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The Ellen Conlin Beauty Salon – Look Your Best in 2015

The Ellen Conlin Beauty Salon – Look Your Best in 2015

Ellen Conlin Beauty Salon – Helping You Look Your Best in 2015
Have you ever greeted a friend or colleague immediately upon his return from a holiday at an ocean-side resort and envied the evidence of fun in the sun on his newly golden skin? What about the time he came back from the Greek Isles lobster red and unable to comfortably wear a button-down shirt?

If you don’t have the time or the inclination to sit on the beach absorbing the sun’s rays – or if you tend to burn easily in the sun – don’t lose hope. You’re generally doing yourself a favour by staying out of the sun during the summer months anyway: spending too much time in the sun is actually one of the worst things you can do to your skin, as it causes premature aging and increases your risk for skin cancer.

Whatever your reason for staying out of the sun, you need not resign yourself to being” pasty and pale this summer. You can look just as radiant as any beachgoers in your midst with the help of these simple salon treatments.

Hair lightening: Whether you are a dirty blonde or deep brunette, golden highlights will give you an outdoorsy look, catch the sunlight in an attractive way and perhaps even mask a few grey strands.

Skin rejuvenation: While it’s common to save such procedures for the winter, regular maintenance treatments throughout the year keep the skin more consistently healthy. Consider a multi-layer peel or other treatment such as microdermabrasion or medical skin needling.

Sunless tanning lotion completes the look by giving your skin a healthy glow without causing damage. Just think of it: all the golden glow with none of the sweating in the sun’s heat, exposure of imperfect areas or sunburns!

Ellen Conlin Hair and Beauty is committed to providing top-quality hair and skin treatments to clients in the Glasgow area. The stylists and therapists at our hair and beauty salon in Glasgow are prepared to give you the five-star treatment you expect, and you will leave our salon looking just as good as if you were just back from your own holiday – probably even better!

For more information on what the hair and skin treatments at our beauty salon in Glasgow can do for you and to join our VIP club, call us today on 0141 339 8223 or visit the Ellen Conlin Hair and Beauty salon website.

Stylish Ladies’ Trousers from the Classic Boutique

Stylish Ladies’ Trousers from the Classic Boutique

Stylish Ladies’ Trousers: A Must-Have in All Seasons
Now that Christmas is over and you will soon be wearing your spring and summer clothes again, it may be time to consider replacing some of your solid-colour basics. While some diehard fashionistas will take any opportunity to expand their wardrobe, many women with a more classic sense of style often find replacing essentials a rather arduous chore.

One of the problems commonly faced by women shopping for new clothes nowadays is the fashion factor: what with the need perceived by designers to take a classic garment and add some sort of unnecessary frill, it can be surprisingly difficult to find a simple skirt or pair of ladies’ trousers that can be worn with everything and without an extra design or print to make you feel foolish while wearing it!

If brick-and-mortar clothing shops are not providing what you truly need and want, take your search online. Since most online clothing retailers have no concerns about limited space within which to stock their best-selling items, the selection is often a great deal better.

Even better, many online clothing shops are able to do alterations prior to delivery and at very reasonable prices. If you are uncertain as to whether a pair of trousers you’re looking for will fit you in one size or the next, simply consult the size chart typically provided on the website and then indicate a need for alterations so that the item you’re looking to buy will be in every way the perfect fit.

The Classic Boutique is the online clothing shop of choice among women whose preferred style of dress is a tasteful combination of classic and contemporary looks. Our classic ladies’ Sandown trousers in a machine-washable polyester-wool blend are available in 12 colours and sizes 10-24. If none of these is the perfect fit, simply request to have them altered for only £6. Our exclusive designs all come with free returns and a no-time-limit guarantee, so ordering the exact item you want online is simple and risk-free!

For more information about our range of ladies’ trousers and other ladies’ fashions for spring, call us today on 0844 573 1640 or visit the Classic Boutique website today


Plantation Shutters – Improving Your Home

Plantation Shutters – Improving Your Home

Improving Your Home with Plantation Shutters
With Christmas behind us and spring still a couple of months away, now is a good time for homeowners to make plans for any home renovation projects or simple facelifts that they might wish to undertake when we do finally have warmer weather again. For some, this may be the year for replacing some or all windows. For others, it may be more a question of completing the décor of a newer home that does not yet require window replacement but whose windows could use a newer, fresher treatment.

If you’ve grown weary of heavy curtains, roller blinds and other, more run-of-the-mill window dressings, consider having plantation shutters installed that will make your home look and feel like new.

The great thing about plantation shutters is that they are available in a variety of sizes and styles, making it easy to accommodate different window sizes and even many irregular window shapes. If you like the idea of being able to let in an abundance of natural light – or perhaps to have your brightly-lit rooms dotting the street at night, adding to your neighbourhood’s charm – then café-style shutters will allow you to do it all!

