Ellen Conlin Hair & Beauty – Enjoy Beautiful Skin All Summer Long

Ellen Conlin Hair & Beauty – Enjoy Beautiful Skin All Summer Long

Enjoy Healthy, Beautiful Skin All Summer Long
Summer is here – or so it seems, and you’ve organised and are awaiting departure dates for a holiday in the Mediterranean or some other exciting destination with beautiful beaches and lots to do at all hours of the day and night.

Then again, maybe you don’t have big plans, but even if you won’t be heading somewhere (more) sunnier before the temperatures start dropping back to something tolerable at your favourite holiday spot, you absolutely want to make sure that every time you go outside during the daytime, your skin has adequate protection from harmful UV rays.

Even if you only plan on going outside to tend the garden on a quiet Saturday afternoon or to go for a midday walk or run during your lunch break, you never want to assume that because it’s not too terribly hot, there’s no need to put on sunscreen. If you’re not going to be in the shade the entire time, you can inadvertently come back inside with red skin – and not from the effort you just put forth.

This is also true in social settings such as outdoor concerts, where you might want to dress up a bit and put on makeup. There was a time when a woman had to resign herself to applying sunscreen before her oil-based makeup and then have heavy-feeling skin – and risk skin breakouts – as a result of multiple layers of moisturizer and makeup sitting on and being absorbed by the skin.

Fortunately, today that is no longer the case, as some very high-quality cosmetics have come on the market with built-in skin protection factors in the 25 to 30 range that keep the skin protected and you looking your best without having to sacrifice comfort or risk breakouts. Products from the Priori® skincare line offer flawless coverage, comparable sun protection to a conventional sunscreen and Coffeeberry® extract for additional antioxidant protection. Try them today – your skin will thank you!

Ellen Conlin Hair & Beauty have been supplying high-quality beauty and skincare products across Glasgow for over 15 years. We use all the products listed on our website in our Glasgow based salons because we truly believe that these are the best available for the price.

To learn more about how our products keep your skin looking its very best all summer long, call us today on 0141 339 8223 or 0141 638 0331 or visit the ECH shop online beauty store now.

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