Clothing Alteration Made Easy with Easy Stitch

Clothing Alteration Made Easy with Easy Stitch

Clothing Alteration Made Easy with Easy Stitch
If you like to keep your clothes looking great but don’t have the time and expertise to carry out all the sewing tasks required why not consider taking advantage of the excellent services offered by Easy Stitch?  With over forty years’ experience offering clothing alteration and clothing repair services to their customers in Newcastle and the North East they are able to carry out most sewing tasks to a really high professional standard.

At Easy Stitch offering first class customer service is their main priority so they offer everything that you may require, with a friendly team of qualified seamstresses available to offer any help and advice, fitting rooms and a private changing room they will do everything they can to make sure that your visit is comfortable and that any measurements are completely correct before any work is carried out.

With a range of services on offer including many types of clothing alteration no matter what item you may want to have altered you can be sure that Easy Stitch will be able to get the job done, whether you need items shortened, waistbands to be adjusted or want to have a dress or pair of trousers taken in so they appeared more fitted they have all the skills and expertise required to make sure that your clothes fit you perfectly.

If you have a favourite item that needs to be repaired, has missing buttons or ripped pocked before you throw it out why not find out if it can be repaired?  At Easy Stitch no matter how large or small the job may be they are happy to carry out most repairs and with other services on offer such as sewing on name tags and household linen alterations they can help you save not only time but money as well as you will be able to make sure your clothes stay in great condition for longer.

With many different services available including alterations to waistbands, trouser and skirt lengths, tapering and taking in of trousers and dresses, repairs to almost clothing, sewing on buttons badges and other emblems and adjustments to children’s clothes including school uniform and household items such as curtains you can be certain that no matter tailoring help you may require the team at Easy Stitch have all the skills and expertise required to carry out almost any sewing task.

If you require any additional help or advice or simply don’t know if a job is even going to be possible the friendly staff at Easy Stitch are always happy to let you make use of the private fitting room so they can help you to decide what work needs to be done and you can be sure that you clothes will fit you perfectly.

So if you regularly need to have your clothes altered or have some sewing tasks that really need to be done why not get in touch with Easy Stitch?  With reasonable rates, excellent customer services and all work carried out to the highest possible quality you can be certain that you won’t be disappointed. For more information call today on 01661 820 700 or visit the Easy Stitch website.

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