Collecting Commemorative Thimbles

Collecting Commemorative Thimbles

Collecting Commemorative Thimbles
Collecting thimbles is a fun, fairly inexpensive and very educational hobby, as collectors – also known as digitabulists – around the world already know. While some thimble collections are quite expansive and seem to contain every type of thimble known to man, others reflect an interest in a particular type of thimble. Different collectors often focus on a certain type of material (including wood, silver, pewter, porcelain, glass and more), enamelling or textured surface. Other collections might reflect interest in a theme, such as nature or holiday destinations, and still other collectors choose to focus on thimbles commemorating special occasions and major events.  Some of the most popular commemorative thimbles depict major events in British royal history as well as historical and cultural events around the world.

Royal Events Thimbles
Quite common among seasoned thimble collectors is an interest in commemorating the great many royal events that have taken place since thimble collecting as a hobby began nearly two centuries ago. This love of all things royal lends itself nicely to a large collection of commemorative thimbles. Victorian-era thimbles, in addition to being quite valuable nowadays, are also quite pictorial considering the additional work that was once involved in cutting a mould for an image to be placed on a sterling silver thimble.

Although commemorative thimbles from recent decades are more commonly made of porcelain, some sterling silver commemorative thimbles can be found for relatively recent events, such as the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana in 1981 as well as Queen Elizabeth II’s Silver Jubilee in 1977. Reputable vendors and online resources dedicated to thimble collecting can be very helpful to those seeking out thimbles commemorating specific events.

Cultural and Novelty Thimbles Although major world events and royal history tend to figure prominently in collections, commemorative thimbles are by no means limited to major historical events such as the recent Scottish Independence election. More recent thimbles include the 100-year anniversary of the outbreak of World War I, Prince Harry’s 30th birthday and the 2014 Glasgow Games.

Other fun and irreverent commemorative thimbles celebrate anniversaries such as the 40th anniversary of the Rubik’s cube, 60 years of Sooty and the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night album release and explosive debut in America. Some commemorative thimbles even make reference to adverts from years gone by for products ranging from Avon cosmetics to Pop Tarts, condensed milk and other consumer staples past and present.

Thimbles commemorating Life Events
Thimbles commemorating weddings or a birth within a family can also be special-ordered through reputable online vendors. Virtually any image can be screen-printed onto a porcelain thimble, so when it comes to commemorating weddings, anniversaries, family births and other events, the possibilities are endless. If you have children, grandchildren or other younger relatives to whom you might someday bequeath your collection, imagine how pleased they will be to see a thimble commemorating their own birth within a timeline of major royal, cultural and world events!

Thimble Guild has specialised in thimbles commemorating British royal and historical events for over 30 years. Our thimbles are sourced with care from around the world and come in a variety of materials, and we are available to assist collectors in locating specific types of thimbles.

To learn more about our current selection of commemorative thimbles and how we can help you find exactly what you are looking for, call us today on 0844 573 1658 or visit the Thimble Guild website.

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