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Dulais Wedding Dress Cleaning Services

Dulais Wedding Dress Cleaning Services

A Few Reasons To Avail of Our Wedding Dress Cleaning Services
Here at Dulais, we pride ourselves on cleaning your wedding dress with the utmost care and precision. However, that’s not the only reason why you should avail of our wedding dress cleaning services. We also come with other perks, which you should definitely take note of.

1. Storage Box

After we have cleaned your dress, we will carefully place it into a storage box. This box is a specially made for the careful storage of fabrics and dresses, because it contains neutral, acid free tissue paper on the inside. As your dress enters the box, the tissue will protect it from dust. If you store your dress in the box over a long-period of time, the tissue will protect the fabric from discoloration and yellowing. The paper retains the fabric’s quality, straight after it was cleaned. We also place this storage box into a packaging box, in order to keep your dress safe during shipping.

We not only take value in making sure your dress is cleaned to the highest standard, we also care about the fabric’s quality after it has been cleaned. With the tissue paper and packaging box, your dress will arrive in perfect condition to your home, just as it was when we cleaned it.

Don’t worry on the size of your dress either. We have three differently shaped boxes to ensure that all dress shapes and sizes can be catered for. From dresses with a long train and a petticoat to slender dresses, we’ve got a box that can hold it.

2. Great Price

We offer a great price for you and we take customer experience to be an integral part of our philosophy. We know that you’re looking for the best value wedding dress cleaner, which also offers the greatest quality and most meticulous cleaning processes.

Our prices begin from as little as £90 and with that price, we offer flexibility and the greatest customer experience in the region. In fact, we’re less expensive than most high street wedding dress cleaners, so how about that for a nice thought?

We also tailor our cleaning process to each individual dress we receive. For the price you pay, your dress will get a tailor-made cleaning process, with unique stain removers, only applicable to the stains on your dress. We take time in deciding which stain removers would work best with the fabric in the dress, and which removers would have the most impact. We put much care into the choice and decision of which stain removers to use.

Also, we are fully insured, which is always a relief to know. This means that you don’t have to sign any disclaimers or any legal papers, so don’t worry!

3.  Utmost Care

With this price, you’re not only getting your dress cleaned. We take utmost care in the cleaning of each wedding dress we receive, as we know the memories that a dress can hold. It is a bride’s most special memento and we always take this into account when cleaning each dress. For our price, you’re getting a team of people who will meticulously take care of your dress and make sure that your dress gets the most precise cleaning process that we can offer.

Upon receiving your dress, our highly-trained technicians will consider all aspects of the dress, including what style it is (contemporary, vintage, etc) and the stains that are on the dress. We will then carefully construct a plan which includes the stain removers needed for the dress, and this plan is completely tailor-made for each and every dress we receive. They will then get to work on using the stain removers, to carefully and precisely remove stains.

4. Don’t Just Take Our Word For It. . .

It’s true, our business is loved nationally by both customers and bridal stores. Our attention to detail has earned us a reputation nationwide, with not just customers, but with bridal stores who recommend our cleaning services to their customers. We have received acclaim far and wide, across the region, from our consumers.

Just take a look at our Testimonials page, and you’ll see some of our valued feedback from customers. Every week, customers call into our shop and thank us for the dress and excellent service they received, and always praise us for our high-quality service and great customer care.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, we pride each dress which comes through our door. Our high-quality cleaning process isn’t just precise and technical, we also care about the individuality of the dress and always incorporate that into the types of stain removers we use.

Don’t hesitate, simply give us a call at 0800 028 3088 and we will be happy to assist you, or give you a quote.

Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Importance of Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural” or un-paid (“organic”) search results. The higher your website / business ranks in the search results then it follows that your website / business should receive more visitors.


Local Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)  is now a critical part of any business marketing plan – or it should be as it is estimated that around 90% of consumers now use the Internet and Search Engines when looking for a Local Business or service.

Local search, or searching for local businesses on search engines, is becoming one of the most popular search types on the web as more and more people start to use search engines to search for a local service.

Traditional means of marketing are not only typically very expensive, but are also now considered by many to be much less effective than they used to be. Consumers now find all they need in the Internet’s Search Engines and for most people (for over 90% of people in the UK) this means Google.

