Designer Bathrooms from PT Ranson

Designer Bathrooms from PT Ranson

Designer Bathrooms from PT Ranson
The new year is an excellent time to make improvements in various aspects of your life, and some areas ready for a change may include such all-important areas of your home as the kitchen and bath. If you have plans to remodel a bathroom in your home in 2015, it will be helpful to know what will be fashionable in 2015 and, likely, for years to come. Following are some trends to help you plan your bathroom remodel and guide your selection of individual components.

When planning a bathroom remodel, it’s easy to let one’s preferred components – tubs, shower cubicles and the like – dictate how the rest of the bathroom will look or become the dominant “design” components. The truth is, no free-standing tub, no matter how beautiful or expensive, can itself guide the design of a luxury bathroom; at best, it would be appreciated individually despite its failure to contribute to any sort of integrated design. By beginning with a sense of the look and feel you would like for your remodelled bathroom, the components you choose will look nice both individually and as part of a seamless whole.

Natural beauty components such as stone feature walls were a hot trend in 2014 which is expected to continue into 2015 and beyond. Think of the calming effect of a Japanese rock garden and then work similar design components into your bathroom. The “water features” are a given, so it’s simply a matter of bringing even more of nature’s tranquillity indoors to create that calming effect and enhance the overall experience.

Plant life was an underutilized design component in most bathrooms until this past year, and the incorporation of tropical plants into luxury bathrooms is also expected to continue in 2015. Long overdue for their time in the bathroom and other areas of the home, given the increased attention to environmental pollution in recent years, tropical plants clean the air naturally and even radiate negative ions, contributing to the calming effect created by other design elements from nature.

The spa treatment
That all said, there is a lot to love about luxury bathroom remodels that bring the spa home with you. Free-standing tubs by suppliers such as Victoria and Albert Bathrooms make beautiful centrepieces and even complement bathroom designs focusing on natural beauty by providing soft, natural contours. Spacious custom vanities by the likes of Burgbad Bathrooms will add both beauty and practicality by giving her the space she needs to get ready for the day – or to wind down in the evening – while allowing others to use their own space as they prefer. Many Burgbad bathroom furniture pieces, including sleek wood shelving and wall-mounted vanities, work especially well in bathrooms which reflect an appreciation for the beauty of nature. Imagine having such a bathroom for yourself; you’ll most certainly feel an improvement in your quality of life from the first time you step across the heated floor to your beautiful new tub for a relaxing soak surrounded by calming, natural colours and features.

P.T. Ranson has been supplying and installing components for luxury bathrooms including Vitra Bathrooms & Imperial Bathrooms and across the UK for over 15 years. We work with architect’s specifications as needed and are prepared to guide homeowners through every step of the process, from initial consultation and planning to final installation. Let our experts outfit your home with the luxury bathroom of your dreams in 2015.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us today on 0191 469 6999 or visit the P.T. Ranson designer bathrooms website today.

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