Invest Northern Counties – UK Investment Opportunities

Invest Northern Counties – UK Investment Opportunities

Invest Northern Counties – UK Investment Opportunities
Invest Northern Counties work with individuals, corporates and financial advisors, identifying high-value UK investment opportunities and investment trusts. With expertise in HMRC-approved investment schemes and tax planning, Invest Northern Counties is focused on high-yield industries such as property, film and TV. They also continue to strengthen their portfolio of ethical investment opportunities. Offering bespoke client solutions including identifying HMRC-approved high-yield investment funds, high-yield investment trusts, and tax planning.


Working with individuals, corporate and financial advisors, Invest Northern Counties are primarily focused on high-return industries such as property, film and TV, and have a growing interest in ethical investment opportunities.

Invest Northern Counties
Leveraging business relationships established through decades of working in England’s North East financial industry, Invest Northern Counties launched in 2007 with an impressive roll call of high net worth investors. Their individual wealth typically ranges from £2.5 million to £20 million. They carefully screens would-be investors to ensure both their professional and personal ethos is compatible with their own. Since first opening their doors they have carefully grown clientele by more than double. To them, Invest Northern Counties have delivered 56 completed investment projects with an average return on investment of 37%.

Our typical investor has entrepreneurial experience, often having exited a business. They have a passion for bespoke investment opportunities and are aware that an element of risk often delivers the highest yields. They are savvy when it comes to tax benefits, but seek our expertise in HMRC advance assurance schemes and tax planning.

Invest Northern Counties are able to provide private equity input into the SME sector in a number of forms whether that be loan instrument, equity or convertible loan. Detailed assessment of the target business is made including use of 9 accounting ratio’s, sector analysis, profit and loss, balance sheet and cashflow extract and a detailed pitch document is circulated to the HNW/SI syndicate.

Initial interest from each member is then collated and an indicative private equity amount is then given to the investee company. Meetings with syndicate members are then made at a convenient location to both parties and often include the business premises of the target company. At the core of a successful private equity transaction is a strong relationship between syndicate and business which is based on implicit trust. A rifle approach rather than shotgun often dramatically improves conversion ratio of pitch to funding.

For further information please telephone 0191 442 2095 or visit the Invest Northern Counties – UK Investment Opportunities website and see how we can identify some high-yield investment opportunities specifically for you.

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