The Beauty of Plantation Shutters

The Beauty of Plantation Shutters

Improving Your Home with Plantation Shutters
One of the seemingly never-ending responsibilities of any homeowner is maintaining the home in good condition and making meaningful improvements which keep the home as well-appointed as others in the area and increase its appeal among eventual buyers should the home ever be put on the market. Compared to other home improvement projects, adding plantation shutters is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to improve the look of your home both from inside and from the street.

Whether you’re thinking of selling your home in the near future or you simply want to beautify your home without taking on an arduous and costly home improvement project, plantation shutters are an excellent way to go.

Plantation shutters are an easy way to beautify your home by adding depth and texture that goes beyond the typical window dressing that does little more than cover the area over the windows where the blinds are hung. Before deciding on which shutters will work best for your windows, though, it is worthwhile to learn more about the different types of plantation shutters that are available; you may very well find that different types of plantation shutters are better suited to different windows within your home.

Tier-on-tier and café-style shutters
Although virtually all plantation shutters offer the advantages of style, beauty and elegance as well as increased privacy and energy efficiency, homeowners should consider the specific function of plantation shutters within each room of their home before making a selection. If your home is in a busy urban setting, you have probably noticed that with conventional blinds, you are often faced with having to either keep them shut after dark or allow the world to see into your home.

Likewise, during the day you might prefer to keep the lower half of your window covered but still allow some light into your home. You don’t have this option with conventional blinds, but with tier-on-tier and café-style plantation shutters you do.  The upper and lower halves of tier-on-tier shutters can be opened and closed independently of one another, and café-style shutters cover the bottom half of the window only, maintaining privacy while allowing ample light into the room.

Full-height and solid-style shutters
If you live in one of the northerly latitudes or at a windy beachside location, you might consider solid-style shutters for some rooms. Although an all-or-nothing proposition in terms of light, they are the most effective at blocking draughts and are just as useful as blackout curtains when it comes to keeping light out so that one can enjoy a good night’s sleep well past sunrise. For those who prefer the option of opening the louvers to admit light, full-height plantation shutters are an excellent choice, as they cover the window from top to bottom while allowing you to control the amount of light coming in.

The Beautiful Shutter Company is fast becoming one of the leading producers of bespoke plantation shutters in the North East of England. With our years of experience and dedication to providing each customer with the exact shutters to suit their needs, we are certain that you will enjoy the shutters you order from us for as long as you live in your home.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us today on 01642 688049 or visit the Beautiful Shutter Company website today.

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