Helping Plan your Perfect Honeymoon

Helping Plan your Perfect Honeymoon

Helping Plan your Perfect Honeymoon
Your wedding ideas are well under way and you are soon to be married. One of the things you also need to think about is your honeymoon. While the wedding itself can often be far more stressful and you have a great many people and endless small details to consider, it’s just as important to thoroughly plan your honeymoon. After all, this should provide the perfect companion to your perfect wedding.


This is not just another holiday that you are planning. When to go, how long to stay, special arrangements, now is the time to work out your travel plans is now. As with the majority of weddings, the arrangements are often very time consuming and with our busy lives, finding the time to include sorting out the honeymoon can prove difficult. It’s at this stage that the services of a wedding planner can help – not only helping plan and make the arrangements, but often also saving a fair bit of money!

When planning you honeymoon, the following are some basic considerations that should help guide you when ‘planning your perfect honeymoon.’

The Honeymoon Destination?
Ideally, you will give this a deal of thought as early as when you decide on the venue for your wedding. Very often the more exotic the honeymoon destination, the sooner you should plan ahead. Did you know that accommodations in Venice fill up almost a year in advance for Carnival? If you’re planning a February wedding, this sort of thing is better to know sooner rather than later.

How would you like to spend your time there together?
Do you and your future spouse plan to enjoy the time relaxing and basking in newlywed bliss, or would you rather take this opportunity to travel and explore a destination you may never again have the opportunity to visit?

Many honeymoon locations will be better suited to one sort of vacation or the other, so keep this in mind along with the length of travel, combination of air and train or other land-based travel and any changes in time zone which could result in jet lag and delay your adjustment to your new surroundings.

No. 12 Wedding & Honeymoon Planning Services
Working with a service such as No. 12 wedding and honeymoon planning, will help ensure that nothing important will be left out of your honeymoon plans. Just as our comprehensive service eliminates virtually all of the guesswork (a lot of the stress and often helps reduces the costs) of planning a wedding, we can help you make your honeymoon the experience of a lifetime.

Planning your perfect honeymoon is simple and fun when working with No. 12 so for more information about our range of wedding and honeymoon planning services and to book your consultation, call us on 07905 427205 or visit the No. 12 Wedding Planning & honeymoon Services website.

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