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Luxury Bathrooms: A Smart Investment in Your Home

Luxury Bathrooms: A Smart Investment in Your Home

Luxury Bathrooms: A Smart Investment in Your Home

It is a well-known fact that when buying a home, the two rooms that buyers scrutinize the most are the kitchen and bathrooms. Since other rooms can be improved upon with paint, floor wax or carpeting and perhaps some minor electrical work, an attractive, recently updated kitchen or bathroom is more likely to tip the scales in favour of a sale. If you are planning to upgrade to a luxury bathroom in your current home for a future home sale or for your own enjoyment, you will want to do your research and find a manufacturer of high-quality luxury bathroom fittings who can deliver exactly what you want.

If you are adding a new bathroom to your current home, you will want to choose a sleek design that provides the greatest possible return on your investment, and in many cases it will make sense to upgrade existing bathrooms to ensure a similarly updated and well-appointed look. The right designer will be able to help you do just that.

People adding a new bathroom to their home or upgrading to designer bathrooms have many things to consider before going into a showroom, and it is helpful to envision the desired result before deciding between the options that you have based on space availability, plumbing and other issues. One of the most obvious considerations is what you generally want your designer bathrooms to look like. Do you have a preferred colour scheme? What about a preference for features that will be easy to clean? Do certain types of fixtures appeal to you more than others? Next, consider how your preferences will work with the layout of your current bathroom. To what extent might the existing layout have to change?

Would you be willing and able to consider a more extensive renovation that involves new plumbing and electrical wiring? Will the dimensions of your existing bathroom or planned add-on leave enough space and allow for comfortable placement of fittings and ease of movement between the tub or shower, toilet and sink? All of these questions need to be answered before ordering your luxury bathroom fittings, and the right manufacturer will come to your home, do a walk-through and work with you to develop a design that will work with your preferences as well as any variables that cannot be changed.

Once you have gone through this initial phase of the design process, you will be able to decide on the features that you would like to include in your renovated bathroom. Popular features right now include basin-style sinks on vanity bases with additional shelving or drawers, wide sinks and mirrors which can be shared by couples in master baths, free-standing tubs, recessed spaces for shampoo and other toiletries, stainless steel fixtures and white or off-white fittings against a dark background.

If you have limited cabinetry in your current bathroom or exposed plumbing which you would like to conceal, certain luxury bathroom fittings by Kohler and others can solve both problems in the form of an equally attractive and useful vanity base which also will also make the best possible use of the space. Shower cubicles can also be an excellent space-saving feature which makes for easier cleaning. For larger bathrooms, separate shower cubicles and free-standing tubs are an attractive way to break up a large space, and windows with a view of the treetops can make the bath experience even more relaxing. Finally, you will want to make certain that the installers are familiar with the manufacturer’s products and support services. A reputable designer will recommend knowledgeable installers who will typically bring in their own electricians and plumbers as needed for your bathroom renovation project.

Whether your home is ten years old or 100 years old, adding a new bathroom or upgrading to designer bathrooms is one of the best investments you can make in your home. The right luxury bathroom fittings will make your daily routine more enjoyable, impress your guests and put you in a favourable position to sell your home should that day ever come. You might even find that certain space-saving features are more attractive than the ones you already have. Make sure that the designer you choose can offer the best value for the design you have chosen, and your new designer bathroom will delight your family and guests for many years to come.

P.T. Ranson has been providing branded bathroom supplies and service for bathroom remodelling projects for years. P.T. Ranson has more than 30 years of collective experience and a commitment to providing the best possible products and service for each individual bathroom remodelling project. When buying online from P.T. Ranson, deliveries on the UK mainland are free of charge. For more information, call today on 0191 4696999 or visit the PT Ranson Website today.

Buying Direct from Conservatory Roof Blinds

Buying Direct from Conservatory Roof Blinds

Buying Direct from Conservatory Roof Blinds

Using conservatory roof blinds to transform your conservatory into a beautiful room is an excellent idea if you want to make the most of the space that you have, with a bit of imagination and the correct choice of blinds it is possible to create almost any design successfully in any conservatory and with Conservatory Roof Blinds Direct where they are experts in conservatory roof blinds and conservatories it may be far more straight forward than you may first think.

