A New Bathroom For the New Year

A New Bathroom For the New Year

A New Bathroom For the New Year
Installing a new bathroom as the new year begins is a great way to have a real fresh start, having a relaxing bath or shower in beautiful surroundings is the perfect way to chase away those January blues.  At P T Ranson they have everything you need to completely transform any bathroom, with a massive range of luxury bathroom products for top quality designers you will find plenty of inspiration no matter how large or small your renovation plans may be.

No matter what shape or size your bathroom is at P T Ranson you will be sure to find the perfect answer to your all storage and space solutions, with so many stylish and practical designs to choose from you are certain to  be able to create a well organised and attractive space in even the most awkward room.

You may want to consider taking a look at the collection from Imperial Bathrooms if you want to create a classy and ornate theme within your room, with a huge range of designs to choose from including both traditional and more modern styles there is something there that will appeal to everyone.  With collections featuring everything you need to completely overhaul your bathroom including ceramic ware, basins, furniture and accessories you are sure to be able to create a perfectly coordinated design with a top quality finish.  All items with the Imperial Bathroom range are made only using the highest quality materials including solid wood, cast brass and ceramic finished using Imperials famous trade mark glaze so you can be sure that they are guaranteed to last for years to come.

If you love the idea of creating a real focal point within your bathroom then the bath tubs available from the Victoria and Albert Bathroom range are definitely for you!  With a wide variety of free standing tubs to choose from in a range of stunning designs you are sure to find the perfect tub to help you create a real movie star bathroom, whether you are looking for a more traditional style bathtub or would prefer a more modern streamlined design you are sure to find plenty of options that will suit your tastes.  With all tubs being made from 100 percent Quarrycast, a blend of volcanic limestone and high performance resins you can be sure that purchasing a tub from the Victoria and Albert Bathrooms range is a worthwhile investment that will stay looking great for ages.

Browsing the Burgbad bathroom furniture range is a really good idea if you are looking for some really good storage solutions or you want to create a really quality finish to your room.  With a wide selection of stylish designs of bathroom furniture including wall mounted units, cabinets, vanity units, basins and many other items you are sure to be able to transform even the smallest bathroom in to a functional and attractive area for the whole family. Made using a combination of the finest craftsmanship and modern techniques all Burgbad furniture is created with a focus on quality, usability and unique design.

So why not head over to P T Ranson and see how easily you could transform your bathroom into a tranquil haven this New Year.  With so many beautiful collections and high quality products to choose from you will be surprised how simple it can be!  P.T. Ranson has been supplying and installing components for luxury bathrooms across the UK for over 15 years. We work with architect’s specifications as needed and are prepared to guide homeowners through every step of the process, from initial consultation and planning to final installation. Let our experts outfit your home with the luxury bathroom of your dreams in 2015.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us today on 0191 469 6999 or visit the P.T. Ranson designer bathrooms website today.

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