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Elmbank Car Sales

Elmbank Car Sales

Welcome to Elmbank Car Sales of Glasgow & South Lanarkshire
If you have been planning on replacing your current car and are looking for something a little more sporty that is still suited to your needs, reliable and excellent value for money you may want to consider taking a look at some of the used cars they have on offer at Elmbank Car Sales.  With an extensive range of top quality used sports cars at very competitive rates you may find that your search for a new car takes far less time then you first expected.

Elmbank Car Sales

At experts in used sports car sales, Elmbank Car Sales know exactly what is required to make sure that every customer is left satisfied with the service they received.  With an aim to deliver excellent customer care every time they sell a used car they are happy to offer additional benefits with each car as standard including a full MOT, three month warranty and full service and HPI checks so you can be certain they have done everything they can to ensure that your car to safe and completely road legal. 

With a focus on offering a wide range of top quality used sports cars at they are able to offer a wealth of information about any of the cars they have available.  Originally starting out as a hobby which later evolved into a thriving business at Elmbank the staff are true sports car enthusiasts!  Whether you are looking for advice regarding what features the cars have on offer, insurance information or something a bit more technical at Elmbank they are certain to be able to answer any questions that you may have.

At Elmbank they also offer the added advantage of being able to provide car finance plans as well as the option to part exchange your current car.  With fair prices offered for part exchange deals and some very competitive finance options available, at Elmbank Used Car Sales they will do everything they can to make getting your ideal car as affordable as possible and as each case is assessed on an individual basis they will make sure that any finance plan you enter into is completely suited to your personal budget.

Offering a wide choice of makes and models in used sports cars at Elmbank Used Car Sales they are constantly on the look out for new stock to add to their existing range, as experienced buyers within the industry they know exactly what to look for to make sure that every car they purchase is of good quality and has the potential to one day be somebody’s true pride and joy. No matter whether you want a more traditional model, something a bit showy or a car that is suitable for family life as well at Elmbank they will do everything they can to a find you a used car that is perfectly suited to your requirements.

So if want to trade your car in for something new or fancy treating yourself to a second, faster car why not take a look at what Elmbank Car Sales of Glasgow & South Lanarkshire can do for you?  Simply take a look a their website at some of the excellent used cars they have on offer, then book an appointment with them to view any cars you may be interested in and you could be on the road in no time at all! m

The Firm with 900 Staff & No Office

The Firm with 900 Staff & No Office

The Firm with 900 Staff & No Office

There’s a growing trend for firms to ditch their offices entirely, but is that good or bad for workers? “Talent is evenly distributed but opportunity is often not,” says Cate Huston. “Working this way means you can access that talent and also give opportunity.”

She leads the developer experience team for Automattic, a large multi-national company where every single one of the 930 staff work remotely. The business has no fixed office presence at all.

“It’s a deep part of our culture, nobody even mentions offices anymore,” she told BBC 5 live’s Wake Up To Money programme.

“I’m office-free. We all just love the freedom and we travel to meet each other so we enjoy those adventures as well.”

Her employer is one of a small but growing number of businesses that are choosing to have no central office.

Faster internet connections, messaging and video apps, and the rise of collaborative and monitoring software are allowing some firms to do away with their offices entirely.

Instead, they hire staff from multiple locations and ask them to work from home or from shared working spaces near where they live.

Automattic’s staff work across 70 different countries and, instead of paying for a central office, the company pays to fly staff to regular meet-ups throughout the year.

It also pays workers to equip their home offices and helps them meet the cost of renting a work space, or for drinks if they work in a coffee house. But that is still cheaper than an office.

“There’s definitely some cost saving to not having an office; you don’t spend money on the office, especially in the tech hubs like London and San Francisco and New York where office rental costs are shockingly high,” says Cate.

“But because we do really value the in-person time together we have these regular meet-ups. We have one for the whole company that happens every year and most teams meet up twice on top of that.

“We spend money on that, on flying everyone together. My team met up earlier this year in Thailand.”

Remote working is increasing rapidly, fuelled mostly by self-employed and flexible workers.

More than 1.54 million people work from home for their main job – up from 884,000 ten years ago, according to the Office for National Statistics Labour Force Survey, the largest study of employment circumstances in the UK.

Now some businesses are rejecting the notion they even need a headquarters, let alone office space for their staff.

“It’s definitely an increasing trend. It’s certainly very cost effective and attractive for start-ups,” says Ilke Inceoglu, professor of organisation behaviour at the University of Exeter Business School.

“From the perspective of employees, you don’t have a commute and that is a huge benefit.”

