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Planning a Stag or Hen Party in Newcastle

Planning a Stag or Hen Party in Newcastle

Planning a Stag or Hen Party in Newcastle
If you are planning a Stag or Hen Party in the near future and want to make sure it is a real success, why not consider hiring the services of a professional planning service to help you ensure that everything runs smoothly while you join in with the fun. At NE1 Experience the prime event organisers based in Newcastle you can be sure that they will be able to help you plan a Hen or Stag party that is truly memorable and enjoyable, no matter what your interests are and with Newcastle having plenty to do and see, why not take the opportunity to visit this beautiful and interesting city.

With plenty of activities on offer to keep you all entertained you will definitely not get bored, with a choice of basic, advanced or create your own party packages you can plan a Hen or Stag party that you know everyone will enjoy.

Every package offers the opportunity to take advantage of The Experience so you can really make the most of your night out, The Experience offers a wide range of exclusive offers including drinks vouchers for a variety of top bars and clubs, free entry to a top nightclub and many other great deals, on top of this they will arrange transport to your hotel to take you from your accommodation directly into town.

At NE1 Experience all your accommodation is booked for you in advance at one of Newcastle’s carefully selected three star or budget hotels that are fully equipped to welcome groups of Stag and Hens looking to have a good time, so you can relax knowing that all the details have been taken care of.

Whether you are looking to spend some time chilling out with a few close friends before the bog day or want to have a few wild, action packed days before you settle down to married life with some many options on offer at NE1 experience you are bound to be able to arrange the perfect Stag or Hen party, so why not contact them to discuss your plans with a member of their friendly and polite planning team.

If you live in or near Newcastle and want to take advantage of all the night life the city has to offer and do it safely, let NE1 Experience make all the arrangements so that you, the groom-to-be and all your mates can focus on what matters most: having fun and celebrating the good times.

For more information about our event packages, call us today on 07740 3000 40 or visit the NE1 Experience  stag party website today and let us help you enjoy a fabulous stag party in Newcastle.

Cedars Landscape Gardeners

Cedars Landscape Gardeners

Cedars Landscape Gardeners
Cedars Garden Design provides top-of-the-line garden design and landscape gardening services to both residential and commercial clients across the North East & Northern England. Celebrating our 14th consecutive year in business, our landscaping team is one of the most experienced in garden design, and implementation.

There are many varied types of garden designs, and Cedars are pleased to offer the very latest technology in design… CAD. Yes, Cedars can show you our garden and landscape plans in 3D…so you can take a virtual tour of your future garden. For so many reasons, 3D designs are infinitely better and easier to work with than 2D.

If you would like to contact Cedars Landscape Gardeners about any of their landscape gardening services, please telephone 0191 565 1758 or (Mobile) 07940 189172 or visit the Cedars Landscaping website today.

SEO and the Benefits for Your Business

SEO and the Benefits for Your Business

SEO and the Benefits for Your Business
Businesses of all sizes in the 21st century rely very heavily on Internet marketing to sell their products and services and to be competitive within their respective industries. No one reading this article needs to be told how important it is for private firms or even for any public or charitable agency to have a website. Your efforts to build an online presence don’t end with the website, though, or even by reaching out to potential clients through Facebook or Twitter.

If your business is to succeed, you will need to attract meaningful traffic to your website so that potential clients will know what you have to offer and, ultimately, convert to actual clients. Search engine optimisation, or SEO, offers benefits to business that social media and other forms of advertising simply cannot match.

Higher Quality Traffic to Your Website
SEO marketing strategies arguably require more forethought than pay-per-click advertising campaigns in order to be successful, but the additional planning is well worth the trouble when you consider how many potential clients will be drawn to your website through keyword or key phrase searches related to a specific want or need that your business can fulfil.

Let’s say that you’ve just opened your city’s one-and-only CrossFit gym. Since CrossFit is an exercise program that caters to a wide variety of needs, you will need to put yourself in the mindset of all your desired clients and ask yourself what keywords or key phrases those clients might use in order to find you and deem you a good fit before ever contacting or visiting your gym. Most CrossFit trainers and gym owners already know that some potential clients are seasoned CrossFitters or very physically fit individuals looking for a training program that will help them achieve their elite fitness goals.

