Feel As Good As You Look This Summer with Ellen Conlin Beauty Salon

Feel As Good As You Look This Summer with Ellen Conlin Beauty Salon

Therapeutic Massage: Feel As Good As You Look This Summer
Summer is here, and as we prepare to go on holiday in summer, it is normal to fret over our weight or whether we’re tan enough for the beach. Don’t short-change yourself, though, by focussing solely on how good you look. Remember to also consider how good you feel, and consider a professional massage if you need one.

The benefits of therapeutic massage are numerous, and different people can benefit in different ways. Here are just a few of the benefits that one can expect to see even after a first massage appointment:

Reduced stress
Most of us do not realise just how much time we spent hunched forward. For most of us, it’s time spent at a computer, and for those in the medical field, time spent hunched over patients in hospital beds can also cause tension in the neck and back. If you work in the sort of job where breaks are few and far between, or where you carry an enormous burden of responsibility (to meet sales or other revenue quotas), then you probably also carry around a good bit of stress that translates to physical tension and muscle aches. Let an experienced massage therapist work on your problem areas so that mental and physical stress do not continue to build upon each other.

Increased flexibility
ore and more these days, people are starting to come back around to wanting to lead healthy lifestyles and be physically active. Participation in marathons, triathlons and other endurance events is at an all-time high. One of the downsides of this trend is that injuries among amateur athletes are also at an all-time high. If regular stretching or even a yoga routine is not adequate to address ongoing issues of this sort, then it may be time to leave your problem areas in the hands of an experienced massage therapist who can restore flexibility so that you can continue running marathons and posting satisfactory times.

Ellen Conlin Hair and Beauty Glasgow
The Ellen Conlin Hair and Beauty has been providing therapeutic massage along with hair and beauty treatments in Glasgow for over 15 years. Our experienced massage and beauty therapists will work with you to develop an individualised plan to achieve the look you desire and help you to feel better than you ever have before.

To learn more about this month’s special offers or to book your appointment at the Ellen Conlin Hair and Beauty in Glasgow, call us today on 0141 339 8223.

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