Adding Beauty and Value with a New Staircase

Adding Beauty and Value with a New Staircase

Adding Beauty and Value with a New Staircase
When planning home renovations, one often thinks first of the return on investment in a kitchen or bath remodel. While these are very worthy considerations, particularly when one plans to sell the home in the near future, the staircase can be the anchor of one’s entire home décor and should therefore be considered first – even before the kitchen and bathrooms – during any multi-level home renovation project.

The details one must consider when renovating a staircase are many, but doing so before deciding on a particular design – which should then guide other interior design decisions – will ensure that the stairs and the rest of the home décor work together as a whole. Before considering a staircase design, one must first think of who will actually be using the stairs. Do you have older relatives or small children living in your home? If so, consider a staircase with relatively low risers. Next, how high is your staircase? If your home has high ceilings and the staircase height is significant, you will need to install landings – if they haven’t been already – in order to make walking up and down the stairs easier for everyone who will be using them. Also consider the location of the staircase in relation to the common areas of your home. In most multi-level homes, the staircase is anchored against a wall as a matter of both practicality and structure, but a home with a staircase suspended from the next level will require double the handrails and supports. Always follow your local building codes to ensure that structural requirements are met when installing a new staircase.

After these details have all been worked out, you will be ready to choose the ideal staircase design for your home. Whether your taste is traditional or modern, consider introducing contrasting colours to liven up the space. For example, if your taste is traditional and you favour keeping the wooden stairs you already have, the perfect update that would still have a traditional feel might involve painting the newel posts and bases a lighter colour than the baluster, which might be fashioned from sapele wood and stained an even darker colour. Alternatively, the homeowner might consider stairs and stair parts of a uniformly medium-dark colour which contrasts with light-coloured walls.

Those with more modern tastes might want to use consistently lighter-colour woods, such as pine or oak, to keep the space as light and airy as possible. The decision to use carpeted stairs, a stair runner or bare wood will depend on the overall home décor: if considering a patterned carpet for a new staircase, be certain to avoid patterned wallpaper and to keep the overall interior design as simple as possible so that all design components flow seamlessly together.

If your home renovation involves refurbishing an existing staircase, the easiest way to complete the job would be by ordering online staircase parts from a supplier such as Stairparts Direct. Suppliers focusing on balustrade components are happy to work with homeowners on do-it-yourself home renovation projects but might recommend hiring an experienced joiner for the installation of your new staircase parts.

Whether you’re improving your home in order to advertise it for sale or investing in a home that you and your family can enjoy for many years to come, a new staircase adds beauty to the home while increasing its property value. Let Stairparts Direct help you transform your staircase into a beautiful centrepiece within the space you will be proud to call home.

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