Buying Orangery Roof Blinds

Buying Orangery Roof Blinds

Buying Orangery Roof Blinds
One of the many wonderful things about having a home with an orangery or conservatory is the beautiful all-angles view of the outdoors that can be enjoyed in all seasons. Unfortunately, the notion that their perfect view would be sacrificed keeps some homeowners from making a very worthwhile investment in orangery roof blinds. Those who fall into this category would do well to reconsider, as the benefits of having them far outweigh any downsides.

Advantages of orangery or conservatory blinds are numerous, and some of them are equally aesthetic and practical. During summer, orangery or conservatory blinds can prevent the carpet and furniture in your conservatory from being faded by sunlight. Advantages in the winter are mainly related to energy efficiency, since blinds anywhere in the conservatory, including the roof, help to block draughts so that the space can be heated without causing your home heat bill to significantly increase. By installing orangery or conservatory blinds in particular, you can prevent cool, heavy, ambient air from sinking in via the conservatory roof. If you have ever wondered what could be done to make your conservatory more liveable during cold weather, then orangery or conservatory blinds may be exactly what you need.

Questions that all homeowners may consider before installing orangery blinds include the following:

What are the blinds made of?
This seems like a fairly obvious question; if you’ve gone to the trouble and expense of having a conservatory installed in your home, then you’re obviously not going to choose blinds that don’t contribute to the desired look and feel or which don’t seem built to last. Going beyond appearances, though, it is important to ensure that your blinds are constructed of high-quality, environmentally-friendly or “green” materials.

Why green? Simple: as with carpeting, drywall and virtually all other home building materials, blinds newly constructed of or coated with materials high in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) off-gas at higher concentrations than those that have been in place for some time. Think of the smell of a brand-new car…and then realise that that the smell of newness is a potential health hazard if synthetic materials are the source. Simply put, don’t opt for plastic if wood or another natural material will look even better without polluting your indoor environment or putting yourself and your family at risk. If installing blinds made of a natural material with a synthetic coating, plan to have them installed at a time of year when the weather will permit leaving the windows open for at least two or three days to give those VOC odours a chance to dissipate.

Are the blinds mildew-resistant?
This is not a question people tend to consider about any orangery or conservatory blinds installed in the home, but it is important to find the answer regarding any orangery or conservatory blinds you may be thinking of buying. Have you ever had to clean mildew off the wooden trim around a bathroom window following weeks or months of condensation accumulating there? Can you imagine what a nightmare it would be to have to do likewise with an entire conservatory full of blinds or to hire a service to do the cleaning – assuming it were even possible to clean off the unsightly growth?

Since your orangery or conservatory blinds will be in close proximity to windows at all times and orangery or conservatory blinds  cannot be reached without a ladder, it is of the utmost importance that this problem be sidestepped through the selection of high-quality orangery or conservatory blinds  that can withstand significant changes in temperature and humidity. The right orangery or conservatory blinds  for your home will add beauty and comfort to your conservatory and stand the test of time without becoming a maintenance burden.

In-Style Blinds has been manufacturing bespoke blinds and specialising in orangery or conservatory blinds for over 15 years. Our manufacturing process ensures that only the best and safest materials will be used to produce the blinds that will make your conservatory more attractive and more functional.

For more information or to schedule your free appointment, call In-Style Blinds today on 01642 762497 or visit the Orangery Roof Blinds company website today.

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