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Update your Bathroom and Shower in 2016

Update your Bathroom and Shower in 2016

Update your Bathroom and Shower in 2016
If you have been considering updating your bathroom you may want to consider taking a look at the excellent variety of bathroom products available from P T Ranson, where you will find everything you need to completely revamp your bathroom. With products available from top manufacturers such as Imperial Showers, Fiora Showers and Hangrove Showers you can be sure that whatever you may decide to purchase it will be of the best possible quality and completely suited to your needs.


A modern and effective shower is the ideal addition to any bathroom, whether you are planning to install a totally new suite or to just update your existing one with a great range of showers on offer at P T Ranson you can be sure to find one that not only has all the features you require but also complements the overall style of your bathroom as well.

If you are looking for a more traditional style to your bathroom, but also want the advantages of modern technology take a look at the great range of Imperial Showers on offer, with a great range of complementing items such as baths, basins, toilets and other accessories all made using the highest quality materials this is the ideal range if you want to create a perfectly co-ordinated classic look.

If you want to create a modern and efficient space that is functional, economical to run and performs to the highest standards you may want to take a look at the showers available from Hansgrove, with a focus on creating showers that always deliver the highest possible results no matter what your requirements they are a great choice for anyone that enjoys unwinding in the shower.

If you want to make a real feature of your shower why not consider adding a totally separate cubicle or even creating a whole wet room?  Fioira Showers have a great range of revolutionary Silex Shower trays available at P T Ranson in a wide variety of styles and colours giving you the opportunity to have a high performance and durable shower tray that is attractive and stylish as well.

So take a look at the excellent range of showers, shower trays and other accessories at P. T Ranson for some excellent ideas about how you could turn your bathroom into a relaxing and beautiful haven where you can relax and unwind in peace.

P T Ranson Bathrooms
So if you want to install a new shower in your bathroom why not get some inspiration from P T Ranson? Regardless of your tastes or the style you are hoping to achieve with such a wide range of top quality products you are sure to find the ideal shower for your bathroom. With so many unique and high performance products on offer from some top bathroom design companies you can be sure that you won’t be disappointed. Simply call 0191 469 6999 or visit the PT Bathroom and Showers designer bathroom website today.

Ellen Conlin Skin and Hair Treatments

Ellen Conlin Skin and Hair Treatments

Ellen Conlin Skin and Hair Treatments
Have you ever greeted a friend or colleague immediately upon his return from a holiday at an ocean-side resort and envied the evidence of fun in the sun on his newly golden skin? What about the time he came back from the Greek Isles lobster red and unable to comfortably wear a button-down shirt?


If you don’t have the time or the inclination to sit on the beach absorbing the sun’s rays – or if you tend to burn easily in the sun – don’t lose hope. You’re generally doing yourself a favour by staying out of the sun during the summer months anyway: spending too much time in the sun is actually one of the worst things you can do to your skin, as it causes premature aging and increases your risk for skin cancer.

Whatever your reason for staying out of the sun, you need not resign yourself to being” pasty and pale this summer. You can look just as radiant as any beachgoers in your midst with the help of these simple salon treatments.

Hair lightening: Whether you are a dirty blonde or deep brunette, golden highlights will give you an outdoorsy look, catch the sunlight in an attractive way and perhaps even mask a few grey strands.

Skin rejuvenation: While it’s common to save such procedures for the winter, regular maintenance treatments throughout the year keep the skin more consistently healthy. Consider a multi-layer peel or other treatment such as microdermabrasion or medical skin needling.

Sunless tanning lotion completes the look by giving your skin a healthy glow without causing damage. Just think of it: all the golden glow with none of the sweating in the sun’s heat, exposure of imperfect areas or sunburns!

Ellen Conlin Hair and Beauty is committed to providing top-quality hair and skin treatments to clients in the Glasgow area. The stylists and therapists at our hair salon in Glasgow are prepared to give you the five-star treatment you expect, and you will leave our salon looking just as good as if you were just back from your own holiday – probably even better!

Ellen Conlin Hair and Beauty Salon Glasgow
For more information on what the hair and skin treatments at our beauty salon in Glasgow can do for you and to join our VIP club, call us today on 0141 339 8223 or visit the Ellen Conlin Hair and Beauty salon website.

Guaranteed Affordable Car Finance

Guaranteed Affordable Car Finance

Guaranteed Affordable Car Finance
GetCarFinanceHere offer car finance for over 96% of applicants, even if you have bad credit in the past. They search over 300 different finance products to make certain that their car finance deals are competitive and specific to each individual customer’s requirements.


