Improve Your New Home with Plantation Shutters

Improve Your New Home with Plantation Shutters

Improve Your New Home with Plantation Shutters
So you’ve just bought and moved into your new home. Congratulations! Now that all the headaches leading up to closing are behind you, it’s time to begin your new life in a home that you can now call your own.


Adding Plantation Shutters to your Home
Since most homes do not come with window treatments of any kind, this is one of many design decisions that you will have to make. While blinds are standard in bedrooms, you may find it worthwhile to dress up the windows in the main living space a bit more, particularly if you expect to do a lot of entertaining. In living rooms and perhaps even the dining room and kitchen, you can create an elegant yet homey look by installing plantation shutters.

For every home and every homeowner, there are suitable plantation shutters. If your new neighbours seem to be all of two metres away when you look out the window, consider café-style plantation shutters. The great thing about café-style shutters is that they allow you to keep the bottom windows covered and the upper ones open, allowing light to come in without sacrificing privacy.

If you work a late-night job, on the other hand, you might do better to install full-height or solid-style plantation shutters so that you can block out the most light possible during daylight hours so that you can have adequate rest. These are just two ways you can make your new home look fabulous by adding texture and depth with the added practicality of not having to worry about nosy neighbours or air leaks around windows.

The Beautiful Shutter Company has been producing and installing plantation shutters in homes across the UK for years. Our years of experience and commitment to providing a high-quality product will ensure that your home is outfitted with plantation shutters that suit your exact requirements.

For more information or to book your home appointment, call us today on 01642 688049 or visit the beautiful shutter company website today.

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