Dulais Wedding Dress Cleaning Services

Dulais Wedding Dress Cleaning Services

A Few Reasons To Avail of Our Wedding Dress Cleaning Services
Here at Dulais, we pride ourselves on cleaning your wedding dress with the utmost care and precision. However, that’s not the only reason why you should avail of our wedding dress cleaning services. We also come with other perks, which you should definitely take note of.

1. Storage Box

After we have cleaned your dress, we will carefully place it into a storage box. This box is a specially made for the careful storage of fabrics and dresses, because it contains neutral, acid free tissue paper on the inside. As your dress enters the box, the tissue will protect it from dust. If you store your dress in the box over a long-period of time, the tissue will protect the fabric from discoloration and yellowing. The paper retains the fabric’s quality, straight after it was cleaned. We also place this storage box into a packaging box, in order to keep your dress safe during shipping.

We not only take value in making sure your dress is cleaned to the highest standard, we also care about the fabric’s quality after it has been cleaned. With the tissue paper and packaging box, your dress will arrive in perfect condition to your home, just as it was when we cleaned it.

Don’t worry on the size of your dress either. We have three differently shaped boxes to ensure that all dress shapes and sizes can be catered for. From dresses with a long train and a petticoat to slender dresses, we’ve got a box that can hold it.

2. Great Price

We offer a great price for you and we take customer experience to be an integral part of our philosophy. We know that you’re looking for the best value wedding dress cleaner, which also offers the greatest quality and most meticulous cleaning processes.

Our prices begin from as little as £90 and with that price, we offer flexibility and the greatest customer experience in the region. In fact, we’re less expensive than most high street wedding dress cleaners, so how about that for a nice thought?

We also tailor our cleaning process to each individual dress we receive. For the price you pay, your dress will get a tailor-made cleaning process, with unique stain removers, only applicable to the stains on your dress. We take time in deciding which stain removers would work best with the fabric in the dress, and which removers would have the most impact. We put much care into the choice and decision of which stain removers to use.

Also, we are fully insured, which is always a relief to know. This means that you don’t have to sign any disclaimers or any legal papers, so don’t worry!

3.  Utmost Care

With this price, you’re not only getting your dress cleaned. We take utmost care in the cleaning of each wedding dress we receive, as we know the memories that a dress can hold. It is a bride’s most special memento and we always take this into account when cleaning each dress. For our price, you’re getting a team of people who will meticulously take care of your dress and make sure that your dress gets the most precise cleaning process that we can offer.

Upon receiving your dress, our highly-trained technicians will consider all aspects of the dress, including what style it is (contemporary, vintage, etc) and the stains that are on the dress. We will then carefully construct a plan which includes the stain removers needed for the dress, and this plan is completely tailor-made for each and every dress we receive. They will then get to work on using the stain removers, to carefully and precisely remove stains.

4. Don’t Just Take Our Word For It. . .

It’s true, our business is loved nationally by both customers and bridal stores. Our attention to detail has earned us a reputation nationwide, with not just customers, but with bridal stores who recommend our cleaning services to their customers. We have received acclaim far and wide, across the region, from our consumers.

Just take a look at our Testimonials page, and you’ll see some of our valued feedback from customers. Every week, customers call into our shop and thank us for the dress and excellent service they received, and always praise us for our high-quality service and great customer care.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, we pride each dress which comes through our door. Our high-quality cleaning process isn’t just precise and technical, we also care about the individuality of the dress and always incorporate that into the types of stain removers we use.

Don’t hesitate, simply give us a call at 0800 028 3088 and we will be happy to assist you, or give you a quote.

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