We all know that SEO is critical, enabling your Website to be found by new potential clients in the Search Engines.  Gone are the days when word of mouth was enough to bring you knew clients. The old adage “build it and they will come” now definitely does not apply.

The current market is ultra-competitive and only the strongest businesses survive.

Here are just a few of the Internet searches made in the average MONTH to the Google Search Engine for one region in the UK:

> 1600 people searched online for a local Builder
> Over 1000 people looked for a local Plumbing Service
> 2400 people looked for a local Solicitor 5400 people searched for a local Florist

And remember, this is just in one month! For this reason alone, the Search Engines are now more important than ever for Local Businesses.

Your website needs to be optimised and set up to attract new customers to your business. It needs to be easy for the Search Engines to understand what search terms you are set up for and hoping to promote.

If your business isn’t using proper search engine optimisation targeted toward local, you could be missing out on a stream of potential visitors who are twice more likely to buy than visitors who come across your site by any other means.

If you have a service or product you want to promote to the local community, you need Local Search Engine Optimisation. More and more people are using the search engines to search for local services and it is reported to be one of the fastest growing areas for ‘searches’ online. Direct Submit are experts with a proven track record in local Internet Marketing.

Dulais Dry Cleaning Services

Dulais Dry Cleaning Services

Dulais Dry Cleaning Service
A dry cleaners is a dry cleaners, isn’t it? The answer to that is a resounding no when you consider Newcastle based Dry Cleaners Dulais, based in Darras Hall, Ponteland. Boasting a clientele which includes well known sporting celebrities and exclusive professional patrons, sensitivity and sophistication are two of the attributes which set this company apart in the field of cleaning services.


Things customers would never consider as important, such as design of garment, hand sewn hems, bias cut construction etc are all considered in a dry cleaning company which boasts long term, state of the art training, keeping its operatives up to speed with the latest in garment design. With meticulous hand finishing and precision hand pressing, clients can be sure they will receive a pristine garment on pick up, so important with a couture / designer outfit. The company will remove stains from all delicate garments and those inlaid with stones, glass, brass or any other fastenings or buttons and give clothes a superior finish.

Nav Dulai also gives a stain removal service which is second to none in the field with an ultra-gentle and non-harsh process, achieving an astonishing 99% removal rating. Clothing is an investment like any other and should be protected like all investments. Ensuring you get the best out of your clothes for the longest time possible is what Dulais on The Broadway, Ponteland will provide.

Add to all that a collection and a delivery service from anywhere in the north east, day time or evening and you can see how this company sets itself apart from the norm. No, all dry cleaners are definitely not the same.

Specialist Wedding Dress Cleaning Service
Imagine handing your precious wedding gown into the protection of the safest, most caring hands there are; gentle hands that will love it, respect it, nurture it and expertly clean and restore it, reserving the exquisite memories invested in every thread now and for the future.

Every day, brides all over the country come to us and say thank you for the love and attention we lavish on their dress; and we will collect yours from your own hands and transport it securely, scrupulously cleaning and preserving it in a beautiful box before delivering it safely back into your hands.

We treat every dress as unique, whether it’s classic or contemporary, modern or vintage, hand-painted or handmade. Every cleaning process should be unique also, so here at Dulais, we will create a bespoke cleaning process for your gown and your gown only.

Our techniques are painstaking, time-consuming, as you would expect from a reputable wedding dress retailers and consultants within the bridal industry. That’s because only a specialist, boutique cleaner on fabric care and preservation. And he is a perfectionist. His customers can therefore be assured that their garments are in the safest hands.

For further information call 01661 820700 or visit the Dulais dry cleaning and wedding dress cleaning service provider websites in today.

Looking to Upgrade your Bathroom Shower

Looking to Upgrade your Bathroom Shower

Looking to Upgrade your Bathroom Shower
Upgrading the shower in your bathroom is a great idea if you want to give your bathroom and instant facelift and really improve your quality of life, being able to relax in a refreshing shower at the end of the day is an excellent way to wash away all your stresses and worries.  With the wide range of various show options available at P T Ranson you are sure to find the perfect shower to complement any bathroom.