For these clients, such obvious keywords as “CrossFit (city name),” “workout of the day,” “WOD,” “metabolic conditioning” and so forth will draw clients to your gym who already know what to expect. Other potential clients will be sedentary individuals looking for an exercise program that will whip them into shape in a short period of time and provide the sort of community support and camaraderie that will keep them coming back; to reach these clients, your gym will need to rank high in Internet search results for more general keywords and key phrases, such as “losing weight,” “weight loss,” “belly fat,” “strength training,” “health,” “fitness” as well as phrases which include the city and county where your gym is located.

Although pay-per-click and other forms of advertising can be very useful in announcing your business’s presence online, individual adverts are not and never will be able to capture every keyword or key phrase of relevance to your target audience. For this reason, SEO succeeds where pay-per-click often fails. The key here is quality, not quantity.

A One-Time Investment
You can pay once for an effective SEO marketing strategy or pay repeatedly for pay-per-click adverts. Because SEO means having meaningful and reliable online content available to anyone searching for your chosen keywords and key phrases, a one-time investment in an SEO marketing campaign can pay off in spades compared to traditional print, broadcast or online advertising campaigns. And once your business’s SEO marketing strategy is implemented, your company website will rank ever higher in search results.

Think about it: search engines such as Yahoo, Google and Bing all list about 10 results per page. These days, most people don’t bother clicking past the first page of search results because of the decreased likelihood that the lower-ranking results will turn up what they are looking for. The competition for those ten spots on the first page of search results is intense, and for your company to gain the attention of potential clients, your website needs to be just that visible.

Direct Submit UK SEO Marketing Agency
Direct Submit is an Internet marketing agency serving the SEO marketing needs of businesses of all sizes across the UK. We are dedicated to providing a complete set of Internet marketing services that will achieve sales results for your business in an ethical manner.

Let Direct Submit develop the SEO marketing strategy that will enhance your company’s online image and place you well ahead of the competition. For more information, call us today on 0845 272 2350 or visit

Alloy Wheel Repairs Glasgow

Alloy Wheel Repairs Glasgow

Alloy Wheel Repairs & Refurbishment
When you own a car, you want it to stand out from the rest. By customising the wheels on your car, you can express your personality and yet make your ride look so outstanding; people won’t be able to keep their eyes off it. Alloy wheels can make a big difference as to how your car or vehicle looks and drives on the road. Because of this, motorists – often led by the custom car fraternity, have been upgrading to larger alloy wheels for many years, replacing the basic steel wheel which is often fitted to a car with a set of custom alloys.

While they look great, alloy wheels can often present a problem for the motorist. Often the wheel itself won’t be as tough or durable as a conventional steel wheel and can be more easily damaged. When they are damaged, bent or curbed do you need to completely replace them? Replacing your wheels can cost a lot of money and, should you only need to replace one wheel, you may not be able to get the same style of wheel.

Alloy Wheel Repair is often not a simple process. The repair depends on the type of wheel you have, whether it is a painted, polished, or machined rim wheel with a painted centre. It also depends on the type of damage that has occurred. Whether your car alloys are subject to minor road scratches or major cracks, specialists alloy wheel repairs and refurbishment companies, such as Diamond Cut Wheels of Glasgow are able to rapidly repair and refurbish your alloy wheels to help get you back on the road again quickly and safely. And, at a fraction of the cost of replacement alloy wheels!

So what is diamond cutting? This process entails skimming your alloy wheels with a high powered diamond coated buffer, leaving a sophisticated shined surface to your alloy wheel rims. A protective coat of lacquer is then applied to your alloys to finish off the process. Although a diamond cut finish is not possible on all cars, most of the alloy wheels we see can be skimmed in this fashion for the latest in alloy style and to give your ride the look that gets you noticed. It can even add a little extra protection against kerbside bumps and scrapes and chipping from the road. These hazards can leave unwanted markings and damage to your wheel trims, so get protection the diamond way with Diamond Cut Alloys.

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels of Glasgow offer specialist care and services available to help your alloy wheels maintain their top class appearance. A typical repair and refurbishment will be completed within 2-3 working days and a collection & delivery option is available.

At our workshop in East Kilbride, Scotland, our trained experts will carry out all that is needed to make your alloy wheels stand out from the rest; many of the jobs can be completed within 48 hours and we provide this service at very competitive prices.

There are many ways for you to contact us, you can call us and you can phone us on 07824 565280 or visit our website which provides full and comprehensive information on the range of repair and refurbishment services we offer.

SEO Essential for any Business

SEO Essential for any Business

Three Reasons why SEO is Essential for any Business
If you are a new business owner or a long-time business owner, then chances are you have been barraged with information about how essential it is to have a company website and, in recent years, a social media presence.