GetCarFinanceHere make the process as simple as possible, simply apply online or call one of our friendly car finance team today on 0800 0420204 or 01282 544532. After completing the simple application form band pressing ‘apply now’ you can sit back whilst they work on your criteria and come back to you with your approval. Once approved you pick any car from anywhere, sign up and drive away. It’s that simple!

At GetCarFinanceHere they also offer a range of other personal and business car leasing services in addition to competitive car finance, providing personal and business car leasing which allows you to choose your perfect car for a flexible and competitive price per month. Please contact us on 0800 0420204 or 01282 544532 with your requirements or visit our car finance website for further information.

Acoustic Design to Pass Sound Testing

Acoustic Design to Pass Sound Testing

Acoustic Design to Pass Sound Testing in Conversion Projects
It is essential that acoustic design is carefully thought out at the start of every conversion project to avoid sound test failures. Throughout the 1980s, most timber frame separating floors involved the following standard construction details:

  • Floorboards (18–22mm thick)
  • Gypsum-based board
  • Mineral wool batt (80kg/m3)
  • Sub decking
  • 220mm joists
  • 100mm quilt insulation between the joists
  • One/Two layers of gypsum-based board for the ceiling

Using the combination of floorboard, gypsum board and mineral wool batt is termed a “platform floor”. There is a wide range of batt densities. If the density is too low the floor surface is able to ‘bounce’ and deflect much more easily. If the density is too high then the floor may be too hard and impact sound is able to transmit more easily to the residential dwelling below.

architect drafting a house blueprint
architect drafting a house blueprint

Even when resilient battens are used, continuous structural contact along the joist between the floor sub-deck and ceiling provides a strong path for sound transmission. If contact between the ceiling and the joists can be reduced, an increase in airborne and impact performance will be achieved.

One solution is to add another ceiling element to the overall construction. This can provide the extra isolation required to pass the sound testing in London. This can be achieved by incorporate resilient metal bars which are connected to the underside of the joists and mounted perpendicular (90˚) to the joist direction. If plasterboard has already been tacked to the underside of the joists you can firstly add timber batten and then add the resilient bars, also mounted perpendicular (90˚ to the batten.

Squeaking Floors
One common problem is that the Joists are often spaced too far apart can result in a reduction in floor stiffness and complaints about footstep noise at low frequencies. Over-notching of joists can also lead to a reduction in floor stiffness and also potential squeaking. This can result in successful airborne and impact sound tests, however it won’t stop the squeaking of the floors under the extra load imposed by people walking above.

To help with impact sound testing, timber floors often pass as the separating floors normally have a resilient floor surface or “timber floating floor”. This not only assists impact sound insulation (against footstep noise transference) but also reduces airborne sound transference.

Timber floating floors must use a flanking strip to isolate the floorboards from the perimeter walls and skirting’s. If flanking strips are not fitted then footstep noise can easily enter the structure via walls etc. and flank into the adjacent dwellings. In the 1980s, mineral wool was used as a flanking strip but it was difficult to turn round at the floorboard edge. It was also prone to deterioration due to compression and movement under dynamic load. As a direct result of this, 5–10mm polyethylene flanking strips were incorporated into the acoustic design and construction., They are also easier to install and do not degrade over time to the same extent.

There are many reasons why floors may fail the sound testing, such as the use of incorrect mechanical fixing can reduce the insulation performance provided by floating floor treatments and resilient ceiling bars. Using very long screws will lead to bridging of the resilient layers and noise flanking. Inserting pipes or services within a platform floor can reduce the potential acoustic performance if they are not adequately boxed.  The placing pipes or cables under resilient battens can also bridge the resilient layer.

Potential problems with timber frame separating floors

  • Incorrect bridging of resilient layer by over-long screws/nails
  • Fixings connecting ceiling boards to resilient bars should not bridge to joists
  • Extra wide joist spacing that reduces floor stiffness
  • Platform floor resilient layers damaged by inserting pipes and services within the layers
  • Reduction in stiffness due to use of joist hangers
  • Ceiling boards not staggered
  • Over-notching of joists for services reduces floor stiffness
  • Incorrect omission of flanking strips at floor edge perimeters.

Whilst it is normal practice to have a building surveyed for its structural integrity, however often the acoustic conditions of a building are not considered until the project is well advanced and the partitions are already built. In some cases the acoustic performance of the building may not have been considered until the work is complete and the verifier requests a sound test to demonstrate compliance with the Building Standards. If it is found that the separating wall or floor does not comply you may need to action the following:

  • Extensive remedial works may be required to the wall/floor partitions.
  • The sound test completion certificate may not be accepted by the verifier
  • There may be considerable delays to entry for occupants and subsequent accommodation costs.
  • Pre-conversion sound tests can both avert the risk of non-compliance and avoid damage to the existing fabric.

