Buying a Used Car – How to Get a Great Deal

Buying a Used Car – How to Get a Great Deal

Buying a Used Car – How to Get a Great Deal
Due to the on-going recession, more and more people are looking to buy used cars instead of new ones, with this type of ‘used car purchase’ becoming more popular than ever. Buying a car of any age is a major commitment, and for most of us, buying a used car will probably be the most expensive transaction we are ever likely to be involved in (apart from sorting a mortgage if you need one). With so many used car choices and dealers in the used car market it can be hard to pick the deal that will work best for you.

Cars provoke emotional responses and buying a car, whether new or used, can be exciting. So choosing the right type of car is the first step towards easy and fulfilling car ownership. So put your rational head on and think carefully about what type of car you want, how much you can afford, and where you want to buy the used car from?

There are a number of things to consider when buying a used car: fuel economy, reliability of the vehicle, cost of ownership, features you need, how well the car will hold its value and how expensive will it be to insure it?

So what to look for when buying a used car?
Look for a car or model of vehicle that has good reputation for reliability and won’t lose its value too quickly. If you are buying a well-used second hand car this may not be that relevant. Check the cars overall condition and mileage and if you are on a budget, consider avoiding used luxury cars, as they could be very expensive to maintain.

A car with only one previous owner is probably the ideal, although as a car ages then it is likely to have had a few owners in its time. It’s great if the seller or dealer can show you the service records to verify that the car has been looked after and a low mileage would be a bonus. However, don’t put too much value on the mileage alone; as we are discussing buying a used car then the mechanical condition of the vehicle is more important.

When buying a used car don’t be put off by too much by minor cosmetic issues, such as dents or scratches, unless it really matters for you (although, obviously, it is best to avoid badly rusted cars). It’s more important for a car to be in a good mechanical shape, and if it has some minor blemishes, you may be able to use them to negotiate a reduction in the price.  The condition of the interior usually says a lot about how a car has been looked after, look for excessive wear of the driver’s seat, steering wheel, driver’s door, carpets, controls and switches.

When it comes to buying a used car, the “best deal” doesn’t necessarily mean the cheapest deal! Identify a well maintained used car in good condition for a reasonable price that you can afford. You will almost certainly save on maintenance and repairs and enjoy the ownership experience. Like most things in life, if the car seems to be priced too low, there is probably something wrong with it.

How to know the ‘right’ price for a certain vehicle?
You can check the various guides available or the Internet value as a reference, but remember that these guides simply provide you an average price. The actual value of any used vehicle depends on its condition, options and many of the other factors listed previously.

For example, two cars of the same make and model may only look the same. However, one may have been poorly maintained and have no service history, with noisy engine that consumes oil, worn tyres and corrosion underneath. The owner of another vehicle might have been maintained to a much higher standard, have some service history and the bodywork and interior looked after. In this case, you would be right to pay more for the second car.

Buying a Used Car from a Dealer
It’s probably as important to “test-drive the sellers” as much as it is to test-drive the cars you’re interested in buying. Do you get any warranty with the vehicle? Does it come with an MOT? How long have the dealers been in business? Used car dealers come and go, so it stands to reason that if a card dealership has lasted for many years then they must be offering a good product and providing good back up to the customers.

One such dealer in the North East of the UK is Northumbria Motors. When buying a used car it’s important you can trust the garage you’re buying it from. At Northumbria Car Sales they are a family run business, serving the Newcastle, Gateshead and North East regions, and have been established in the same location for over 20 years. All of the used cars on offer for sale are fully serviced by a trained team of professional mechanics, giving you the peace of mind that you’re making an investment which you can rely on.

A Guaranteed Car Finance Scheme
Also, if you can’t get finance but need a car to get around, why not ask about our ‘promtpay’ unique guaranteed car finance scheme? It’s a “pay to drive system” available on lower priced cars (T&C apply). This has helped many people to get back on the road where previously they had been refused car finance.

So now that you have a good idea of what kind of car best fits your needs and budget, and where to look, you can start the search for your perfect used car. And remember, successful used car buyers can be equally as happy with their used car purchase as new car buyers are with a new vehicle.

For more information please call Northumbria Motors on 0191 488 3176 or visit their used cars for sale website to view the great range of used cars available.

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