Remote working may sound idyllic for anyone who has commuted during rush hour, but there are potential downsides.

Prof Inceoglu says: “Some people find it a challenge to draw a line between work and home-life. If you always work from home because you are office-less then where does your work stop and your home-life start again?

“It’s important to take steps to make sure there are boundaries.”

There are other risks to working from home. Mental health charity Mind has highlighted that remote workers may be at a higher risk of feeling lonely and isolated.

However, in a fully remote business, Prof Inceoglu says that risk may be reduced: “Feeling isolated is certainly a risk of remote working but if everyone is in the same boat then you already feel a sense of connectedness.”

Jess Sims used to work for a company where every member of staff was in the office except for her. She now works for a fully-remote collective of freelancers called The Doers and says it’s definitely easier when everyone is scattered.

“When you are remote but everyone else is in the same place, you’re effectively watching through a window at all the office camaraderie that happens but you can’t be included,” she says.

“People forget to update you because you’re not around all the time. You have to chase people to remind them you exist.

“Now, I work with a remote collective and we are all in the same boat, we all work from home. And so we are all a bit more aware of what everyone is feeling and look after each other.”

Cate Huston believes fully remote working can actually be good for communication. “Remote work makes the problems of work more explicit and then we can set out deliberately to address them.

“If you work in the same office it’s easy to think: ‘Oh we have lunch together every day so we’re a cohesive team that support each other,’ but that’s not necessarily true.

“When your team is spread all around the world like my team currently, we think much more deliberately about how to build ourselves as a team, how to make sure we are communicating well, are we documenting things clearly.”

MPs will Stop No-deal Brexit

MPs will Stop No-deal Brexit

Philip Hammond: MPs will and should stop no-deal Brexit

Chancellor Philip Hammond has told the BBC he and other MPs will “find a way” of blocking a no-deal Brexit.

He told Radio 4’s Political Thinking Podcast he would personally oppose leaving the EU without a legal agreement on 31 October.

He warned Theresa May’s successor as prime minister not to “sideline” MPs, saying this would be “shocking”.

Meanwhile, Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson has urged party members to sign a declaration to remain in the EU.

Mr Watson is leading the push within the party for another Brexit referendum, and for the party to campaign to stay in the EU.

Mr Hammond is expected to be replaced as chancellor whoever wins the Conservative leadership election later this month.

He has been increasingly vociferous in his opposition to a no-deal Brexit, which both Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt have said they would be willing to pursue on 31 October if there is no prospect of a negotiated deal.

On Tuesday, Mr Hammond told MPs a no-deal exit, which would see the UK leave the EU’s single market and customs union overnight without any kind of transition arrangement, could cause a £90bn hole in the public finances.

Vodafone switches on 5G network

Vodafone switches on 5G network

Vodafone switches on 5G network in seven UK cities
Vodafone has become the second UK mobile operator to turn on its 5G network, offering faster speeds and the opportunity for new services.

The network is going live in seven UK cities, including Cardiff, London, Manchester and Glasgow.

Making a success of the service could be crucial to the firm which has seen financial losses and customer complaints in recent years.

Vodaphone 5G

5G networks offer more capacity than 4G with speeds up to 100 times faster. It could also help support new technologies such as artificial intelligence, the internet of things, robotics, connected cities and self-driving cars.

The three other cities to benefit are Birmingham, Bristol and Liverpool.

Twelve additional towns and cities will follow later this year – Birkenhead, Blackpool, Bournemouth, Guildford, Newbury, Portsmouth, Plymouth, Reading, Southampton, Stoke-on-Trent, Warrington and Wolverhampton.

Vodafone is the first UK provider to offer 5G roaming in Germany, Spain and Italy.

Business director of Vodafone UK, Anne Sheehan, said: “5G is a game-changer for the economy and UK businesses. We are committed to helping our customers take advantage of this technology by making it widely available in the UK and through roaming. We want to help UK businesses become global leaders and 5G will play an important role in achieving that aim.”

Rival Three plans to roll out 5G in August with services from O2 coming in the autumn.

“After a hotly contested battle with Vodafone, EE claimed the honour of switching on the UK’s first 5G network, in May 2019. However, the reality is that being first means little to consumers and the initial launches this summer represent only the first few tentative steps in a marathon 5G journey ahead,” said Mr Mann. “The real winners in 5G will only become apparent several years down the line.”

The UK has put itself at the top of the leader board with its swift adoption of the technology.

“In 2012, the UK was only the 53rd nation to launch 4G behind places such as Guam, Azerbaijan and Kiribati. Now, with all four networks planning to switch on 5G in 2019 it moves from laggard to leader,” said Mr Mann.

