Helping Make Exercise Fun for Kids with Hoopstarz

Helping Make Exercise Fun for Kids with Hoopstarz

Hoopstarz; Helping Make Exercise Fun for Kids
Obesity is a rapidly growing problem in the UK and throughout the Western world, and one of the top reasons for this is a decline in physical activity. Because parents these days live with more modern conveniences (like being less reliant on public transport) and are not able to spend as much time with their children because their lives are too hectic, more and more young children are growing up without early exposure to physical activity or even unstructured playtime.

As a result, the current generation of school-age children is more overweight – and beset with more cases of type II diabetes – than any that has come before, and fitness and healthcare professionals are alarmed by the very real possibility that in this generation we will see a decrease in the average life expectancy.

The obvious solution is to bring physical activity back into children’s lives, but how do we go about making exercise fun for children who have been watching television, playing video games and using iPads almost from the time they could walk and talk?

One important thing to remember is that many children growing up today are taking on a host of preventable health problems, such as obesity, hypertension and diabetes, even before they have fully mastered fine and gross motor skills and various types of functional movement. In order to entice children to participate voluntarily in exercise and to form a healthy habit that will last a lifetime, it is important to teach them how to do something.

Preadolescent children in particular soak up new information like sponges and will jump at the opportunity to learn how to do something, anything, if it looks like fun and they can participate in groups with other children. It need not be a team sport; anything fun will do if it offers a challenge that seems within the child’s reach.

The Hoopstarz programme
Hoopstarz is a fun and exciting way to get kids of all ages moving and to have fun at the same time. The Hoopstarz programme uses up-to-date music and friendly competition to motivate participants while improving balance and coordination and providing a cardio workout that your children won’t even notice because they’ll be having so much fun! The Hoopstarz licencing package includes a complete start-up package, lesson plans, instructor training and support for the duration of the licencing period.

Let Hoopstarz take the guesswork out of making exercise fun for your kids and get them on a path to good health! For more information, call us today on 0191 4387632 or visit

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