Easy Stich Clothing Alteration and Repair Service

Easy Stich Clothing Alteration and Repair Service

Easy Stich Clothing Alteration and Repair Service
If you are looking for a reliable clothing alteration service in Newcastle it’s definitely worth giving Easy Stitch a try, with many years’ experience helping customers in Newcastle and the North East you can be sure that they will be able to help you with all your tailoring requirements.




Knowing where to find a reliable tailoring and clothing alteration and repair service can be incredibly useful if you find it hard to get clothes that fit you properly as it can save you hours of time trailing round the shops or searching online for one outfit that fits. It is also really helpful and time efficient service if you need to get a few sewing jobs done, being able to have jeans, jackets and handbags repaired is far cheaper than replacing things from new every time and also means you will be able to get far more wear from your favourite items or if you need to sew name tags into clothing or add a lot of badges to a uniform being able to drop it all in to Easy Stitch is so much more convenient.

Many of us find that we struggle to get certain items of clothing that flatter our figures properly so being able to have thing altered quickly is ideal if you need to be sure that outfit looks absolutely perfect for a big event or occasion or as a more convenient and cost effective method of shopping for new clothes regularly as you will be able to take advantage of far more sales and offers if you aren’t constantly limited by what clothing you can find within a particular range.

With a wide range of services on offer no matter what adjustments you may need to your clothing at Easy Stitch one of their expert seamstresses will be able to get the job done to the highest possible standard within the agreed timeframe, whether you need to have alterations made to your clothes regularly or just want some one-off repairs carried out at Easy Stitch they aim to ensure that every customer receives a top quality service and that the job is carried out according to their specifications exactly.

With many different services available including alterations to waistbands, trouser and skirt lengths, tapering and taking in of trousers and dresses, repairs to almost clothing, sewing on buttons badges and other emblems and adjustments to children’s clothes including school uniform and household items such as curtains you can be certain that no matter tailoring help you may require the team at Easy Stitch have all the skills and expertise required to carry out almost any sewing task. If you require any additional help or advice or simply don’t know if a job is even going to be possible the friendly staff at Easy Stitch are always happy to let you make use of the private fitting room so they can help you to decide what work needs to be done and you can be sure that you clothes will fit you perfectly.

No matter what repair or tailoring help you need why not get in touch with Easy Stitch? With excellent customer testimonials, a friendly and flexible service and a professional team of expert seamstresses you can be certain that they will do everything they can to offer you a top quality service every time. For more information call 01661 820 700 or visit the Easy Stitch website today.

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