No matter what you are planning to use your conservatory for by using the right design of conservatory roof blind as the base for your plan you can easily add other items such as furniture and accessories to complete the look, if you are looking for inspiration and ideas about how you can use blinds in this way take a look at some of the examples they have available at Conservatory Blinds Direct, they have many pictures of how their blinds have transformed conservatories into dining rooms, play rooms, sitting rooms and more.

Getting the conservatory roof blinds that fit correctly is key if you want your project to be a success so by using Conservatory Blinds Direct made to measure service you can be sure that getting well fitting blinds will be easy and straight forward and you can avoid any awkward cutting or trimming.  Once they are up you will be able to get the rest of your room finished straight away making it a really quick way to transform a whole area of your home. So if you want to make you conservatory a comfortable and attractive area that you can enjoy all year round why not give it an instant face lift with some good quality blinds?

Simply measure your windows, select your favourite conservatory roof blinds and once you have placed your order Conservatory Blinds Direct will do the rest for you so you will have the conservatory you want in no time at all. Conservatory Blinds Direct is part of the InStyle group, a well-established supplier of conservatory roof and window blinds throughout the UK.

All of their Conservatory Blinds Direct products are made from the finest components and materials available, they are so confident in their products they are able to offer an industry unheard of 5 year Parts & Labour guarantee on all blinds made. As a leading UK manufacture to the window blind trade and now they are offering the chance for you to cut out that middle man and buy direct from the manufacture saving you hundreds and in some cases thousands of pounds over retail prices.

We are always happy to help and our friendly team will be happy to help you if you have any questions regarding an order, measuring, fitting or any of our products. Simply call on 01642 762497 or visit the Conservatory Blinds Direct website for more information.

Arktek Heating & Replacement Combi Boiler Services

Arktek Heating & Replacement Combi Boiler Services

Arktek Heating & Replacement Combi Boiler Services

Having your combi boiler serviced or your gas boiler & heating replaced for a new more reliable model in preparation for the winter can really give you peace of mind as the colder weather begins to set in and at Arktek Heating Services they are able to give you all the help you may require to ensure that your home will stay warm no matter how much the temperature may drop.

Replacement Boiler Services
Arktek heating understand how important it is to know that you can rely on your combi boiler to work efficiently all year round so they offer a regular maintenance service to all their customers to make sure that everything is in perfect working order.  This can help you to spot any potential problems and get them resolved before they start to cause real issues and also help your boiler to run more efficiently after being cleaned and have any minor adjustments made so you may find that it saves you money in the long run.

If your boiler has stopped working completely or isn’t running as efficiently as it should do at Arktek Heating Services they offer a reliable repairs service and will be able to get your combi boiler up and running again as quickly as possible and if you boiler is beyond repair they will also be able to advise you about the excellent range of gas boiler replacements that they have on offer.  No matter what problem you may have at Arktek one of their friendly team will be happy to visit your home at your convenience and find out exactly what they can do to get your heating and hot water working properly again with the minimum of disruption to you and your family.

So if you want to be sure that your boiler is ready for the winter or think that you may be in need of a new one, why not get in touch with Arktek Heating Services?  With an excellent range of gas boiler replacements to choose from and a highly skilled and professional team that are able to give you all the help and advise you may need to make sure you get the most out of your boiler you can definitely rely on them to keep you and your family warm and cosy regardless of how cold it may get.

By replacing your boiler with an A-rated boiler or a Combi boiler, you’ll minimize the heat loss in your central heating system. This will mean less energy is wasted and thrown away so wastefully. The environment will certainly be thanking you for your switch.

Of course, your pocket will be much better off also. With a range of potential boilers at the ready, you should certainly think about switching. You can save from £100 to £400 each year, and these are quite considerable savings! Your central heating bill is quite a sizeable chunk of your total energy spend, so make sure you reduce it with a new replacement boiler.