Potential Problems with Services
It’s very common to run services such as electricity cables as well as water and gas pipes within the floor void. This is acceptable and should not require any additional acoustic attenuation measures. However, care should be taken to ensure that their installation does not damage the deafening material or resilient layers, which is a common cause of sound test failures.

sound_insulation_testing2It is strongly recommended not to run waste or rainwater pipes horizontally within a party floor. The pipes can then be boxed properly using insulation rapping and sound board boxing.

Steel columns can be a source of flanking transmission, in particular hollow steel columns. They can also provide a strong path for structural impact transmission. Pre-conversion sound tests should be able to identify whether any columns act as a significant transmission path and whether any treatment is required. It may not be necessary to treat the column in all dwellings if flanking is limited, however in many instances the columns will need to be acoustically boxed to prevent sound test failure. One such treatment for columns would be to construct a free standing metal stud partition around the column, incorporating 50mm insulation quilt and sheeted with two layers of gypsum-based board. Where columns pass through separating floors, as in old bonded warehouses, the junction between column and floor should be well sealed not only for sound insulation but also for fire. The column linings should be double lined with gypsum-based board (minimum mass per unit area 10kg/m2).

Timber beams do not significantly affect the sound insulation performance of a separating floor. However, if a beam has been installed for strengthening, the boxing around the beam may be a single sheet of lightweight board and may be fixed directly to the beam as this will result in a weak area for airborne sound insulation. This can be resolved by stripping off the boxing, packing any voids with dense mineral wool batt and re-sheeting with two layers of dense gypsum-based sound board.

Contact APT Sound Testing We hope the above information helps you to understand the potential problems with acoustic design and pre-completion sound testing on your development. If you have a project that’s needs acoustic design advice or sound testing in London, then please visit our Sound Testing website or phone us directly on 07775623464.

Planning for the Perfect Prom Party

Planning for the Perfect Prom Party

Planning for the Perfect Prom in the North East
Prom night is a night that you will always look back on and remember, leaving adolescent behind you to begin your journey to adulthood is a massive milestone to reach and prom night is the perfect way to mark this special time.


The Perfect Prom Dress or Gown
Having the perfect prom gown that makes your look and feel amazing is key if you want to make sure that you are a hit on the night and can look back on your pictures with pride and happiness when you remember the night, looking good will not only impress others it will also help you feel confident and really join in with all the fun, at Just the Way You Are they have as fantastic range of beautiful, high quality prom gowns and dresses that are you are sure to love.

Based within Newcastle, close to the city centre at Just the Way You Are they have one of the wide ranges of prom dresses available within the North East and with a fantastic personalised service available you can be certain that they will give you all the time and help you need to browse thought the available stock so you can be sure that you are completely happy with your choice. With so many styles and designs on offer no matter what type of look you are hoping to create you can be sure to find something that is absolutely perfect.

As Just the Way You Are is primarily a bridal boutique you are guaranteed to be impressed with the individual service that is on offer, giving you the opportunity to turn choosing your prom dress into a really special occasion to share with your family or friends. You are able to book a two hour appointment so you can visit privately with a few people of your choice and really make sure that you get a dress that is right for you that fits perfectly.

On arrival you will be greeted with refreshments and be given the opportunity to have a friendly chat with one of the team about the type of prom dress you require and have your measurements taken, you will then be able to try some dresses for size and be able to try more options based on your feedback until you have found something that is truly perfect. With a wide range of sizes and styles available and a team that is dedicated to ensuring that every customer that visits leave feeling completely happy, no matter your size or shape you can be certain that they will be able help you find the ideal prom dress that flatters your figure and makes you look fantastic.

All prom dresses and gowns are supplied by carefully selected designers who only provide products that are produced to the best possible standards so you can be sure that no matter what gown you decide on in the end it will be top quality and well made.  With excellent customer service every time, a stylish and relaxing store and the opportunity to have a personal consultation, along with a really impressive range of beautiful prom gowns you definitely won’t be disappointed, take a look at their excellent customer reviews and you will see why so many people would recommend them to someone they know.

With a wide range of accessories available to help you really complete your look at Just the Way You Are they have everything you need to make sure that you get noticed for all the right reasons.

So if you are planning the perfect prom night and want to find the ideal prom gown for the occasion why not pay a visit to Just the Way You Are in Newcastle, no matter where you are based in the North East you can be sure that it will be worth the trip, with so many beautiful and unique prom gowns available and such excellent individual customer service on offer it’s no surprise that they have so many satisfied past customers.

