Ellen Conlin Hair and Beauty Glasgow

Ellen Conlin Hair and Beauty Glasgow

Ellen Conlin Hair and Beauty Glasgow
Well, the big referendum is over, and people are going back to what they were doing before. No matter which way you voted and whether you’re pleased with the outcome or not, one thing that’s for certain is that your skin and hair don’t know the difference.
If you have colour-treated hair that is feeling the effects of changes in temperature and humidity, then you will probably benefit from a visit to your friendly neighbourhood…blow-dry bar?

Yes, you read that correctly. The blow-dry bar has made its way from sunny California eastward across America and has now leaped across the pond to Scotland, and manes all around the UK are enjoying the boost that comes from specialised blow-dry treatments. Obviously, there’s not enough that can be said for a high-quality cut and style, but some styles require more maintenance than others between cuts, and the blow-dry bar is the perfect solution – especially in our rainy climate!

But you might be asking, what exactly is a blow-dry bar? In a nutshell, it’s an innovative salon service that allows you to choose from an array of specialty blow-dry treatments. The most basic option generally includes a wash plus a choice of “blow-outs” that will achieve a bouncy, sleek or wavy – whichever you choose. A more extensive blow-dry would also include a deep-conditioning treatment or one to freshen up your existing hair colour.

At salons equipped with a deluxe blow-dry bar, clients can also receive a manicure and makeup application for a special occasion or night on the town. If you’re wondering where in Glasgow you can find such a service, then look no further.

Ellen Conlin Hair and Beauty has been at the forefront of innovative skin and hair care techniques for years, and we have introduced the blow-dry bar concept to its hair and beauty salon in Glasgow with busy clients in mind who have specific needs that our blow-dry bar can fulfil.

For more information or to experience the ECH difference, simply stop by the salon, call 0141 339 8223 or visit the Ellen Conlin Hair and Beauty salon in Glasgow.

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