Whether you want to install or replace a shower above your bath, have a dedicated shower cubicle or even create a whole wet room you are sure to find plenty of inspiration at P T Ranson, with collections from well known companies such as Matki, Fiora and Hansgrove you can be certain that whatever shower you choose it will be guaranteed to be of the highest possible quality.

Having a modern shower that is in perfect working order is a great investment, not only will it add value to your home it will also be far more economical to run than an older less efficient model and if you don’t already have a shower at all the savings you will make in comparison to always having a bath could be quite surprising.  Being able to reduce the energy your household uses is not only a great financial choice it is also far kinder to the environment.

matkishowersCheck out the excellent range of showers produced by Matki Showers, with a huge choice of showers, wet room fixtures and complementing cubicles to browse you will find everything you need to create a stylish and modern design to suit any bathroom.  With every Matki product carrying a ten year warranty you can be sure of the companies high manufacturing standards and with a focus on style, innovation and durability it’s easy to see why so many people choose to purchase a Matki Shower.

For a really original and high quality shower tray it’s definitely a good idea to have a look at the products available from Fiora Showers with a great variety of unique and beautiful designs on offer it could be the perfect way to add a real wow factor to any shower cubicle, if you have a small bathroom creating a focal point with a shower cubicle is a really good way to a luxurious and smart look to the room.  With all Fiora Shower trays being made out of the revolutionary material Silex you can be sure that you will be using the most modern and effective shower trays available on the market.

If you are looking for a shower company that aims to bring you the most effective products while still limiting your environmental impact then Hansgrohe Showers is for you, with many stunning designs on offer all created using the most modern technology you are sure to be impressed.  With everything you need available to create an attractive shower that caters to your needs exactly, all with many features to improve your experience while saving energy and water, you will definitely be able to see the benefits of choosing a shower produced by Hansgrove.

So not matter whether you want a standard shower or something really special one thing that you can be certain of is that you will be likely to find the perfect shower at P T Ranson, why not take a look at their full range of showers, basins and other bathroom products.  With everything you need to create the perfect bathroom, even down to furniture and other accessories you can be sure to find some great ideas and inspiration to help you create the perfect space for you and your family to enjoy, and with so many energy saving options on offer you can be sure that installing a new shower is a decision you won’t regret.

Acrol Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Services

Acrol Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Services

Acrol Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Services
Acrol Air Conditioning has been serving the air conditioning industry for over 30 years and is able to provide a complete range of services in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration and advise on all aspects of air conditioning & refrigeration design, sales, installation, maintenance and service.

Acrol Air Conditioning
Formed in 1976 specifically to satisfy the design and install market for specialist marine air conditioning and refrigeration, the company quickly expanded into land based design and install projects dealing with contractors and consultants on a wide range of projects from small, retail, comfort systems up to large chiller, close control, VRF and plan & spec type installations.Based in the North East of England they are able to undertake projects competitively on a nationwide basis, recently successfully completing a number of large air conditioning & refrigeration projects abroad in both the Land and Marine/Offshore sectors.

Acrol Air Conditioning has an experienced in house design capabilities in all forms of air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Whatever the requirement or business sector Acrol’s design and systems engineers can design and built the right systems to meet any and all your requirements. Their AC system design experts have the knowledge and skills needed to custom create a system for any situation or work place environment having produced and provides many systems for both offshore and land based systems.

Whatever your needs be they every day AC requirements or close control systems, Acrol AC innovative design solutions can help provide the right solution at the right price.

Contact Acrol Air Conditioning
For more information contact Acrol Air Conditioning & Refrigeration on +44 (0)191 477 7999 or visit their Air Conditioning & Refrigeration website.

Dulais Wedding Dress Cleaning Services

Dulais Wedding Dress Cleaning Services

Dulais Wedding Dress Cleaning Services
He’s finally asked the big question, and the day you’ve dreamed of since you were a girl is now just around the corner. So many things to organize: the venue for the ceremony and the reception, how far and wide to send the wedding invitations, dresses for the bridesmaids and, of course, your wedding dress.

dulaisToday’s weddings are more expensive than ever, regularly comparing in price to a new car. Not the least of the expenses is the wedding dress. For many married women, the wedding dress is far and away the most expensive article of clothing they will ever wear. While the occasion certainly warrants it – after all, it’s a rare event in one’s life – a wedding dress is typically expensive to acquire and, potentially when searching for professional wedding dress cleaning services, can prove expensive..