If you have any large windows that may be the source of air leaks during winter and summer, then full-height shutters can help to mitigate that problem by more effectively blocking draughts than blinds made of thinner, flimsier materials. Best of all, the stylish elegance that plantation shutters add to any home will truly raise the value of yours in the eyes of all who see them!

The Beautiful Shutter Company offers a wide range of plantation shutters and a top-quality installation service. Our years of experience with plantation shutters will ensure that you receive the exact product, expertly installed, to suit your needs.

For more information about our range of products or to book your free home visit, call us today on 01642 688049 or visit the Beautiful Shutter Company website today.

Choosing a Laptop for your College Course

Choosing a Laptop for your College Course

Choosing a Laptop for your College Course
These days when you send your children off to college, you’re not just arming them with some ground rules and clothing for the semester. You’ve also got to pack them a laptop.

New laptops are typically ready for wireless Internet access and allow students to work from anywhere on or off campus. Some classes even require laptops for note-taking, lab assignments and tests. As you set out to choose a laptop for your college kids, the options (and expense) can seem endless. Should you purchase a fully loaded PC or Mac? Or does your student only need an inexpensive netbook that will simply connect them to the Internet and allow them to send email and do basic word processing? You’ll also need to consider software selection, theft-prevention, online security and backup so they don’t lose those important term papers.

Fortunately, there are some basic steps to follow in determining the type of laptop to buy — and how to ensure its, and your child’s, safety.

  1. Decide on a laptop. Most college students will get by with a PC laptop that includes software standards like a word-processing program for all those essays or a spreadsheet program for advanced math classes. If your child is studying graphic or Web design, however, they might need design software and a Mac, the platform that still tends to be favored by creative fields. A netbook might be suitable if they’re only writing papers and surfing the Web. Check the campus orientation materials for laptop and software recommendations. And if your child has already declared a major, you might also check with the department’s laptop requirements as well.

Not every laptop is created equal, so it’s helpful to know how to read the differences:

Memory. How much do they need? Probably enough to store items often found on college laptops like MP3s or photos of friends. And depending on their major, they may need extra hard drive space for original creations such as large graphic design files, movies or digital music scores. Consider a laptop with 1GB to 2GB of memory depending on how they’ll use the laptop.

Size: What’s more important: portability or screen size? Most kids will want a lightweight laptop so they can easily lug it along with the books. But some will prefer the larger 15-inch screen that can make the laptop heavier.

DVD burner or multimedia features: Do they need these extras? For example, do they need a burner to make DVDs for assignments? Or do they need multimedia must-haves like a graphics card with extra memory or connectors, such as S-Video? Chances are this feature will come in handy for presentations they may have to give.

  1. Pick a security package. College students are among the biggest users of digital music, online gaming and freeware. Such activities involve a lot of downloading from the Internet, opening them up to security threats. Before they ever get online, make sure their brand-new laptop is loaded with antivirus, antispyware, and bot and phishing protection. Some programs will warn your kids of a dangerous download before they install and run it. Also look for a program that identifies files that can be trusted and those that cannot.
  2. Talk about passwords and physical security. To play it safe, urge your kids to protect their laptops by setting a login password they have to type before gaining access to any files. They should also change all their passwords often. Advise them to use passwords that don’t include real words or personal information, and that do include numbers and symbols in addition to letters. The other issue to consider is laptop theft. If they’ll be working in public spaces, they should get a laptop lock to secure their laptop to a table or desk before leaving it unattended even for a few minutes. In general, loaning out their laptop is not a good idea — their friends could download material that’s against their college network’s policy (like pirated music or software) or could leave it in an unlocked car or dorm, risking having it stolen.
  3. Create a backup plan. Thumb drives are handy, but they can’t store a semester’s worth of papers and a serious MP3 collection. If your college kid’s laptop does happen to be stolen — or experiences an unpredictable hard drive crash — having a backup will make the event less painful. With frequent, automated backups, all their assignments, emails and personal files, like photos, will be stored safely. Online services are now available that allow you to automatically back up your data to a secure storage site. This way, if your son or daughter loses their laptop, they can use a private login to access their data from any online computer.

It’s true that picking out a laptop for your college-bound kid isn’t as simple as selecting dorm room décor. But with a smart buying strategy that includes security measures, you’ll be able to equip them with the tools they need to make it to graduation while protecting your investment along the way.

Source: Norton Cybercrime News February 2015

Wedding Photography – Capture Your Special Day

Wedding Photography – Capture Your Special Day

Wedding Photography – Capture Your Special Day
Your wedding day is a pivotal moment in the life you are about to share with the person to whom you are about to say “I do”. To get a sense of just how important a day it is, take a moment to look back upon the first encounter with your spouse-to-be and everything that has happened from then until now. How did you meet? Did you have the slightest idea that you would one day exchange vows with this person? Did you even like him or her, or was your introduction the result of some mishap or other unpleasant circumstance?