All the UK’s operators continue to use Huawei’s equipment despite controversy surrounding the Chinese telecoms firm. If the UK government decides it is no longer safe to rely on having it as part of the network, the operators would be forced to strip out its kit and replace it.

Risk Assessment Software

Risk Assessment Software

Promoting Risk Assessment Software
RAMs App Software is an excellent way to help your business get essential risk assessment documentation completed easily and accurately in the minimum of time, by simply creating the templates of the documents that you need and then completing them with any required information as and when they are needed for jobs. Being able to generate risk assessment documentation without having to start from the beginning each time will not only save you time spent doing administration tasks it will also help you to create a streamlined and professional impression for your company as all paperwork that your business produces will be consistent and include features such as your company’s name address and logo. 

Risk Assessment Software

Accessing RAMs App Software will give you the freedom to create documentation that is completely tailored to your businesses needs without the need to spend hours at the computer or having to pay for any specialist services, all you need to do is create the risk assessment templates that you require in advance using the specialist risk assessment software within the RAMs App Software website and then when you need to carry out a risk assessment simply access the required template using your computer, tablet or smartphone and complete it using the options given within the form. 

Most businesses find that when they complete risk assessments a lot of the information included is the same or very similar each time and that manually entering these details separately each time is not only time consuming and tedious it also gives more opportunity for errors or vital information being left out which can really slow down the progress of many projects. When you use RAMs App Software you can help significantly reduce errors as most of the information is already stored for you and dramatically cut the time needed to create each risk assessment so you can offer you clients a professional and time efficient service every time no matter how busy you get. 

Risk Assessment Templates
Because you can access any risk assessment templates you have created at RAMs App Software on your phone or tablet as well as your office computer you will be able to complete any documentation required no matter where you are, this can be particularly useful if you need to get a job done quickly or have a complicated assessment to complete as you will be able to get everything done onsite with your client on hand to answer and questions you may have or provide you with any further information that you may require. Also the added convenience of being able to access your risk assessment templates where ever you may be can really help you manage your time efficiently as you don’t need to rely on being at your computer to get the work done. 

Using RAMs App Software is a simple way to really help your business to make sure it is complying with all legal obligations and also creates a professional and trustworthy impression for any future clients. By simply being able to produce accurate and uniform paperwork complete with your company details quickly and easily can make your business much more attractive to any potential customers, and with the opportunity to also create templates for method statements and COSHH assessments using RAMs App Software, as well as risk assessment templates no matter what type of industry you work within you can be certain that you will be able to create any required health and safety documentation you may require by using the same straightforward process. 

Drone Risk Assessment & Aerial Photography Risk Assessment
The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) supports the safe development of drones in the UK. Drones can bring economic and workplace safety benefits, but to achieve those we need everyone flying a drone to do so safely. There is a checklist and attention to detail that must be considered when operating a UAV. That is commonly known as a safety operations procedure including pre flight and post flight checks along with a thorough risk assessment of the environment.

At the time of writing there have been seven confirmed cases of direct in flight contact between drones and civil or military manned aircraft worldwide1. There have been no known collisions between small drones and manned aircraft in the UK. However, the number of occasions where pilots have reported suspected drones in proximity to their aircraft in the UK is increasing; there were 59 such occasions between April 2016 and March 2017.

The use of small unmanned aircraft, more commonly known as drones, is rising in the UK, for both leisure and commercial purposes. With that increase in usage comes more questions about the unintentional risks of drones colliding with, or disrupting, manned aircraft.

That’s why it’s important to stay safe with risk assessments.

Whether you are a sole trader or run a large business with many different projects at one time at RAMs App Software they have a variety of packages available at different prices so you will be able to select the option most suited to your company’s needs. With the option to purchase just one document if that’s all your require right up to the opportunity to create unlimited documents you can be certain that you will be able to find an option that is cost effective for your business. 

With an excellent customer services team on hand if you need any help or advice and many useful features on the website such as video demonstrations and a helpful FAQ page creating your risk assessment templates couldn’t be easier. By simply using the straight forward instructions on the RAMs App site you will be able to create professional risk assessment templates that are tailored to your businesses needs in no time at all and when the time comes that you need to use them accessing your template and inserting the required information is a quick and easy process that you can do in no time at all. 

Want to Know More about RAMs App Software
So if you are thinking about ways to reduce your administration time or want to help your business maintain a professional image and want to be certain that all the health and safety documentation you is complete and to the highest possible standards why not consider taking a look at some of the options offered by RAMs App Software?

