Edinburgh Office Cleaning Services

Edinburgh Office Cleaning Services

Edinburgh Office Cleaning Services
In recent years, there has been a lot in the news concerning workplace ergonomics and safety. More and more, both the skilled trades and service sectors are reporting productivity losses related to easily preventable problems ranging from spinal and low-back injuries to carpal tunnel syndrome following years of working in a poorly-designed office space. Injuries of this nature can be equally insidious and serious.

But did you know that your staff may be suffering just as much from poor indoor air quality and exposure to air and surface contaminants?

Most people do not realise that indoor air is often up to ten times more polluted than ambient air. The fact that you cannot see air pollutants does not mean they are not there! If you have ever been in an office space that seemed “stuffy,” and the stuffiness was fixed by turning on a fan or opening the windows on a nice day, then you can appreciate the effect that poorly-circulated indoor air can have on the well-being and morale of your staff.

A lot of that stuffiness comes from dust, odours trapped by wall-to-wall carpeting and invisible bacterial growth on commonly-used surfaces ranging from computer keyboards to virtually any surface in the office bathrooms. During cold season in particular, your staff are at a greater risk for catching colds and other viruses as a result of contact with surface contaminants. And those minor illnesses can add up quickly in terms of increased sick days and lost productivity.

On the bright side, having a happy, healthy staff may be as easy as scheduling regular cleaning by a contract cleaning service. From autumn to spring, office managers and other responsible parties should give special consideration to the type of cleaning service they use for the benefit of their staff and, ultimately, their bottom line. Your staff are likely to feel valued and actually perform better knowing that management has their best interests at heart.

Complete Cleaning Contracts provides bespoke office cleaning services in the Edinburgh area for all your office cleaning needs. Our professional staff, schedules to suit your needs and focus on health and safety ensure the best value for the service provided. If you are in need of an office cleaning service in Edinburgh, make Complete Cleaning Contracts your go-to during this cold and flu season. Your staff and your productivity reports will be noticeably better off for it!

For more information, call us today on 0131 549 8107 or visit the Edinburgh Office Cleaning website today.

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