At Arktek heating they will do everything they can to make sure that the job runs smoothly and with excellent customer reviews, impressive aftercare services and upfront easy to understand pricing policy, why not take advantage of their free of charge no obligation quote and make an appointment for them to visit your home and see how much they could help you reduce the amount of energy you use

For further information about the range of replacement gas boilers available or the landlord emergency repair and maintenance services, please call 0191 516 6911 or visit the Arktek Heating Services website. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Dulais Exclusive Dry Cleaning Service

Dulais Exclusive Dry Cleaning Service

Dulais Exclusive Dry Cleaning Service

A dry cleaners is a dry cleaners, isn’t it? The answer to that is a resounding no when you consider Newcastle based Dry Cleaners Dulais, based in Darras Hall, Ponteland. Boasting a clientele which includes well known sporting celebrities and exclusive professional patrons, sensitivity and sophistication are two of the attributes which set this company apart in the field of cleaning services.

Things customers would never consider as important, such as design of garment, hand sewn hems, bias cut construction etc are all considered in a dry cleaning company which boasts long term, state of the art training, keeping its operatives up to speed with the latest in garment design. With meticulous hand finishing and precision hand pressing, clients can be sure they will receive a pristine garment on pick up, so important with a couture / designer outfit. The company will remove stains from all delicate garments and those inlaid with stones, glass, brass or any other fastenings or buttons and give clothes a superior finish.

Nav Dulai also gives a stain removal service which is second to none in the field with an ultra-gentle and non-harsh process, achieving an astonishing 99% removal rating.

Clothing is an investment like any other and should be protected like all investments. Ensuring you get the best out of your clothes for the longest time possible is what Dulais on The Broadway, Ponteland will provide.

Add to all that a collection and a delivery service from anywhere in the north east, day time or evening and you can see how this company sets itself apart from the norm. No, all dry cleaners are definitely not the same.

Specialist Wedding Dress Cleaning Service
Imagine handing your precious wedding gown into the protection of the safest, most caring hands there are; gentle hands that will love it, respect it, nurture it and expertly clean and restore it, reserving the exquisite memories invested in every thread now and for the future.

Every day, brides all over the country come to us and say thank you for the love and attention we lavish on their dress; and we will collect yours from your own hands and transport it securely, scrupulously cleaning and preserving it in a beautiful box before delivering it safely back into your hands.

We treat every dress as unique, whether it’s classic or contemporary, modern or vintage, hand-painted or handmade. Every cleaning process should be unique also, so here at Dulais, we will create a bespoke cleaning process for your gown and your gown only.

Our techniques are painstaking, time-consuming, as you would expect from a reputable wedding dress retailers and consultants within the bridal industry. That’s because only a specialist, boutique cleaner on fabric care and preservation. And he is a perfectionist. His customers can therefore be assured that their garments are in the safest hands.

For further information call 01661 820700 or visit the Dulais dry cleaning and wedding dress cleaning service provider websites in today.

HW Global Executive Search

HW Global Executive Search

HW Global Executive Search

Our focus is on the senior talent needs of a broad range of dynamic organisations from small capitally invested start-ups through to publicly traded multi-nationals. We have a significant breadth of functional and cross industry expertise that incorporates both local and global geographies, enabling us to genuinely appreciate diversity, cultural differences, social responsibility and how commercially business is done across continents.

We have a passion for challenging the conventional thinking of our clients, demonstrating an in-depth understanding of cross-industry synergies whilst representing high-potential and seasoned executives that frequently sit beneath the radar. Our candidates typically become clients meaning many relationships have spanned 3 decades; our commitment to consistently delivering best-in-class solutions is without compromise.

Our practice areas in Executive Search and Professional Interim are Consumer, Financial Services, Business Services, Industrial, CFO, CIO, Chair & NED.


In a dynamic and highly challenged economy the role of senior executives across all sectors, functions and geographies remains business critical.

Being able to recognise cross-industry synergies, attract business professionals who are passionate about utilising their skills in new areas, and applying decades of knowledge to

shape and support clients’ strategic initiatives remains at the heart of our continued success.

Having a global perspective and multi-cultural appreciation enables us to shape richly diverse executive teams helping our clients to achieve outstanding results.


As a true client partner HW work tirelessly to ensure that we genuinely appreciate the intimate detail of every search we undertake. We believe in providing healthy challenge and honest feedback through each phase of the assignment, tackling potential issues collaboratively whilst offering constructive solutions throughout.

Our sole aim is to exceed expectations by providing a breadth of highly talented candidates delivered through a smooth and efficient process.

To achieve this we follow a number of clearly defined steps.