 In today’s business world, however, these two things are only the starting point. Now more than ever, search engine optimisation or SEO is what allows your current and potential clients to find you through targeted keyword searches so that you can in turn sell your products and service through your website and Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Following are three of the most important reasons for developing an effective SEO marketing campaign in today’s business climate:

Online reviews The good news is that your online reviewers are, in a sense, providing your SEO for free; the bad news is that you get what you pay for. Depending on what your existing customers are saying about your product or service, this “free service” they are providing may or may not be a good thing.

Although you run a sound business and are doing everything within reason to keep your clients happy, the fact remains that only those who have had either a very good or a very poor (in their view) experience dealing with you are going to take the time to create an account and log on to a customer review website to tell the world what was so wonderful – or not so wonderful – about your business. If you don’t go to the trouble of telling potential clients what you can do for them in your own words, then you are leaving yourself at the mercy of those speaking for you. Even if unsolicited reviews of your company are overwhelmingly positive, customers looking for your service want, need and deserve more. In the interest of building your brand, it is imperative that you give potential a better sense of what to expect than most reviewers can.

Smartphones and tablets The last time you paid your company’s liability insurance – or your home or automobile insurance – you might have been directed to an “app” through which payment could be made electronically. As a business owner, what this should tell you is that mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have become so commonplace that more and more service-oriented companies have committed to providing apps as a means of improving access to their products and services. Smartphones and tablets are also being more widely used to search online for local products and services – hotels, restaurants, tow trucks and auto repair shops in the event of an unexpected mechanical failure, you name it. Any business which fails to seize on the opportunity to increase visibility through a local SEO marketing campaign does so at its peril.

The competition If you decide to invest in SEO for no other reason, do it because your competitors are already on board. Particularly in industries in which individual businesses face lots of competition, it pays to invest in an organic SEO campaign which shows your current and future clients what is unique about your business, be it your location or any way in which your product or service is different from and better than all the rest. Don’t let the lack of an SEO marketing strategy keep your business from being as profitable as it can be!

Direct Submit Internet Marketing Services
Direct Submit Internet Marketing Services specialises in developing effective local SEO marketing campaigns for businesses of all sizes and budgets. Let us put our years of experience to work for your company so that you can maximise profits while focussing on the core business. Direct Submit Internet Marketing Services specialises in SEO and other Internet marketing strategies for UK businesses both large and small. No matter your advertising budget, we will work with you to develop a campaign to help your clients find you right when they need you. To learn more about how we can help you maximise profits, call us today on 0845 272 2350 or visit the Direct Submit Internet Marketing website today.

Planning a Stag or Hen Party In Newcastle

Planning a Stag or Hen Party In Newcastle

Planning a Stag or Hen Party In Newcastle
Nowadays many people like to do something original or different for their hen or stag. Gone are the days of a few drinks in the local pubs and clubs, today people are looking for something unique that they are sure to remember. If you are planning a stag or hen do soon and are unsure what to do, try heading over to NE1 Experience, this service offers tailor made event planning guaranteed to help you plan a stag or hen that is truly memorable.

Newcastle is a thriving, bustling city with plenty to do and a vibrant nightlife, ideal for stag and hen groups wanting to let their hair day and have a good time.   The city has plenty of attractions on offer and NE1 Experience have teamed up with many local businesses so they can offer many exclusive offers and discounts to their customers, so you can be sure what ever package you opt for it will definitely be good value.

Letting an experienced event planner help you to organise your event is a great option if you are planning to visit somewhere you don’t know that well, they will be able to provide you with plenty of local knowledge about where to go and what to do. As NE1 Experience can book all your activities, arrange transport and book accommodation on your behalf you can relax knowing that someone else is taking care of all the details while you join in with the fun.

With a choice of packages available offering a choice of one or two night stays (although you can stay for longer if you wish) you can be as flexible as you want. Every package includes ‘The Experience’ in the evening which includes transport into the city centre, a bundle of free and discounted drinks vouchers for a range of bars and free entry into a club, everything you need for a wild night out on the town.

There are plenty of activities on offer to choose from to keep you busy during your stay, with a wide choice available there is something to appeal to everyone including;

Cocktail Master Classes
Casino Packages
Pamper parties
River Cruises
Afternoon tea

And many more…

When making your booking you can pick whatever activities appeal to you to create an experience that is suited exactly to your tastes. With accommodation in one of their selected 3 star hotels, which are experienced in accommodating stag and hen bookings, already arranged in advanced you can be sure you will be well looked after.