Life can be full of surprises, and since we’re generally left to our own devices when finding a partner for life, where and how we find the person with whom we intend to spend the rest of our lives is, more often than not, one of those surprises.

Now think of the long road ahead and what it may bring. Joy, most certainly, especially in the coming months of marital bliss. Difficult times of some sort should also be expected, but with a certain amount of effort and luck, things will turn around and the love you have for your spouse will be even stronger for having seen the worst times through together.

In the end, the story of your shared life will be just as beautiful and unique as a snowflake or a sunrise. It’s important to make it all count by seeking out a wedding photography service that will render this chapter of your uniquely beautiful tale of love, adventure and a shared life as you would like it to be remembered.

2tone Photography is just such a service. Wedding photographers with a rare gift for storytelling, Christina and Nigel will capture precious moments on your special day in a way that no other wedding photographer can.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us today on 01207 290314 or visit the 2tone Photography website today and let us help make your wedding day special.

Valentine’s Day: Hair and Beauty Treatments in Glasgow

Valentine’s Day: Hair and Beauty Treatments in Glasgow

Valentine’s Day: Hair and Beauty Treatments in Glasgow
Another winter, another year of dealing with dry skin and frazzled hair. How unfortunate, it seems, that Valentine’s Day should happen to fall in that season when the weather is horrible, you’re only six weeks into your New Year’s Resolution to lose weight and it’s so generally hard to look good?

The good news is that there are stylists and skin therapists, right here in the Glasgow area, specialising in hair and beauty treatments that will give your skin and hair the breath of life that they need in order for you to look your best for that special evening with your spouse or significant other.

If you’ve never experienced the blow-dry bar sensation that has taken the world of hair and beauty by storm, this could very well be the biggest favour you do for yourself this winter – besides sticking with that New Year’s Resolution to get in shape, of course.

A well-designed blow-dry bar can not only provide a blow-dry and deep conditioning treatment for your hair; it can also polish nails and provide a makeup application in the same visit, taking all the fuss out of preparing for a night on the town. One-stop shopping for all your hair and beauty treatments you need: yes, the future is here!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you have plans to spend the evening with that special someone, then it’s important to look your absolute best. If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to book an appointment for that facial you’ve been putting off, a new hairstyle or to have your hair specially styled for the occasion.

Ellen Conlin Hair and Beauty offers all these services and many more in the Glasgow area. With our special discounts available to students and new clients, we can get you looking your best in time for Valentine’s Day or for any special days you have coming up.

Don’t delay – book your appointment with us today! For bookings and for more information about our services, call us today on 0141 339 8223 or visit the Ellen Conlin Hair and Beauty salon in Glasgow and look your best for Valentine’s Day.

Personalised Thimbles to Celebrate any Occasion

Personalised Thimbles to Celebrate any Occasion

Personalised Thimbles to Celebrate Any Occasion
Thimbles have been a favourite collectible item across the UK and around the world for almost two centuries. Thimbles commemorating coronations and royal weddings and childbirths go back as far as the hobby itself, and collectible thimbles can be produced on a variety of materials including silver and other precious metals, pewter, wood, glass and more.

With the advent of screen printing on porcelain, virtually any image can be placed on a thimble to be given as a distinctive thimble gift – to the collectors in your life and to anyone else who might appreciate a celebration thimble.

Personalised thimbles can be custom-designed for any occasion. Family weddings, anniversaries, births and even milestone birthdays (any centenarians-to-be in your family?) commemorated on personalised thimbles are a joy to receive and, within a well-rounded thimble collection, such thimbles are even a means of preserving the family history for generations to come.

Thimble collectors often have a particular type of thimble on which they prefer to focus their collection. However, due to the ease of custom-ordering thimbles for special occasions and events, it’s worthwhile for most collectors to have a designated “family corner” within their collection. Furthermore, with the wide variety of thimble display racks and cases available from retailers catering to the hobby of thimble collecting, one could quite easily work a small display of just a few personalised thimbles into a collection of framed family photographs on the mantel over the fireplace or elsewhere in the home where they can be enjoyed by all who come to visit.

There is nothing quite like having your recent family history, complete with names and dates of special occasions, on display where others can see it, and such displays enhance the feeling of your house being a home with a past, present and future.

The Thimble Guild is dedicated to helping thimble enthusiasts to produce personalised thimbles to celebrate any occasion. Whether a family wedding is upcoming or your grandparents are about to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary, theThimble Guild can assist you in producing a beautiful celebration thimble that your family and friends can enjoy individually and as part of their own collections.

For more information on ordering personalised thimbles, call us today on 0844 573 1658 or visit the Thimble Guild website today and get your collection off to a flying start.