Electroplaters & Metal Finishing Services

Electroplaters & Metal Finishing Services

Electroplaters & Metal Finishers – Hastings Metals
Hastings Metals (UK) are a leading electroplaters and metal finishers located in the UK. With an ever expanding client base, currently in excess of over 200 UK Companies who include many leading organisations in the areas of precision and general engineering, metal fabrication, and electrical and electronic engineering.

Our range of services includes the following range of electroplating services and related surface treatments:

•Solvent Degreasing
• Acid Pickling
• Electroless Nickel Plating

•Silver Plating
•Nickel Plating
•Gold Plating

•Tin Plating
•Copper Plating
•Vibratory Polishing

•Zinc Plating
•Bright Acid Dipping

•Clear, Yellow and Black Chromate Passivating

All finishes are available in rack and barrel processing and treatment facilities are available for processing ferrous components including stainless steel, copper and its alloys and aluminium alloys. We have an in-house laboratory for physical and chemical testing and are happy to advise existing and potential customers on any surface finishing issues.

For further information please contact Hastings Metals on 0191 4839213 or visit our electroplaters and metal finishers website.

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