With reasonable rates and an excellent service offering you all the help and information you need it could be the perfect way to help improve your businesses working practises.  For further information visit the RAMs App Risk Assessment website or give them a call today on 0800 066 2957.

Leased Line Solutions for Business

Leased Line Solutions for Business

Leased Line Solutions for all Businesses
No matter the size of your business it is likely that you are always busy with tasks to help move your business forward and don’t have a great deal of free time to shop around on comparison websites searching for the best deals for your phone lines and broadband although it could help your business to save a reasonable amount of money and also noticeably improve your connectivity.

At LeasedLine they are happy to help take the hard work out of finding the best providers and look after everything for you, with a range of options on offer tailor made to the size of your organisation you can be certain that you won’t be disappointed.

With a simple and straight forward process all you need to do it provide LeasedLine with a few details about your company and then they will be able to get back to you with all the details of the best leased line options for you in no time at all. With a friendly and informative service on offer you can be sure to be kept in the loop at all times and that you will be given all the details that you require so you can be sure to be totally happy with any decisions you make if you do decide to change providers.

Their main aim is to ensure that every customer is completely satisfied with the service they receive, and with some excellent reviews from previous customers you can see that this is a goal that they are able to meet! They will ensure that any queries that you may have are responded to as quickly as possible and will do do everything they can to help if you do have any problems.

With a service based on expertise within the industry and up to fifty providers to choose from they will use the industry knowledge they have to help you secure a leased line that is perfectly suited to the needs of your business.

Many previous customers have reported that they have had far less problems with connectivity and internet speed since LeasedLine helped them find an alternative provider and often with noticeably reduced rates as well. After nearly two decades working in the business they have all the experience required to offer businesses all the advice they need when choosing a suitable provider for a leased line within their local area regardless of how large or small they are so you know that you will be getting the help you need from true experts within their field.

Having improved connectivity can really help your business to grow, not only will all your system be more efficient helping to improve productivity you will also spend a lot less time trying to iron out problems you may have experienced with less reliable providers. If you rely on mail order sales being able to process your orders more quickly and efficiently will help to improve customer satisfaction and also make work far easier and less frustrating for you and your team helping your business to improve in many areas.

So, if you are thinking about switching providers for your businesses leased line why not get in touch with LeasedLine to see what they can to help? With such a quick and easy process, you may be surprised how easy they make it to help you save money and improve connectivity with a few simple steps! 

UK Metal Finishers & Electroplating Services

UK Metal Finishers & Electroplating Services

UK Metal Finishers & Electroplating Services
Hastings Metal Finishers are a specialist electroplating company located in the UK. Established in 1983 with the aim of providing an electroplating service of the highest quality to the engineering industry, the Company is run by Managing Director Paul Hastings, a Graduate Chemist who has over 25 years of surface engineering experience.

zinc_plating_imageHastings Metal Finishers
Our current client base numbers over 200 Companies including leading organisations in the areas of precision and general engineering, metal fabrication, and electrical and electronic engineering.

Their aim is to provide our customers with the following range of electroplating services and related surface treatments:

  • Solvent Degreasing • Acid Pickling   •  Electroless Nickel Plating
  • Silver Plating • Nickel Plating                •  Gold Plating
  • Tin Plating • Copper Plating              •  Vibratory Polishing
  • Zinc Plating • Bright Acid Dipping
  • Clear, Yellow and Black Chromate Passivating

The Electroplating Process
Electroplating is a process that uses electric current to reduce dissolved metal cations so that they form a coherent metal coating on an electrode. The term is also used for electrical oxidation of anions onto a solid substrate, as in the formation silver chloride on silver wire to make silver/silver-chloride electrodes. Electroplating is primarily used to change the surface properties of an object (e.g. abrasion and wear resistance, corrosion protection, lubricity, aesthetic qualities, etc.), but may also be used to build up thickness on undersized parts or to form objects by electroforming.

Electroplating changes the chemical, physical, and mechanical properties of the workpiece. An example of a chemical change is when nickel plating improves corrosion resistance. An example of a physical change is a change in the outward appearance.
An example of a mechanical change is a change in tensile strength or surface hardness which is a required attribute in tooling industry.[9] Electroplating of acid gold on underlying copper/nickel-plated circuits reduces contact resistance as well as surface hardness. Copper plated areas of mild steel act as a mask if case hardening of such areas are not desired.Tin-plated steel is chromium plated to prevent dulling of the surface due to oxidation of tin.

All finishes are available in rack and barrel processing. Treatment facilities are available for processing ferrous components including stainless steel, copper and its alloys and aluminium alloys and they operate an in-house laboratory for physical and chemical testing. Hastings Metal Finishers are also happy to advise existing and potential customers on any surface finishing issues.