So for a unique, hassle free stag or hen event with plenty to do call us today on 07740 3000 40 or visit the NE1 Experience stag party website today and let us help you enjoy a fabulous stag party in Newcastle.

UK Wedding Dress Cleaning Service

UK Wedding Dress Cleaning Service

Wedding Dress Cleaning Services in the UK
He’s finally asked the big question, and the day you’ve dreamed of since you were a girl is now just around the corner. So many things to organize: the venue for the ceremony and the reception, how far and wide to send the wedding invitations, dresses for the bridesmaids and, of course, your wedding dress.

Today’s weddings are more expensive than ever, regularly comparing in price to a new car. Not the least of the expenses is the wedding dress. For many married women, the wedding dress is far and away the most expensive article of clothing they will ever wear. While the occasion certainly warrants it – after all, it’s a rare event in one’s life – a wedding dress is typically expensive to acquire and, potentially when searching for professional wedding dress cleaning services, can prove expensive..

Although one never sees it in photos taken by a professional photographer several days before the wedding, the potential for your wedding dress to acquire stains is significant. Depending on weather conditions, inside temperature and the nervousness that is to be expected on your wedding day, you may have sweat stains form in the bodice area and elsewhere. Stains from food and wine at the wedding reception are another distinct possibility. Some of the most common ones, such as sugar stains from champagne and cake icing, are nearly invisible at the time they are created, and these stains can set and darken over time.

The good news is that, although your wedding dress will not likely survive the big day entirely stain-free, taking steps ahead of time to ensure that the dress is professionally cleaned and preserved within an appropriate timeframe will greatly improve the odds of your dress being restored to its original condition. Taking the dress for cleaning within one month of the wedding is sufficient for many wedding dresses (so no need to shorten the honeymoon to save your dress), assuming there are no stains that need immediate attention. Otherwise, arrange to have it cleaned within a few days or as soon after the wedding as possible.

All brides-to-be should understand the cleaning and preservation process for wedding dresses so that appropriate arrangements can be made prior to the day of the wedding. While considerably more complicated than that of most other special-care garments, a good bit of planning and forethought will ensure that your cherished wedding dress and future family heirloom will survive the decades as well as the new life you are about to begin.

First and foremost, understand that the care for such a garment will be considerably more specific and expensive than for most other dry-clean-only or other special-care garments. If the process seems a bit overwhelming and you feel as though you have been tasked with preserving a treasure, it’s because you have. With that in mind, you will want to begin by consulting with a specialty wedding dress cleaner. One way that you will know you are dealing with a reputable company is that they will not charge a flat fee for all wedding dresses. Different dresses have different cleaning and storage requirements, and the right wedding dress cleaner will recommend a telephone consultation or that you bring in your wedding dress to be inspected before they provide a quote for the cleaning and preservation.

Where preservation is concerned, you will want to make sure that your wedding dress cleaning company makes a point of preserving your wedding dress in acid-free tissue paper when storing it in an archival box. The museum preservation method is another option, but it usually costs more. Once you have had your wedding dress cleaned and preserved, be sure to store the dress in a cool, dark area free of moisture and sunlight. Avoid storing the dress in areas of the house such as the attic or basement, as they typically do not benefit from the climate controls in the main living space. If storing in a rented storage space, make sure that it is climate-controlled.

As with many other aspects of your wedding plans, it may seem as though the devil is in the details when it comes to having your wedding dress professionally cleaned and preserved. By knowing those details beforehand and making arrangements with a specialty cleaning and preservation company, you can rest assured that the dress in which you have made a substantial investment will be just as beautiful several decades from now as the day you walked down the aisle.

Imagine handing your precious wedding gown into the protection of the safest, most caring hands there are; gentle hands that will love it, respect it, nurture it and expertly clean and restore it, preserving the exquisite memories invested in every thread now and for the future.

At Dulais wedding dress cleaning, we are renowned for being at the very cutting edge and forefront of bridal wear care and we are committed to protecting our position as the best in the business. Which means you know that your cherished dress will be treasured now and for generations to come. We treat every dress as unique, whether it’s classic or contemporary, modern or vintage, hand-painted or handmade. Every cleaning process should be unique also, so here at Dulais, our highly trained technicians treat every dress as an individual, creating a bespoke cleaning process for your gown and your gown only.