Although one never sees it in photos taken by a professional photographer several days before the wedding, the potential for your wedding dress to acquire stains is significant. Depending on weather conditions, inside temperature and the nervousness that is to be expected on your wedding day, you may have sweat stains form in the bodice area and elsewhere. Stains from food and wine at the wedding reception are another distinct possibility. Some of the most common ones, such as sugar stains from champagne and cake icing, are nearly invisible at the time they are created, and these stains can set and darken over time.

The good news is that, although your wedding dress will not likely survive the big day entirely stain-free, taking steps ahead of time to ensure that the dress is professionally cleaned and preserved within an appropriate timeframe will greatly improve the odds of your dress being restored to its original condition. Taking the dress for cleaning within one month of the wedding is sufficient for many wedding dresses (so no need to shorten the honeymoon to save your dress), assuming there are no stains that need immediate attention. Otherwise, arrange to have it cleaned within a few days or as soon after the wedding as possible.

All brides-to-be should understand the cleaning and preservation process for wedding dresses so that appropriate arrangements can be made prior to the day of the wedding. While considerably more complicated than that of most other special-care garments, a good bit of planning and forethought will ensure that your cherished wedding dress and future family heirloom will survive the decades as well as the new life you are about to begin.

First and foremost, understand that the care for such a garment will be considerably more specific and expensive than for most other dry-clean-only or other special-care garments. If the process seems a bit overwhelming and you feel as though you have been tasked with preserving a treasure, it’s because you have. With that in mind, you will want to begin by consulting with a specialty wedding dress cleaner. One way that you will know you are dealing with a reputable company is that they will not charge a flat fee for all wedding dresses. Different dresses have different cleaning and storage requirements, and the right wedding dress cleaner will recommend a telephone consultation or that you bring in your wedding dress to be inspected before they provide a quote for the cleaning and preservation.

Where preservation is concerned, you will want to make sure that your wedding dress cleaning company makes a point of preserving your wedding dress in acid-free tissue paper when storing it in an archival box. The museum preservation method is another option, but it usually costs more. Once you have had your wedding dress cleaned and preserved, be sure to store the dress in a cool, dark area free of moisture and sunlight. Avoid storing the dress in areas of the house such as the attic or basement, as they typically do not benefit from the climate controls in the main living space. If storing in a rented storage space, make sure that it is climate-controlled.

As with many other aspects of your wedding plans, it may seem as though the devil is in the details when it comes to having your wedding dress professionally cleaned and preserved. By knowing those details beforehand and making arrangements with a specialty cleaning and preservation company, you can rest assured that the dress in which you have made a substantial investment will be just as beautiful several decades from now as the day you walked down the aisle.

Imagine handing your precious wedding gown into the protection of the safest, most caring hands there are; gentle hands that will love it, respect it, nurture it and expertly clean and restore it, preserving the exquisite memories invested in every thread now and for the future.

At Dulais wedding dress cleaning, we are renowned for being at the very cutting edge and forefront of bridal wear care and we are committed to protecting our position as the best in the business. Which means you know that your cherished dress will be treasured now and for generations to come. We treat every dress as unique, whether it’s classic or contemporary, modern or vintage, hand-painted or handmade. Every cleaning process should be unique also, so here at Dulais, our highly trained technicians treat every dress as an individual, creating a bespoke cleaning process for your gown and your gown only.

Our techniques are painstaking, time-consuming, and highly successful, which is why our brides tell their friends about us, building our reputation through word of mouth alone. We are also used and recommended by some of the country’s most reputable wedding dress retailers and consultants within the bridal industry.

Whether your dream gown cost £400 or £40,000, whether it’s by Maggie Sottero, Iain Stuart, Vera Wang, or couture Dior – we understand best how to treat it and care for it so that you can always reach out and touch your special memories now and in the future.

To find out more about having your wedding dress cleaned and preserved why not contact Dulais specialist wedding dress dry cleaners now on  0800 028 3088 .