Contact Hastings Electroplating Services
For further information please call 0191 4839213 or visit the Hastings Metal Finishers & Electroplating Services website.

BBC Guide to Avoiding Cyber Scams

BBC Guide to Avoiding Cyber Scams

Avoiding Cyber Scams
Every week listeners email You and Yours at the BBC, telling them how they, or someone close to them, has been conned. Many of these scams are depressingly familiar, but new ones are emerging all the time. According to the Office for National Statistics, in 2015 there were an estimated 7.6 million cases of fraud and cybercrime in England and Wales alone. It means most people in the UK are now far more likely to be conned than burgled.

The BBC has put some guidance onto the web which should help people avoid these scams – Avoiding Cyber Scams.

Easyseal UK Industrial Roofing & Asbestos Roof Services

Easyseal UK Industrial Roofing & Asbestos Roof Services

Industrial Roofing, Cladding Renovation & Asbestos Roof Services
Are you searching for a specialist UK company able to deliver industrial roofing, wall-cladding problems and asbestos roof renovation. Easyseal are approved contractors for numerous manufacturers of liquid coating and single ply membrane waterproof systems and have carried out projects across the entire United Kingdom.  Easy Seal UK provide a FREE Site Survey by one of their technical consultants based throughout the UK, to advise on the most economical and effective solution to all your roof and wall cladding problems. You then receive a full specification and costing or the work to be carried out by our highly trained site operatives.

Located in the North East of England, Easyseal UK was established in December 2001. Easyseal provide solutions to all your industrial roofing & wall-cladding problems, plus asbestos roof renovation. Easyseal are approved contractors for numerous manufacturers of liquid coating and single ply membrane waterproof systems. Easyseal have carried out projects across the entire United Kingdom.

Services Easyseal provide include:

Industrial Wall Cladding Renovation and coatings
Metal Roof Sheet Edge Corrosion Treatment
Gutter Cleaning & Gutter Lining Systems
Asbestos Roof Full Renovation from Coatings to Over-sheeting
Single Ply Membranes
Roof skylight replacement
High Performance Felts & Liquid Coating

They have a team of nationwide experienced surveyors on hand to recommend the most economical solution to your entire industrial roofing, flooring and wall-cladding problems. If you are interested in any of these or the other services provided, please visit the Easyseal website or feel free to contact Easy Seal UK today on 0191 417 7822 and they promise to respond as quickly as possible to your enquiry.

Essential to any Online Business – Search Engine Optimisation

Essential to any Online Business – Search Engine Optimisation

Essential to any Online Business – Search Engine Optimisation
If you want your business to be successful online having a really good website is a really great start, but next you will need to consider how you will make sure that it gets marketed online properly and noticed by the people that are likely to have an interest in the goods or services which you supply and create an online marketing strategy to help reach as many potential customers as possible.


One of the most recognised benefits of trading online is that you are able to reach and trade with a far wider range of customers. With the use of internet marketing technique, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) you can make sure that you website gets seen by people that are likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

Effective SEO is essential if you want to give your website a really good chance of success, it works by ensuring that your website appears high in the rankings of results produced by search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing when search terms that are relevant to your business are entered, helping you to receive lot more directed traffic to your website, this is done by using special targeted key phrases and creating a content strategy for your website.

As setting up and maintaining effective SEO requires a lot of consideration, research and ongoing maintenance and monitoring to ensure it works really well it can take a lot of time. Many businesses prefer to consult a professional internet marketing service such as Direct Submit for expert help and advice so they can be certain of seeing the results they require and have time to carry on with other aspect of running their business.

So if you are looking for ways to expand your online business why not take a look at the great range of SEO and other internet marketing services available at Direct Submit?  With an excellent variety of flexible packages available to suit almost any business, reasonable rates and a friendly and dedicated team of experts that are happy to help you can be sure that they will help you to design an individual internet marketing strategy for your business that is sure to give your online business a real boost.

Dedicated to helping businesses of any size and in all sectors to reach and exceed their profit goals through effective and ethical SEO marketing. Whether yours is an established business with a website in need of more traffic or you’re just now venturing into cyberspace, Direct Submit will develop the ideal SEO marketing campaign to bring in new clients so that you can focus on the core business while watching revenues soar.

Direct Submit Internet Marketing Services specialises in SEO and other Internet marketing strategies for UK businesses both large and small. No matter your advertising budget, we will work with you to develop a campaign to help your clients find you right when they need you.

To learn more about how we can help you maximise profits, call us today on 0845 272 2350 or visit our Internet Marketing Services website today.