Our techniques are painstaking, time-consuming, and highly successful, which is why our brides tell their friends about us, building our reputation through word of mouth alone. We are also used and recommended by some of the country’s most reputable wedding dress retailers and consultants within the bridal industry.

Whether your dream gown cost £400 or £40,000, whether it’s by Maggie Sottero, Iain Stuart, Vera Wang, or couture Dior – we understand best how to treat it and care for it so that you can always reach out and touch your special memories now and in the future.

To find out more about having your wedding dress cleaned and preserved why not contact Dulais specialist UK wedding dress dry cleaners now on 0800 028 3088 .

A New Designer Bathroom for 2015

A New Designer Bathroom for 2015

A New Year, A New Designer Bathroom for 2015
A new year is an excellent time to make improvements in various aspects of your life, and some areas ready for a change may include such all-important areas of your home as the kitchen and bath. If you have plans to remodel a bathroom in your home in 2015, it will be helpful to know what will be fashionable in 2015 and, likely, for years to come. Following are some trends to help you plan your bathroom remodel and guide your selection of individual components.

When planning a bathroom remodel, it’s easy to let one’s preferred components – tubs, shower cubicles and the like – dictate how the rest of the bathroom will look or become the dominant “design” components. The truth is, no free-standing tub, no matter how beautiful or expensive, can itself guide the design of a luxury bathroom; at best, it would be appreciated individually despite its failure to contribute to any sort of integrated design. By beginning with a sense of the look and feel you would like for your remodelled bathroom, the components you choose will look nice both individually and as part of a seamless whole.

Natural beauty components such as stone feature walls were a hot trend in 2014 which is expected to continue into 2015 and beyond. Think of the calming effect of a Japanese rock garden and then work similar design components into your bathroom. The “water features” are a given, so it’s simply a matter of bringing even more of nature’s tranquillity indoors to create that calming effect and enhance the overall experience.

Plant life was an underutilized design component in most bathrooms until this past year, and the incorporation of tropical plants into luxury bathrooms is also expected to continue in 2015. Long overdue for their time in the bathroom and other areas of the home, given the increased attention to environmental pollution in recent years, tropical plants clean the air naturally and even radiate negative ions, contributing to the calming effect created by other design elements from nature.

The spa treatment
That all said, there is a lot to love about luxury bathroom remodels that bring the spa home with you. Free-standing tubs by suppliers such as Victoria and Albert Bathrooms make beautiful centrepieces and even complement bathroom designs focusing on natural beauty by providing soft, natural contours. Spacious custom vanities by the likes of Burgbad Bathrooms will add both beauty and practicality by giving her the space she needs to get ready for the day – or to wind down in the evening – while allowing others to use their own space as they prefer.

Many Burgbad bathroom furniture pieces, including sleek wood shelving and wall-mounted vanities, work especially well in bathrooms which reflect an appreciation for the beauty of nature. Imagine having such a bathroom for yourself; you’ll most certainly feel an improvement in your quality of life from the first time you step across the heated floor to your beautiful new tub for a relaxing soak surrounded by calming, natural colours and features.

P.T. Ranson Bathrooms
P.T. Ranson has been supplying and installing components for luxury bathrooms across the UK for over 15 years. We work with architect’s specifications as needed and are prepared to guide homeowners through every step of the process, from initial consultation and planning to final installation. Let our experts outfit your home with the luxury bathroom of your dreams in 2015.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us today on 0191 469 6999 or visit the P.T. Ranson designer bathrooms website today.

Search Engine Optimisation: Benefits for your Business

Search Engine Optimisation: Benefits for your Business

Search Engine Optimisation: Benefits for your Business
Picture this: you’re a handyman in Yorkshire, you have a number of local competitors and you advertise in the local newspaper and Yellow Pages and on social media. You think you’ve got all the marketing bases covered, so why does the competition seem to be getting all the business?

If you have not yet learned about some of the newer and more effective forms of online advertising, then there has never been a better time to educate yourself on the benefits of search engine optimisation or SEO. While experts in the field of Internet marketing can provide endless reasons for investing in SEO for your business, most of these reasons come down to visibility and cost.

Increased traffic to your website
At this point you may be saying to yourself, “But I don’t need a website, I run a handyman service!” If so, then realise that a website is standing between you and a grand opportunity to increase sales for your business. In the past, it was enough for handymen and others in the skilled trades to do mail outs, leave flyers in mailboxes and have an advert in the Yellow Pages or the local newspaper.

These days, the Yellow Pages have been all but replaced by Internet search, newspaper sales and subscriptions continue to decline, and those flyers and mail outs are going straight into the recycle bin if the recipient has no need for your services at that precise moment.