·         Agree the priorities of the search

Define the need through critical evaluation of the business and unique role requirements

Agree the responsibilities of the role and the person specification

Challenge the scope of the search – Salary range, sector expertise, academic/commercial skills

Finalise brief

·         Define target audience

Agree company target list for initial approach work

Utilise local and global relationship network to identify potential talent

Reference individuals who meet agreed criteria

Create a longlist of candidates for discussion

·         Approach work

Engage with target market to understand and evaluate suitability

Challenge competency, cultural and commercial skills

Evaluate personal and professional drivers

Finalise shortlist for client presentation

·         Shortlist presentation

Formal client review of all shortlisted candidates incorporating our assessment of both hard and soft skills vs. the brief

Provide supporting evidence of track record, career achievements, qualifications and fit

Agree client interview availability

·         Completion

Manage both client and candidate needs and expectations until the preferred individual is selected

Provide formal references

Lead the salary package negotiation process to finalise the offer

Support the on-boarding program through regular communication with both parties

Complete client satisfaction survey

Remain in touch with both client and placement to check on progress and transition


With over 40 years combined experience, the Interim Practice has been at the forefront of one of the most dynamic and prolific service offerings within the Human Capital industry.

HW Interim provide experienced and talented interim and change management executives to PLCs, private companies, SMEs and private equity backed organisations for assignments in the UK and overseas.

The fabric of the Interim proposition consists of an elite network of senior Executives, all of whom specialise in change, turnaround or transformation. HW have met, vetted, referenced and known, many who are also clients.

Working alongside the Executive Search business we adhere to the same principles and high standards, enabling us to source the ideal interim to match our clients’ needs.

Our strategy is to develop longstanding partner relationships with all our clients. Working with a team of dedicated and experienced Researchers we are able to provide solutions within a 48hr timespan and with well over 90% completion rates.

The business offers both purist Interim cluster solutions as well as Interim to substantive options. Daily rates are typically between £850-£2000 per day.

For further information please visit the HW Global Executive Search website today.

Give Your Home a Facelift with New Plantation Shutters

Give Your Home a Facelift with New Plantation Shutters

Give Your Home a Facelift with New Plantation Shutters

Summer will soon arrive and now is a great time to take on simple home improvement projects. Unlike with kitchen and bathroom renovations, it’s easy and relatively inexpensive to give your living room and bedrooms a facelift with a fresh coat of paint and new window treatments. Among the window treatment options you might consider for your autumn home redecoration are plantation shutters, which are fast becoming a popular alternative to traditional blinds.

Plantation shutters are available in a variety of styles and colours which can be custom made to fit windows of any size as well as those with irregular shapes. Café-style shutters are popular because they only cover the bottom half of the window, leaving other treatment possibilities open for the upper half of the window and allowing natural light to enter the room without sacrificing privacy.

Full-height plantation shutters may be preferable for people who prefer the neat and tidy appearance of window-height shutters that completely cover the window when the slats are closed. Those wanting to enjoy the best of both worlds should consider tier-on-tier shutters, which cover the top and bottom halves of the window and can be opened and closed separately.

Reputable vendors offer plantation shutters in bespoke colours to suit any décor, so feel free to let your imagination run wild and consider every possible colour combination. Dark wood stains or natural colours offer a pleasant contrast against an eggshell or other light colour for the wall and a white or off-white window frame. Likewise, brightly coloured plantation shutters can be the perfect accent for a room with a dark, matte paint colour. The ideal company to work with will be one which can not only provide the quality craftsmanship you expect, but also help guide you through the process of choosing the colours that best suit the space in which your plantation shutters will be installed.

The Beautiful Shutter Company has been in the window dressing industry for many years and places a great deal of importance on working directly with homeowners to achieve the desired result the first time, every time. Our extensive product knowledge and commitment to providing high-quality workmanship will ensure your complete satisfaction from the shutters you order from us. To learn more about our wide selection of shutters or to book an appointment, call us today on 01642 688049 or visit the Beautiful Shutter Company website.

Stan Timmins Tree Surgery Services

Stan Timmins Tree Surgery Services

Stan Timmins Tree Surgery Services

If you have problem trees, bushes or shrubs outside your property you may want to consider contacting a professional tree surgery service to make sure that the job is done safely and properly without causing any damage to your property or others around it as it is easy to underestimate how much work and expertise is required if you want to move or conserve trees and other greenery.

