which places the burden on the pedestrian, dog or no dog, to anticipate problems and prevent accidental injury to both humans and pets. One of the best ways to make your dog visible in low light is with a reflective dog vest, which are available online in a wide range of sizes to fit any breed.

Waggers Dog Beds and Pet Supplies
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