For more information or to arrange a visit and consultation about finding the perfect prom dress or gown for you, visit the Just the Way You Are website today or call us on 0191 261 0778 to make an appointment. You won’t be disappointed.

Planning Noise Assessment in London & the UK

Planning Noise Assessment in London & the UK

Planning Noise Assessment in London & the UK
Prior to the noise survey the acoustic consultant will need to know the noise parameters set by the local environmental protection team for the required noise impact assessment.

1st Step – Baseline situation
It will usually be necessary to have a full understanding of the existing noise levels in the vicinity of the receptor. This can be achieved by carrying out a planning noise survey of background or ambient noise levels over the period when the noise source will be operational.

The baseline noise levels will usually be determined by measuring the LA90 or the LAeq, however in practice both will usually be measured simultaneously. The term ‘LA90’ is the ‘A’ weighted noise level exceeded for 90% of the measurement period. Typically this is called the background noise level if it relates to a period when the noise source is not operational.

The ‘A’ weighting is a correction applied within a sound level meter to adjust the response of the Class A noise meter to match the response of human hearing at different frequencies. This is used to exclude short-term noises, such as a vehicle passing from the measurement value, leaving only the underlying or background noise.

The terms ‘LAeq’ is as an average noise level over the measurement period, although it relates to the average noise energy. It is a popular and universally used measure which correlates well with human annoyance.

Step 2 – Noise sources and times of operation
A detailed knowledge of the noise source (or in the case of a proposed development, the likely noise source) is also essential. This is because noise levels are of less importance than the amount by which they exceed the baseline noise and the times or days of operation.

Step 3 – Manufacturer Data for Proposed Equipment
If the proposed development will create a source of noise, the noise consultant may need the manufacturer’s data for proposed equipment, times of operation and working practices.

Step 4 – Determining the impact
Noise impact is determined using a variety of methods, all of which will rely on comparing noise levels at a receptor against absolute noise level criteria or against existing baseline noise levels. Generally one of three approaches is used:

  1. Where the proposal is for a development which will introduce an industrial type noise source, or where a receptor in a new development may be affected by this type of source, it is usual to assess impact by comparing the noise level, after making corrections for certain attributes of the noise, against background noise levels at the receptor (existing or proposed). The council expects that, at the receptor, noise from the source is a certain amount below existing background levels. Typical cases include new equipment in a business, an air conditioning unit or an extract and fan serving a restaurant. This is known as the BS4142 methodology.
  2. In some cases the impact does not depend on a comparison between source levels and baseline levels. For example, a proposed housing development is close to an existing road, where generally the impact is determined by establishing whether the absolute levels due to the source are acceptable.
  3. Applications for certain developments may require a more specialist approach. For example, the method for assessing a new nightclub combines both elements. Existing levels of noise in low frequency bands are measured and compared against levels in those same frequencies with music playing. The council may then require that the music does not cause any increase above existing levels.

Step 5 – Noise mitigation measures
Development proposals which are inherently noisy may include mitigation measures in the original scheme. However, the need for further mitigation may be necessary when the impact assessment indicates that the acceptability criteria are exceeded. Either way noise mitigation, or reduction measures, should be considered in the assessment in demonstrating how the acceptability criteria will be achieved.

The most effective measures will be those which reduce levels at source, rather than in transmission or at the receptor. However, in situations such as where the proposal is for new housing near existing sources of noise, it will not be possible to reduce source noise levels. Where the proposal will introduce a new noise source it is good practice to reduce levels at source as far as possible, before considering other mitigation measures, some of these may be:

  1. Reduction of noise at source – Using equipment or systems with lower sound power levels is highly effective and can avoid the need for other more costly and intrusive mitigation options. Noise impact can be lessened by reducing total running times or by shifting operations to less sensitive times of the day. The use of acoustic silencers and enclosures around the source may also be effective at reducing the need for other mitigation methods.
  2. Reduction of noise in transmission – The simplest way to reduce noise once emitted is by increasing the distance to receptors. For example, siting of plant and equipment within an industrial site as far away from sensitive receptors as possible and/or the new housing development may be designed so that properties are set back from a noise source. In many cases, a properly calculated buffer zone between source and receptor will represent the most cost effective solution.
  3. Reduction of noise at a receptor – if the development is located in a busy urban area, this may be the only option to reduce the noise impact, also where the applicant has no access to land for the construction of a barrier. The way a development is designed can be an effective mitigation tool if the building faces away from the main noise source. Also, if noise sensitive rooms are located on the sheltered side of the building, the impact will be reduced at the most sensitive areas.
  4. Acoustic Improvements to the building façade – Where no other options are available, improving the sound insulation of a building facade can be effective in reducing internal noise levels. However, often it will be necessary to provide acoustic treated mechanical ventilation to avoid the need to open windows in warm or humid weather, this is often the solution next to busy elevated railway lines.