Based in the North East, Stan Timmins and sons is a company offering expert Tree Surgery Services to many satisfied customers, with over 50 year’s experience working within the industry they have all the knowledge and expertise required to help you find the solution to any problem you may have.  The owner and manager Stan Timmins hold numerous industry qualifications in a broad range of horticulture and arboriculture subjects including diplomas both from Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh and also the Royal Forestry Society.

Offering fully insured and registered tree surgery services to every customer and a guarantee that every job completed will be carried out to meet current best practices for Arboriculture work and to comply with the BS3998 (2010) regulations you can be certain that any work you need to have carried out will be done properly and as safely as possible.

With a wide range of service on offer including formative pruning, sectional dismantling of dead, dangerous and diseased trees, ivy Removal / severance, large tree removal and site clearance as well as many others you can be certain that no matter what problem you may have Stan Timmins and Sons will be able to help you find a workable solution.

With a straight forward pricing policy and excellent customer services you can be sure that at Stan Timmins and Sons they will be able to offer you excellent quality work for a reasonable price, and if you have any questions or queries at any stage of the process they will be happy to offer you all the information that you need.

We believe at Stan Timmins Tree Surgeons that we can provide you with the quickest and most accurate tree surgery, to suit whatever work you need done. We offer the advantages listed above and we have had many customers who have praised us and thanked us for our work. You can see these customers at our Testimonials page. For further information on the range of gardening and tress surgery services available please call 07966 207280 or visit the Stan Timmins Tress Surgery website today.

Great Value Car Hire in Newcastle

Great Value Car Hire in Newcastle

Searching for Great Value Car Hire in Newcastle
If you are looking for reliable and affordable car hire in Newcastle you may want to check out some of the great deals available at Metro Rental, with an excellent choice of high quality vans, cars and minibuses on offer whatever your reason for needed a vehicle you can be sure that they will have something that is idea for your purposes.

With a simple and quick booking process, competitive rates and excellent customer service at Metro Rental you can hire a car with the minimum of fuss all you need to do is provide the relevant documents and payment details, and if you require something a little different from usual such as regular hire terms or to hire a vehicle for a bit longer than you originally thought at Metro Rental they will be more than happy to help as they are committed to offering every customer a flexible service that is completely suited to their needs.

At Metro Rentals every vehicle is fully checked for faults and cleaned before and after it is hired each time, holds all relevant documentation and undergoes regular servicing so you can be sure that any car you hire will be safe, comfortable to drive and totally road legal. They also take every available precaution to protect against insurance fraud and other deception to help keep costs down for all their customers, so you will be able to take advantage of some of the best value prices available on the market for high quality car hire.

Whether you are planning on taking a holiday, travelling for business or need a larger vehicle for a group excursion it’s definitely worth taking a look to see if Metro Rentals are able to help, with flexible terms, high quality vehicles and reasonable rates they are a really good choice if you want great value car hire in Newcastle that you can rely on.

Contact Metro Rental
As specialists within car hire Newcastle and the North East, they have a proven track record of providing a first class service to their customers and have the experience and knowledge required to  make sure that they only hire cars of the best possible standard every time. For more information hiring a car in Newcastle or for touring Northumberland call (0191) 460 33 44 and speak to one of our friendly staff or visit the Metro Vehicle Rental website today. You won’t find a better car hire company anywhere in the North East.

beAccreditated Health and Safety Services

beAccreditated Health and Safety Services

beAccreditated Health and Safety
Direct Submit are pleased to announce another new client. beAccreditated are leading UK Health and Safety Consultants providing of online CHAS & SMAS Accreditation, Safe Contractor & Constructionline Accreditations, plus Builders Profile Accreditation and much more.

With over 15 years of experience, clients include sole traders through to corporate clients. They have helped 100s of businesses across the country by making the health and safety accreditation process hassle free, easy, convenient and reliable, allowing you to focus on the projects at hand.

Direct Submit have been asked to help them promote their online Health and Safety Consultancy services and to raise the profile of the organisation. If you would like to know more then visit their website, email them on or telephone: 0800 066 2957.