If you have a company website, though, then you have a way for future clients to find you through an online search. With your company website, clients can set appointments for your services and provide reviews upon completion of the work, and you can take your online presence to the next level through an effective SEO marketing campaign. SEO marketing is simply a way of drawing traffic to your website through strategic use of keywords and key phrases that are relevant to what your potential clients are seeking out.

With a well-designed company website and SEO marketing campaign, you will go from one handyman among many in your area to one whose company information is front and centre in online search results. And companies listed on the first page of search results are generally considered to be more trustworthy simply because their keywords match those used by the interested party. Not that anyone need question your skills or trustworthiness, but why continue to lose market share when visibility is all that stands in your way?

Lower Marketing Costs
Paying year after year to maintain an advert in the Yellow Pages or to place adverts with your local media outlets will likely do more good than not advertising at all, but have you ever compared the return on investment in traditional forms of advertising to newer ones such as SEO? Again, what sets SEO apart from any other marketing strategy is that it brings your company to the attention of only the people who are searching for it rather than to everyone in the area who has a phone book.

A one-time investment in SEO will likely bring more clients to your door per dollar spent than any other form of advertising. In the end, the advantages of visibility and cost add up to the greatest possible return on investment with the least amount of bother on your part once your company’s SEO marketing campaign is in place.

Direct Submit Internet Marketing Services Direct Submit Internet Marketing Services specialises in SEO and other Internet marketing strategies for UK businesses both large and small. No matter your advertising budget, we will work with you to develop a campaign to help your clients find you right when they need you. To learn more about how we can help you maximise profits, call us today on 0845 272 2350 or visit our Internet Marketing Services website today.

Promote Your Business during Christmas

Promote Your Business during Christmas

Internet Marketing to Promote Your Business during Christmas
It’s no secret that people in every age group are considerably more tech-savvy than they were a generation ago. Thanks to the Internet, there is virtually no product, service or answer to a question that cannot be tracked down through an online search. What this means for business, all through the year but particularly during Christmas, is that someone out there is looking for your product or service and you need to know how to position yourself favourably online in order to get their attention and, in turn, their business.

Why your business needs a website
Most businesses these days understand the power of the Internet for expanding the firm’s clientele. Businesses that ignore the benefits of having an official website do so at their peril; if you don’t develop the image you present to the world via cyberspace, then any number of online directories with independent reviewers will develop an incomplete one for you. While websites dedicated to rating and reviewing different companies’ products and services are an excellent resource for people who have a need for what your business provides, you don’t want these websites to be a potential client’s only way of knowing what you have to offer.

Developing and maintaining a website not only helps to promote your business; it can often mean the difference between a consumer knowing exactly – and in your words – what your business offers and having to rely entirely on reviews from past customers, some of whom might have given a low rating or negative review simply because your entirely worthy product or service was not the one that suited the negative reviewer’s needs at the time.

The power of SEO
While the majority of both public agencies and private firms understand the importance of a well-designed and regularly updated website as a tool for communicating with current and future clients, not so many have discovered the benefits of search engine optimisation, or SEO, for enhancing their online presence and promoting their products and services. Simply put, SEO entails developing meaningful online content, in the form of general articles, company blog posts and your own web copy, containing keywords and key phrases that potential clients are using to locate companies like yours through online searches.

The more specific your keywords and key phrases, the more prominently your business will appear in search results and the more new customers you will attract as a result. This is especially important as Christmas is approaching, as online shoppers will soon be flooding cyberspace with direct orders for Christmas presents, cards and decorations and seeking information online about where these items may be purchased locally.

It’s also a well-known fact that most people using online search don’t bother clicking beyond the first page of search results, so an effective SEO marketing campaign will include very specific key words and phrases such as “discount Christmas tree ornaments Salisbury” or “gluten-free Christmas desserts Primrose Hill,” just to give two examples that will not likely be lost in the morass of search results yielded by more general key words and phrases.

Direct Submit Internet Marketing Services
Direct Submit Internet Marketing Services has emerged as one of Britain’s leaders in Internet marketing and search engine optimisation services for organisations of all sizes. Direct Submit embraces the philosophy that the most effective SEO campaigns are ethically sound and provide a mutual benefit to both the business and the client seeking your services. For more information on how Direct Submit can help you to improve your bottom line, call us today on 0845 272 2350 or visit the Direct Submit Internet Marketing Services website today.