Banish that Blemish with

Banish that Blemish with

Banish that Blemish with
No one likes blemishes – they are a pain and tend to make an appearance at the worst times! Whether it’s finding a blemish in the morning – feeling the sensations of a “heartbeat” on your chin that was NOT there before you went to bed – or a chronic cluster of blemishes if you suffer with a skin condition such as acne, blemishes are NOT WELCOME!

We are frequently asked during skin consultations for tips to manage blemishes and steps to quickly banish and prevent them. As with many skincare tips, however, topically applied products are not the only factor involved in successfully managing and preventing blemishes; professional treatments, lifestyle factors, diet and hormones should also be taken into consideration, as these can all have an effect on the skin.

The skin acts as a supplement filter to the kidneys for removing wastes from the blood. Our skin is the largest organ of elimination. When the other organs are congested, the skin tries to push out toxins through the skin. We also make a new top layer of skin every 24 hours, and the skin excretes about 2 pounds of toxic waste daily in the form of perspiration. Taking care of the skin and ensuring that it functions well helps to relieve the other organs of elimination.

A breakout is a sign the body is toxic. The appearance of the skin is a good barometer of the general health of the body; it is a mirror-image of what is happening inside, and a fresh, glowing complexion cannot be imitated by makeup!

PRIORITY Tips to Banish a Blemish
Make Advanced AHA Perfection Facial Gel your best friend. When a breakout occurs, this “blemish-battle gel” will be your skin saviour. It will kill the p.acnes bacteria – which forms the blemish – with its active and potent ingredient, salicylic acid. Use regularly on either individual blemishes or on an effected area once to twice daily until the skin has cleared. No bathroom should be without this mighty product!

Keep the skin clean. A good, potent cleanser is critical in banishing surface toxins eliminated by the skin. Advanced AHA Gentle Facial Cleanser or Idebenone Complex Facial Cleanser will gently exfoliate, yet they are mild enough to not cause the skin to become dry.

Cleansers that have a drying effect to the skin’s surface should be avoided, as they can actually cause blemishes to worsen.

End each day with a double cleanse. The first cleanse simply removes the surface effects of pollution, dirt, the environment and makeup; the seconds cleanse really cleans THE SKIN. Make this your night time ritual, which will help the skin to improve quickly.

Drink a lot of water!
Typically, blemishes occur on individuals who either do not drink enough water, or are consuming the wrong fluids. Water is the best ingredient for boosting elimination and ultimately will help to clear the complexion.

Keep hormones and stress in check. Both are culprits for causing blemishes. If you are in doubt about your hormones, see your doctor.

Stress is a major lifestyle factor that can wreak havoc on the skin; distressing your life will help to de-stress your skin.

Use aspirin as a last resort.* When a blemish calls for desperate measures, crush an aspirin with a little water into a thick paste and apply the paste to your skin. Aspirin provides both analgesic and anti-inflammatory benefits, which can help to relieve redness and tenderness in the blemish area. * Do not use if you have an allergy to aspirin*

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