Commemorative Thimbles with the Thimble Guild

Commemorative Thimbles with the Thimble Guild

Commemorative Thimbles with the Thimble Guild
As collectors already know, thimble collecting is an equally fun and educational hobby. Thimble collecting can be quite enjoyable not only because of the virtually limitless specimens that can make up a collection, but also because of the collection’s potential to commemorate historical events.

From royal weddings and coronations throughout British history to the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I, from important meetings between national leaders to the adoption of royal pets, commemorative thimbles are a wonderful way to preserve history.

Since thimble collecting has been popular for almost two centuries, royal events commemorated through thimbles may be very recent or historical. Some of the most prized thimbles among collectors date back to Queen Victoria’s marriage to Prince Albert in 1840.

Thimbles commemorating the 60-year anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation, designed and released for sale just last year, will become quite valuable in the future now that she has been on the throne longer than any royal since Queen Victoria. Likewise, the popularity of thimbles commemorating the birth of baby George to William and Kate will soar as young George reaches adulthood, marries and passes other milestones in his life, just as Princes William and Harry have in theirs.

Thanks to modern technological advances such as screen printing, which allow for virtually any custom design or image to be placed on a thimble, major events in one’s own family history can also be commemorated through thimbles. Novelty thimbles, such as a stork delivering the news of a birth in the family, often feature additional low-relief components atop a basic thimble, thus resembling figurines or other collectibles. Thimbles can also be personalised to commemorate family weddings: think of how pleasingly different it would be for guests to receive beautiful porcelain thimbles which can be displayed at home with other attractive keepsakes!

When it comes to thimble collecting, the possibilities are endless. Thimbles themselves can also be a great way to teach younger generations, for whom sewing by hand is becoming a lost art, an important piece of cultural history.

The Thimble Guild is an excellent starting point for those interested in finding unusual thimbles and for ordering personalised thimbles, display cases and more.

To learn more about how you can get started or for ideas on how to expand your collection, visit today.

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