APT Sound Testing Services
If you would like more information in regards to our noise surveys for planning and acoustic design for your development, please visit the APT Sound Testing website or call us today on: 07775 623464.

Car & Van Hire in Newcastle upon Tyne

Car & Van Hire in Newcastle upon Tyne

Car & Van Hire in Newcastle upon Tyne
Metro car and van hire are a North East based business, located close to Newcastle upon Tyne, Newcastle Airport, Gateshead and the Metro Centre.Established for over a decade, this car hire company has thrived as it has always prided itself on offering a friendly and efficient service from private hire to all types of business hire and leasing. Providing new cars, minibuses and wide range of vans all available for short and long term rental, all of the hire cars, minibuses and vans come with insurance for at least 2 people, breakdown cover and unlimited mileage options.


Although much of the business Metro attracts is local, they are also a well-known car rentals company for tourists looking to explore the North East, the Scottish Borders, Northumberland and Yorkshire.

The region has a great many attractions included Hadrians Wall, Durham Cathedral and Castle, the twin Anglo-Saxon monasteries at Wearmouth – Jarrow, the Holy Island of Lindisfarne and Hexham Abbey to name but a few. For those who enjoy shopping there is of course, Europe’s largest shopping centre, the Metro Centre. And with Christmas approaching now is a great time to visit the hundreds of shops all under one roof.

No visit to the North east would be complete without a visit to Newcastle. United by seven bridges across a spectacular riverscape, Newcastle (a city on the north bank of the River Tyne) and Gateshead (a town on the south bank) form a single, diverse and extremely vibrant visitor destination. With so many different areas each offering new sights, sounds and experiences, you’ll be amazed at how much is on offer whatever your tastes. World-class culture, vibrant nightlife, award-winning dining, inspiring heritage, fantastic shopping and acclaimed architecture are linked here, as nowhere else, by the famous Geordie spirit.

So the next time you visit the region give Metro Rental a call and they can help you ‘access all areas’, whatever type of vehicle you may be after, they can provide it. For further information simply visit the Metro Rental website or call 0191 4603344 and the friendly staff will be happy to help.

Professional Office Cleaners in Edinburgh

Professional Office Cleaners in Edinburgh

Benefits of Hiring Professional Office Cleaners
If you are looking for reliable office cleaners Edinburgh, office cleaning company Complete Cleaning Contracts are definitely worth considering with a friendly and flexible service on offer, that charges surprisingly reasonable rates for a top quality job every single time.


No matter how large or small your offices may be, or how often you require the services of a cleaner you can be sure that Complete Cleaning  Contracts they will be able to provide you with a cleaning service that suits your needs perfectly.

Having a pleasant and clean working environment is essential if you want to present a professional and efficient image to clients and other visitors, having a cluttered and dirty office could potentially put clients off doing further business with you or recommending your services to their friends and associates so hiring the services of an office cleaning company could prove to be a worthwhile investment in the long term. Knowing you can rely on your team of cleaners to ensure that your offices will look fresh every morning will help you and your team to relax and feel confident when people visit though out the day and relieve you from spending your time carrying out cleaning duties so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

At Complete Cleaning Contracts not only will they ensure that your office space is clean if you have toilets, kitchen, staff room, meetings room, hallways or any other areas that require cleaning they will be more than happy take care of them as well. With an aim of providing a service that is truly suited to the needs of each individual client you can also request to have certain tasks carried out on a less regular basis or have specific duties carried out at certain times, for example before a meeting with an important client you may wish to have the room spring cleaned in preparation as a one off, or having a spring clean a few times a year, so you can be sure that your offices will always look their very best when you really need them to.

With all members of the friendly team being totally background checked and trained in all aspects of the job you can be sure that no matter who visits your premises they will be totally trustworthy and professional at all times, giving you total peace of mind that you are dealing with a company that you can really depend on, and with a focus on customer service you can be sure that you won’t be disappointed.

Complete Cleaning Contracts of Edinburgh
So if you require office cleaners in Edinburgh, why not get in touch with Complete Cleaning Contracts?  As a leading office cleaner based in Edinburgh we offer a comprehensive services for companies large and small and will work with you to meet your exact requirements for maintaining a clean office environment. No job is too big or too small!

For more information about our office cleaning services in Edinburgh, call us today on call us today on 0131 549 8107 or visit Complete Cleaning Contracts of Edinburgh website and find out how we can help your office environment clean make a great first impression.